Alphabetical Structure on an Atomic Level

Summary: That's a fancy way of saying 26 drabbles, one for each letter of the alphabet. Humor, angst, romance, friendship. Mostly canon pairings.

A/N: I'm not going by a set list of words, these are just the first I thought of for the most part. All chapters will be exactly 100 words, which doesn't allow for much set up or explanation, but should still be funny/cute/angsty nonetheless.


There is no reason the formula shouldn't work. Stark had checked it again and again.

Carter looks at the computer.

"Doesn't two plus two equal four?"

And Stark thought Carter couldn't get any dumber. "Yes, Carter. I believe it does. That should help."

Jack points to the screen. "You added that wrong. You wrote five when it should be four."

Stark can't believe it. He fixes it and presses enter. The computer shuts down, thus stopping the force that would have obliterated Eureka.

"Boy, Stark." laughs Carter. "And I thought you couldn't get any dumber."

A/N: I just love the idea of Jack outsmarting Nathan in such a simple way. :) More to come soon, reviews greatly appreciated.