Raven sighed, putting her book down for a moment. This was the first real break that she had gotten in...forever. There had been too much stress lately. Crime never took a break. She hated life. She closed her eyes for a second, and she relaxed some. The ring of Azar that was wrapped around her slim, delicate finger glowed slightly, as if sensing the oncoming danger. A small smile graced her lips as a memory fluttered to the front of her mind.

"Do you know what these rings are for, little one?" Azar's kind, deep bluish-purple eyes stared into her violet ones.

"No." Raven's small hand reached upward to grab the two beautiful rings from the lovely woman.

"When you grow older, you may meet someone. These rings are much like the earthlings way to signify marriage. But, on Azarath, the women always wear one. It is when the male puts on the matching ring that signifies that he wishes to be forever bound to you. Once you put the rings on, you may never take them off."

"What about if he's mean?"

"Well, I suppose the monks may be able to remove the ring. But only for certain reasons. And you would have to be home for that to happen." Azar reached down, and slipped the slim but strong ring onto the young girl's hand. They stood in the shade of the temple's roof as rain poured down all around them. "But once you put this ring on, the other ring will fit one person and one person only. Your perfect match. You will never be far from each other. These rings were your mothers, but she never did get to use them. She wanted you to have them."

"Do you think that I'll find someone...Who will like me?" The older woman's wise gaze settled on hers.

"Yes child. I can sense it. Someone will fall in love with you. And you with them. However, it may take time. You must be patient. And you must never take your ring off. Once he puts his on, they will be stuck, and your souls will be bound to each other."

"Does it hurt?"

"It depends on how much you love the person before they put the ring on. If you love them enough, you may feel nothing at all. However," Her eyes had darkened, "If you do not love them at all, it can hurt very much indeed. Sometimes, people are blown into different dimensions because of the force."

Azar was like the mother she had never had. Arella, her real mother, had not come to see her since she was conceived, for she was named, "The devil's child." Her father being evil incarnate. Azar, Azarath's ruler, the good being, treated her like a normal person, what no one else in their world would do. She had grown up with the monks as her mentors, and Azar by her side.

"BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!" The alarm interrupted her thought process. She frowned and flew out of her room.

"Red X." Robin muttered as the team of super teens gathered around him and the computer screen. "Doesn't the guy have anything better to do than toy around with us?"

"Apparently not." Raven donned her cloak.

"Let's roll." Cyborg grabbed the keys to the T-car, hopping into the front seat.

"SHOT GUN!" Beastboy yelled. Robin rolled his eyes.

"Where?" Starfire violently looked off to the side.

"I didn't mean...Never mind." Beastboy slid into the back seat, seeing as Robin had beaten him to the punch.

"Where?" Raven asked from the window.

"The old abandoned warehouse. East side of town. You going to fly?" Robin buckled his seat belt. Raven nodded curtly and took to the skies.

"What's the matter Sunshine? Can't handle me on your own?" The synthesizer couldn't hide the mocking tone in his voice. The rest of the team hadn't arrived yet. Red X and the purple haired sorceress were grappling. He slammed his foot into her side, bruising it badly. She coughed, and brought her foot around in a round house kick. He rolled to the side, grabbing her foot as it came around to slam him in the chest, and flipped her. She fell to the floor on her stomach. He put a foot on her back, holding her to the ground. He cocked his head to the side, spying something on Raven's finger. "What's this?" His foot was removed from her back, and crushed downward onto her wrist, holding it in place as her fingers were splayed against the cold cement floor of the warehouse.

"No." Raven tried to retract her wrist, but it was stuck with the weight of his foot. Why weren't her powers working? "Don't touch it." He leaned down, his fingers brushing the beautiful ring wrapped around her delicate pale finger. Her eyes pleaded with him as his fingers grabbed it. Terror seized her heart. "Please." Tears glistened in her eyes.

"Why shouldn't I?" The synthesized voice sounded curious, not threatening. She squeezed her eyes shut. I will not break down in front of a stupid criminal. I WILL NOT. Despite her efforts, a single tear carved it's path down her cheek.

"It's one of the only things I have left of my mother." His fingers seemed to hesitate then, as if he actually cared. Slowly, he pulled his hand back. Her breath hitched as he rubbed his thumb across her cheek.

"Don't cry little bird." It was faint, but she could hear the sincerity in his voice. Suddenly, the pressure on her wrist was gone. When she stood up...so was he.

"Raven! Have you seen Red X?" Robin ran into the warehouse, followed by the rest of the team.

"Yes?" She stood there, confused by the thief's odd behavior.

"Where'd he go?"

"I'm...not sure." Robin gave her an odd look.

"Titans, fan out and check the premises. Raven, you stay here." After the other titans had left, Robin crossed his arms. "Are you alright? Because you're acting strange."

"Yeah. I'm fine. I'm going to go help Starfire." She left, leaving Robin to wonder what had happened.

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