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After being told he was relieved of his duties as Robin, Richard Grayson decided to leave with Batman right away, and let Jason start his job as leader. Jason became Robin that day, and the rest of the team was ecstatic to have a new leader, especially Raven, despite being a little edgy because of the whole Red X thing. Bruce told Jason not to worry about the people in Gotham anymore, because he would have them off the streets and taken care of. As soon as Batman had left, along with the newly christened Nightwing, everybody else was off to bed, even though the sun had already risen over the town.

There was still one matter that had to be tended to.

Jason stood in the doorway to Raven's room, leaning against the doorframe almost lazily. In the center of the bed she lay bundled under the covers, sleeping soundly. A smirk peeled across his lips as he edged his way toward the bed, she wouldn't be asleep for much longer. Like the thief he was, Jason slid quietly over her petite body, smoothing his hands over her. He sat there and watched her sleep, her face turned to the side, violet hair splayed across her pillow, looking completely peaceful. The sight was so rare that he almost didn't want to wake her up.


He leaned down and pressed his lips to where her jaw and neck met, sliding his tongue along the gentle curve. She even tasted sweet, like vanilla. There was a moment of suspended time before she stirred, her hand gripping the sheets. He continued to move along her neck, across her collar bone, then upwards, towards her own lips. He slid his tongue along her lower lip, and Raven jumped in surprise, eyes opening.

He nipped at her lower lip, sliding his hand into her hair. "I was hoping you were awake."

"I am now." She fought back a smile and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "Wouldn't it be a crime to make out with my leader?"

"A crime…? Maybe, but I don't really care." His voice was pitched low, and the spark of desire in his eyes was visible even in the darkness of her room. He felt her shift under him, as if she was uncomfortable in her own skin. There was something enticing about that.

Raven tilted her chin up to look into his eyes. "How does it feel? To be Robin again."

Jason gave a one-shouldered shrug, his fingers finding interest in her hair. "Quite frankly, it sucks. I mean, I've been stealing for years and it's kinda grown on me… So, it's going to be hard trying to stop." He curled a piece of her hair around his index finger, enjoying the softness. "But, on the bright side, I don't go to jail... And my room is right next to yours." He grinned as she rolled her eyes. "And… there are still a few things I can steal."

Color flooded her face at the implied promise, and Raven opened her mouth to say something undoubtedly sarcastic or snarky back at him. Jason leaned down and hungrily stole her lips before the words left her mouth. If he was going to steal her, he better start soon, before she found a reason to deny him.

His hands left her hair and pulled the blue satin bed sheets down, watching the fabric slide lovingly over her curves. Raven's breath hitched as moved his hands from the covers to her body, tracing her undiscovered curves. God, he loved that shade of red on her cheeks. That dark color of passion and innocence that drove him wild.

Jason slid his hands over her arms before his fingers shackled her wrists, trapping her underneath his weight. He felt her heat pick up speed underneath his chest, and smelled the pleasant, musky scent of her arousal. Unable to stop himself, Jason smiled and Raven leaned up to kiss him, biting his lips. He groaned and pulled away to look at her. She was smirking, the little chit, like teasing him was some kind of game. "Are you teasing me, Raven?"

She smirked. "Why don't you find out?"

Jason didn't need another invitation. He ran his hand up and down her spine, watching as she continued to shift under him, fighting her own emotions. If she only knew what state of chaos his own body was in. His fingers found her zipper and tugged it downward, exposing her alabaster skin and undergarments. Midnight blue. Jason had to fight back a curse and he peeled the skin tight uniform from her body. She was wearing a lacey bra and matching underwear in midnight blue.

She looked like some kind of pin-up, laying on her satin sheets, in a matching midnight blue panty set, looking at him with that shy, half-lidded stare that could make angels fall, chewing on her lower lip in apprehension. It was some kind of sick, cosmic joke that he was this close to a woman like Raven. What in the world had he gotten himself into?

"Blue," He murmured against her lips, breathing in that pleasant scent of vanilla, "is now my second favorite color." He swiped his tongue along her bottom lip, and tasted her gasp of excitement. "How come you never told me you wore this under your uniform? Now I'm never going to be able to focus during battles." His hand squeezed her breast through the lace, and she whimpered in response. "Not when I know what you look like undressed."

"Stop teasing." Raven moaned and her back arched.

"Teasing?" Jason leaned forward and nipped at her nipples through the bra. Raven's whimpers turned into pants and she writhed beneath him, brushing her hips against his own. The contact made heat explode in his stomach and Jason bit back a groan, staring down at her, almost snarling. "I'm teasing? You should see yourself." He bent down and stole another, heated kiss from her, sliding his tongue along the smooth contours of her mouth.

Jason should have known that Raven wouldn't let him dominate her, and it became a battle of tongues as she skimmed her hands along the contours of his chest, tracing the defined muscles like they were works of art. Every touch was soft and delicate, timid almost. Like an innocent exploration of his body. And that set his world aflame. Even her touch on his bandages felt sensual and erotic.

Raven pulled away and her breath deepened as his hands slid behind her back, swiftly removing her bra. It was only getting in the way now, despite how sexy it was. Jason brushed his fingers along her back before running them up over her breasts, indulging in the softness of her body. Raven whispered a protest as he removed his mouth from hers, but her protest with quickly silenced when his tongue traced own and moved it to her right nipple, while his hands seemed suddenly interested in the waistband of her panties. He swirled his tongue around her nipple, restraining himself as he heard her gasp. That wouldn't do. It wasn't quite enough reaction out of her. He bit down, and she arched her back, moaning his name.

Jason's body felt unbelievably tight. Like every sensation was threatening to take over his body until there was nothing left but pure, white-hot pleasure. And he was just fine with that prospect.

His fingers hooked into her blue underwear and he tugged them down her legs. Her skin was incredibly soft, and it felt like he was touching the satin on her bed. Raven keened and writhed as he kissed the inside of her ankles and legs, slowly making his way up to her stomach. He caught her dark, hot gaze for a moment before pressing his fingers into her. Raven bit back a moan and her fingers clenched in the sheets and her hips thrashed as he stroked the sensitive skin.

Jason smirked, that was the woman he wanted. The one that melted at his touch, that called out his name, that wanted him. He pressed his face into the delicate skin on her stomach, peppering her with kisses. Raven's eyes slid close and her breath hitched as his tongue swirled around her bellybutton before venturing lower. There was a moment's pause as he felt her muscles clench in confusion and apprehension, but he wouldn't let her fear stop him. He was bound and determined to show her real pleasure. He pushed her legs farther apart and dipped his head to taste her.

Raven screamed and the sound made Jason nearly lose control. His fingers bit into her hips, holding her in pace as her hips bucked. He could feel her emotions licking at his senses, and they seemed to be running rampant and melting at his touch. He felt her legs tremble beneath him, and her breaths become even shallower. Jason stabbed his tongue deep, feeling the warmth spreading through her like wildfire and gathering between her thighs.

There was a moment as her body seemed to clench and relax, anticipating her climax. He slid his fingers inside her and leaned back to watch the show. Raven screamed again, her muscles clenching on his fingers as she seized and thrashed. Jason looked into her glazed eyes with some form for male satisfaction. Her pleasure was all because of him.

He kissed her abdomen and stomach again, feeling small aftershocks whisper through her muscles. Silence slid around them like a warm blanket and Jason waited until he felt Raven's heart still before speaking. "So… how was it?"

"That's a rude question to ask." Red tinted her cheeks and she hid her face in the pillow beneath her. Jason didn't need superpowers to feel her shy smile.

"Why do you say that?" He leisurely slid his tongue over her nipple, as if they had all the time in the world. He felt Raven shift beneath him, and her hands moved to his shoulders. Jason looked up and saw the storm of arousal still thundering in her eyes. His own stomach clenched and his hands tightened his hold on her hips. What in hell was she doing to him?

"Because we are far from being finished." Raven slid out from underneath him, and pushed him down onto the bed, peppering his chest with kisses. Jason couldn't breathe under her timid exploration of his body. She touched and stroked and kissed him like she had done this a million times before hand, but he knew she was innocent. And that made every stroke of her skin feel a hundred times hotter to him. Raven leaned down and ran her tongue along his sternum, tasking his skin. He groaned and his fingers buried into her hair, pulling her hot mouth back to his.

"Be careful, little bird… or you're going to find yourself in a world of trouble." Jason slid his fingers back inside her, reveling in the pants and moans that washed over him. She was still ready for him to take her, and damnit, he would before this day was through. Several times, if he got his way.

"I always thought trouble found me…" She offered a sly smile before pulling away from him and hooking her slim fingers into his sweatpants. He could sense her trepidation, and Jason wrapped his hands around her wrists, guiding her hands down the columns of his legs. He saw her stare at his arousal as if both frightened and intrigued by it. And then she did something that made Jason nearly lose control.

She licked her lips. That simple act of wetting skin while she stared at him lying naked on her bed, was enough to make him scream. His hands slid to her hips and he rolled her over on her back, his hands shackling her wrists to the bed. He kissed her neck, tasting her skin as his body shifted into position, nudging her legs open.

Raven's breath hitched again and she pulled away to stare at him. Her violet eyes turned serious. "Will it hurt?"

"A little. But I promise it will go away eventually, and it's worth it." He kissed her collar bone, and tried not to focus on how hot and wet she was, pressing against him, or this would all be over much too quickly. He nipped at her air and pulled away to look into her eyes. "You're worth it." His hold on her wrists loosened and Raven moved to wrap her slim fingers around his biceps. Jason tasted her lips again and smirked. "One last question: are your walls sound proof?"

"Yes… why?" Instead of answering, Jason surged inside of her, and she let out a cry as pain traced a path through her. Her teeth bit down on her lower lip as his movements stilled, allowing her to adjust to the feeling of their joining. Moments passed, and finally her dark lashes swept up to meet his eyes. "I'm okay…"

Jason nodded once and moved slowly within her, watching the emotions and sensations change her expression. Her fingers dug deeper into his arms, and eventually her hips were moving to meet his, moaning and panting as they touched everywhere. Her hands moved to tangle in his hair and she brought his lips to hers, kissing him fervently as they moved together. Jason fought for control, she was a little slip of a woman, but she knew how to please him well. It was too late, he wanted her, all of her, right now.

"Faster." Her muscles tightened around him, and a fine sheen of sweat broke out across her body. She was so close to losing it herself, and the sight of her thrashing beneath him was like staring at fine art to Jason. He worked his way in and out of her, the pain and ecstasy expressed through moans that drove him nearly mad. He never thought he could ever be this close to a woman, and still not be close enough.

Her climax came without warning and she screamed as if the world would never hear them, her fingers raked down her back, her muscles tightened around him, and her ankles twisted around his own. Jason finally lost his well handled self-control, and bit into her collarbone as he gave one final push, letting himself have the pleasure of spilling into her body. They sat together for a moment, panting and waiting for the stars to return to the heavens.

Jason propped himself up on his elbows and looked down into her dark eyes. He really enjoyed that shade of red on her cheeks and that drowsy, pleased look in her eyes. He nipped at her lips, sliding his tongue along her lower lip. Raven groaned and shifted beneath him, her muscles stirring back to life at his touch. "I love you, you know that, right?"

"Yes. I love you too." Raven's eyes started to drift close, and Jason fought back a laugh. Quoting her earlier statement: he was far from finished.

"Good." He nipped her earlobe before rolling over, forcing her to straddle him. He smirked up at her, watching the scandalized look peel across her face. His hands traced the shape of her thighs before moving to cup her rounded bottom. "Now, again."

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