It was their off-weekend ,there was no reason for Agent Gibbs to go into the office on a Saturday morning,but he was running from his empty house. He couldn't face the silence and emptiness one more moment. He kept on hearing the soft,musical voice of his beloved first wife,and saw flashes of his little girl,playing in the dark shadows of his home. He had to do something to clear his mind,to distract his traitorous thoughts with. After all this years the wounds where still fresh as if he lost them just yesterday. That's why he kept on trying to replace them with poor replicas of his first love,but after he made the mistake three times,he gave up hoping to find love again.

He didn't expect to find his youngest agent also in the squad room,deep in thought busy clacking away on his computer. They had no open cases and there was no reason for him to be here. What worried Gibbs was the frantic,desperate look on Tim's face. His gut twisted,something was up with his agent.

Tim was a very private person and Gibbs almost knew nothing of his personal life. The gentle,well-mannered man never took up his offer of visiting his house when he was troubled. Tony,Abby and Ziva used the offer often and he got to know them on a personal level,but he almost knew nothing of the younger man in front off him. For the first time,he felt guilty about it,he never took the time to get to know the younger man better. The younger man was so different from the rest of the team,that Gibbs always struggled to get on common ground with him.

Tim's own shyness and sensitivity prevented him to reach out to his bad-tempered Boss. One thing was for sure he contributed a lot to the team,the kid was a genius on the computer. It was due to his technical abilities ,that the MRCT had such a high rate of solving cases. His social-awkwardness was used by the other team-mates to tease him relentlessly,but he always took it stoically,never loosing his temper or complaining to his Boss.

To see him,thumping frustrated on his keyboard was uncharacteristically. Gibbs could only stare,Tim was so pre-occupied that he didn't even notice his Boss watching him."Fucking Monster!"

Gibbs was shocked,it was the first swearword he heard out of his younger agent's mouth. His small gasp,alerted Tim to his Boss's presence.

The younger man jumped up,blushing warmly,"I didn't see you there,sorry,Boss!"

Gibbs hid his surprise quickly,"I wasn't expecting to see you here McGee,I could swear we had the weekend off."

The younger man was playing for more time,"I could say the same of you,Boss."

Gibbs had to press the irritation that was rising up,"What are you doing here McGee?"

Tim could never tell a descent lie and the man in front of him would see through anything he lied about,"I'm helping the FBI with a case,Boss. The Director gave me permission to use the computers here."

Gibbs was instantly riled,Vance had no right to use his agents without his permission. "What's this case about?"

Tim sighed,this wasn't something he wanted to discuss with his Boss,it was to close to his own personal life. There was things he could never share with his Boss,Tim enjoyed working at NCIS for most of the time,he didn't want to have to leave. He just had to tell his Boss those parts that he could share,without revealing his own past.

"I'm helping the FBI chase a paedophile,that uses online games to attract his prey. He is slippery and for years no one even could get one trace of him,he keeps on slipping through the cracks."

"Don't they have their own cybernetic crimes unit?"

"Yeah Boss,but he is really good,they can use all the help they can get."

"Who is running the case?"

"Agent Denis Basset"

"Never heard of him."

"He is the new FBI's head in Cybernetic crimes."

"Okay keep looking,I'm just going to do a few things at my own desk."

"Right,Boss.",Tim sighed,that didn't go too bad,now if he could just get a trace of the monster he was looking for,his life could return to normal and he could get agent Basset off his back.

Both men worked in a companionable silence,through the morning. Tim didn't even see his Boss leave to go and get lunch. Gibbs was waiting at the coffee shop on the Navy Yard for his order. He took the time to phone his friend Fornell ,to find out more about agent Denis Basset.

Fornell wasn't happy talking about agent Basset,the man was a piece of work. He used his very wealthy family's money to get himself promoted in the FBI,word was that he was aiming to become the future Director of the FBI. Fornell met the pompous ass a few times and wasn't impressed with him. He apparently would use any means to get other people to do his work for him. Fornell told Gibbs that he was surprised that McGee would help the other man and if he was helping him,he was sure Tim was pushed in some way or other. Gibbs was worried about what Fornell told him,Tim was a gentle,kind man and it was easy to misuse him.

Tim was exhausted he was working since the previous night,after everyone left,he didn't even give himself time to eat. He was getting more frantic as the day progressed,he had to get a way to tract the monster he was hunting,or he could loose everything ,he worked so hard for.

Tim was surprised when the warm cup of coffee and sandwich was placed on his desk. "Thank you,Boss,what do I owe you?"

"Nothing McGee,take time to eat,you deserve a break."

"Thank you ,Boss." Tim ate his sandwich with one hand while he was busy typing on his computer,he was grateful for the caffeine boost that kept him alerted for a while. But by late afternoon he started to yawn,rubbing his tired eyes now and again.

Gibbs wondered at what time his agent started to work ,he decided to go and investigate. What he found made him really angry,Tim didn't sign out the previous evening,so he must have been busy since last night. No wonder the younger man looked so tired,he probably didn't even take time to eat. Gibbs was going to see to it that Tim got some much needed sleep even if he had to chain Tim to his bed. He walked determined back to the squad room.

"No,I'm working as fast as I can,but I can find no trace of him." Gibbs was listening to Tim talking on the phone,Tim looked frustrated and small signs of fear was evident in his big ,expressive eyes. Gibbs waited quietly,listening to what Tim was saying.

"I tried everything,I haven't slept since yesterday.",Tim was waiting for a reply from the voice on the other-side.

"You don't have to tell me,I know from personal experience,I will keep on searching!",Tim was becoming agitated.

"Yes ,I will let you know as soon as I find anything."

"Yes,I know I will loose everything,I'm working as fast as I can,agent Basset.",Tim was leaning on his desk with his head in his hands.

Gibbs was a very good investigator and what he heard didn't make him happy. Agent Basset was pushing McGee hard, he was holding a sword over McGee's head. There was no way he was going to let someone push his agent into a burnout. He was going to see that Tim gets some rest,he was going to take the younger man to his home. Tim was going to eat and sleep. He wondered what did McGee have to fear.

Agent Denis Basset was smiling to himself,finding agent McGee to do his dirty work was a stroke of genius. He was enjoying his weekend with his family,at their luxurious country villa. When McGee could trace the notorious paedophile that evaded the FBI for almost 20 years,he would catch the monster and then his future would be all set. The credit from the media would make everyone notice him as the bright new star of the FBI, he was going to become the FBI's new Director one day soon. He just knew how to push agent McGee's buttons. Oh ,and did he have some colourful ones to push.

Gibbs drove,himself and McGee ,to his house. The younger man was sulking in the passenger seat,he didn't want to leave with his Boss,he only gave in,when his Boss started to threaten that he would get the Director to pull him from the case. Gibbs was watching out the corner of his eyes,Tim's right knee was nervously bouncing up and down,it was for the first time that he saw McGee so agitated,not even when he shot that cop,Benedict, did he look this nervous and scared.

Gibbs went over the conversation he overheard in the squad room,he wondered what was the hold agent Basset had on Tim. Tim said something about his own personal experience,what could be used to blackmail a person like McGee. Tim wasn't someone who would break any laws,maybe he had to protect someone in his family? Maybe it was his sister Sarah again?

"How is your sister doing these days ,McGee?"

Although Tim was sulking at the moment,he still answered respectfully,"She is fine Boss,she graduates at the end of the year and already started writing on her first book."

Gibbs remembered how she put her brother down,when he asked her if she was going to be a writer like her brother,it always bothered him in the back of his mind,that Sarah looked down on her brother. Gibbs wondered for the first time in his life,how was Tim's family life,did Tim grow up happy. The younger man never speaks about his family,they always took for granted that Tim's family was a happy one,but there was no proof that suggested it was so.

Tim's insecurities,his many phobias and his stuttering could stem from an abusive family. Gibbs started to worry,he should have taken the time long ago to get to know Tim better. Hell he knew more about Ziva's family life and she was trained as a MOSSAD agent, who notoriously guarded their private lives.

"How are your parents doing?"

Tim wasn't liking where this conversation went,but his manners was well-ingrained. "They are fine Boss."

"When was the last time you went home Tim?"

Tim's Boss never used his name,it filled his heart with fear,Gibbs was onto something,he had to stop this now,"Boss I'm really tired,can we stop the 20 questions."

Gibbs knew then and there that Tim was trying to hide something. He needed more information on his youngest agent's life,when he joined the team,Gibbs went through his personal history,but there wasn't much in his file.

Tim was relieved when they stopped in front of his Boss's house,he was only here once before,when Ziva was framed by the Iranians. He got nervously out of the car and followed his Boss into his house,he was surprised to see that the front door was really always left unlocked.

Tim followed his Boss into the kitchen and accepted the offered beer. "Is steak okay for dinner?"

"Yes ,Boss!"

"Can you make a salad while I start up the grill,you will find everything in the fridge."

"Sure Boss."

They worked together companionable preparing dinner together,Tim sat at the kitchen table,drinking his beer,watching his Boss,making baked potatoes and grilling the steaks for dinner. Gibbs was surprised that it felt comfortable,as soon as Tim started to relax. It was different from having Tony over for dinner,as Tony was always restless, chatting constantly. He always felt mentally tired when Tony or Abby left.

Tim was enjoying dinner,he seldom had someone to enjoy dinner with,and the steak was the best he ever had. "This steak is wonderful ,Boss !"

"Your welcome,Tim."

As soon as they finished cleaning up,the kitchen,Gibbs showed Tim the bathroom and brought him a pillow and blanket for the couch. He left Tim to sleep,while he went down stairs to work on his boat.

Tim lay in the dark,his restless mind keeping the sleep away. He couldn't believe that his Boss cared enough to bring him to his house and insisted that he stay for dinner and sleep there for the night,he even called him by his name. Tim never was sure about his place on the team,he always felt that his place on the team was only there because of his knowledge of computers. Today his Boss showed some kindness towards him,but if he found out about his past,he would loose his place on the team. Tim learned early as a child that he was dirty,tainted and couldn't expect to be accepted by others,his own parents made sure that he knew that. Tony already knew that Tim was good for nothing and his taunts,kept reminding Tim of his place. Even Abby suspected something was wrong with him,she broke off their relationship as soon as it became evident that Tim was a dirty freak.

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