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Chapter six

'Quinn Fabray! I can't believe I haven't ever made you see Wicked before!'

'You've had ten years to take me in London!'

'Yeah, but it wouldn't have been as good as seeing it on Broadway...'

Instead of catching the evening showing of Wicked, like they had originally planned, Kurt and Quinn had gone to see the matinee and was now walking out the theatre, arm-in-arm, discussing the show they had just seen. The show being something that Quinn had actually never seen before (much to Kurt's feigned horror) she hadn't been sure what to expect, but, much to Kurt's delight, she had loved it.

'Anyway, it was amazing, thank you' she smiled 'even if it was just an excuse for you to see Wicked again' she added winking

'Oh please, like I need an excuse to go and see a musical!' he laughed and turned to her 'By the way, that red head working in the cloakroom was totally checking you out, and even I think she was hot, you so should go back and get her number' he said seriously

'Oh please!' Quinn scoffed 'if she was checking out anyone, it was you! Besides, we're going back to London Monday, and it wouldn't be fair on her'

'Spoilsport' Kurt replied sticking his tongue out

Quinn rolled her eyes but couldn't resist laughing at him. Kurt laughed lightly before linking arms with her

'Do you fancy going for a drink or something?' he checked his watch, 'it's just gone five and our dinner reservation's not till seven'

Quinn nodded

'Yeah sure, sounds good'

They continued walking along the pavement before finding a nice looking bar and walking in.

Blaine was sat sprawled out on his couch messing about on his laptop while the TV played in the background when his phone started to vibrate and ring on the the table in front of him, checking the caller I.D and seeing it was Rachel calling he smiled and hit the green accept call button and started to speak

'Hey Rachel, how's it going?'

'Do you fancy meeting for a drink or something before the show tonight? I've had such a boring day'

Blaine laughed slightly before replying

'Yeah sure! Sounds fun, regular place?' he asked and paused 'yeah cool, see you there in,' he checked his watch 'say fifteen minutes?'

'Thanks Blaine'

'See you later Rach'

'And when you started singing along to defying gravity,' Quinn giggled as she played with her wine glass 'I'm sure that woman in front of us thought you were better than the poor actress on the stage!'

Kurt laughed

'I haven't sung in such a long time' he smiled 'it did feel good though!'

Quinn smiled

'You should sing more, I miss your singing voice'

'Look who's talking miss! The last time I heard you sing was at my 21st in that dreadful karaoke bar!'

Quinn covered her face with her hands in embarrassment

'Oh man! I remember that night!' she laughed 'That was so embarrassing!' she paused 'I never found that other shoe you know'

Kurt nearly choked on his wine laughing

'Shush!' she playfully hit his arm 'It wasn't funny, they were nice shoes'

'Quinnie my dear, they were dreadful shoes'

Quinn playfully glared at him from over the table until she couldn't help it any-more and burst out laughing

'Ok... they were pretty dire' she laughed before draining her glass and checking her watch 'we've got time for one more right?'

Kurt nodded, Quinn reached into her purse and handed him a $20 bill

'I'll take the same again, I'm just going to run to the bathroom'

'Cool' Kurt replied smiling

Over on the other side of the bar Blaine and Rachel were sat together

'It's nearly six, the shows not till eight, we've got time for one more right?' Rachel asked checking her watch

'I though you'd never ask' Blaine replied, laughing

Rachel stuck her tongue out at him before handing him her wallet from her purse

'I'm just going to head to the bathroom, I needn't bother telling you what I want, you know all my orders by now!'

Blaine laughed slightly and nodded.

'Yes, that I do'

Rachel stuck her tongue out at him before walking in the direction of the bathroom.

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