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"Woah man chill out all I did was tap your shoulder." Tucker said.

"I…sorry….I'm just a little jumpy." I replied shaking a little. Why can't I just forget what happened and go back to life, how I normally lived…it was over and I needed to forget…but I can still feel the pain.

"A little jumpy? Danny you've flinch at every small sound this morning, and every time someone moves to fast in your direction you act like they're going to hit you. What happened to you?" Sam asked as they neared the school.

"N...nothing happened.. I'm just a little jumpy is all guys really." I replied trying to suppress my trembling. I can't keep lying to them, there going to find out anyway…maybe talking about it will help…but it wont make the nightmares go away…I can still feel the pain…that blinding pain…

"Dude you were stuck in the ghost zone for three days, there's no way nothing happened." Tucker said looking up from his PDA.

"Guys, please just drop it…I'll explain things later…" I said.

"Promise?" Sam asked, knowing that I'd just blow it off and find another excuse not to tell them. How could I tell them something like this? Just thinking about it makes me cringe.

"Yeah…yeah I promise ok? Just leave me alone about it right now, it's not something I want to talk about right now…. I don't think I could even if I wanted to." I said the last sentence in such a low voice neither Sam nor Tucker heard me. I would tell them later, I had to…I needed someone to know, someone who could help me. But it still wouldn't get rid of the nightmares…the pain is still here….excruciating, blinding, torturing pain…

"We'd better hurry up and get to class before we're late…again." Sam's voice woke me from my thoughts.

Once we got to class we sat down in our regular seats, Sam behind me and Tucker to my right.

"Hey look everyone Fenturd's back!" Dash yelled to the rest of the class who instinctively looked back at me. I let my head drop to the table in order to keep myself calm. I haven't been around this many humans for three days, it just feels so odd…I feel like such an outsider…

"Hey Fentina, I'm going to give you triple times your normal beating today seeing as you've missed your last three." Dash laughed lifting his fist and aimed it at my face, of course he wasn't going to do anything rash during class, and although I knew this I still reacted as if he was going to hit me.

"You're going to get what's coming for you ghost punk!" His voice rang in my ears as his fist repeatedly made contact with my face, jaw, neck, and the list goes on. I couldn't move I was chained down; all I could do was sit there and take beating after beating.

My eyes grew wide; I sunk low in my chair and raised my arms above my face.

"No please…don't hit me again!" I yelled, I squeezed my eyes shut, anticipating the blow I thought I'd receive but the pain didn't come. I opened my eyes slowly to find Dash standing over me with a look of guilt on his face….wait did I just say a look of guilt? I had to do a double take and sure enough…it was a look of guilt. Dash lowered his fist and backed up.

"I..I didn't even hit you…I…." Dash stuttered but decided to leave it at that and he walked back to his desk. I sat up straight in my chair, every eye was on me, I began to tremble again, looking around the room in a paranoid manor.

He's going to find you ya know? The voice inside my head yelled.

He's knows who you are, that you're part're out in the open, just waiting for him to catch you again..

No! Shut up! I must be going crazy, I'm fighting with my own thoughts. I put my hands to my head and pulled at my hair.

Remember the pain...he'll do it again...and he'll keep trying till he finds a way to make it work. When he tries again it'll only be more pain full...more nightmares will come... he's right you know, you can't keep pushing him away forever... sooner or later he's going to come out..

"No shut up shut up shut up!" I yelled out lowed on accident. Every one looked at me in confusion. I dug my nails into the palms of my hands willing them to look away, to pay attention to something Mr. Lancer spoke up and everyone's attention was forced up at him. I let out a sigh of relief and released my nails from my palms as everyone turned away from me.

"Today we will be reading Shakespeare's Hamlet, under your desks should be a copy of the book, please open it to the first page and we will assign parts. Everyone gets a part, even if it has to be shared." Mr. Lancer said. Every one in the class groaned simultaneously, everyone but me. The think this is torture? They don't know the meaning of the word...

Just as I was about to reach down and pull out the book from underneath the desk the door slammed open.

"No one move a muscle!" A voice yelled as a figure stepped into view. My eyes widened and a shiver ran down my spin when I recognized the figure in a white suit wearing a black hat. Some of the students began to scream but were soon silenced when the figure threatened their life if they didn't be quiet.

"No no no no no" I muttered sinking as low in my seat as I could. I couldn't control my nerves any longer and began to shake violently.

Breath in breath out breath in breath out!

"You're going back to the slam punk where we'll continue our little experiment!" The figure bellowed as he made his way to where I sat. I shot out of my seat and began to walk backward as he continued to walk forward. I shook my head as I walked back, my mouth opening and closing like a gold fish as I tried to speak.

"No..Walker you can't take me back...please just... just let me go." I pleaded. I heard a thump from behing me and when i turned I realized my back was now to the wall.

"Remember this?" Walked laughed as he held out a syringe with a large needle. I began to hyperventilate, I was backed up against the wall, my limbs no longer would move on my command, I was frozen on the spot. I was screaming on the inside, willing my body to move, to do anything. The class watched as Walker came closer and closer to me.

"Alright now stay still, hahah! As if you could do anything else!." Walker cackled as he walked up to me; a needle in his right hand. I struggled against my restraints but to no avail, defeated I lay there as Walked jammed the needle into my arm. I let out a cry of pain as he released an unknown liquid into my veins. As soon as the needle exited my skin an icy cold pain shot through my limbs, my breathing became ragged and my mind fogged. I clenched the sides of the table and gritted my teeth in pain, using every ounce of energy I had to stay conscious... I didn't know what they'd do to me if I was unconscious.

"Go ahead and fight it, you're going to loose anyway. We're going to get Dan to come out one way or another!" My eyes shot up to Walker when he said that name. Anger boiled in my blood as I came to realize what he was trying to do...he was going to try to let Dan out, force me to become my own nightmare.

"Why are you doing this?" I gasped as the pain worsened.

"A certain someone is going to pay me big bucks if I can get Dan to come out and play, with that money I can build a larger jail, one that no ghost will be able to get out of. And once I build that jail, and you become Dan, once Plasmius gets what he wants with you, I'm going to lock your sorry ass back up for eternity!" Walker laughed and walked away from the table which I was bound to. What would Vald want with Dan? Why is he trying to release him? Oh right, so he can stop him from destroying the earth and become it's supreme ruler. I have to fight against this, I don't know what he injected me with but I can feel it working...I can feel him trying to push gain control.