I squeezed my eyes shut, not wanting to watch what was going to happen next. My eyes jolted open when I heard a scream before I hit the floor with a thud.

"Mom!" I heard Danny yell.

Oh no, no no no…this can't be happening!

I looked to my side and found Mrs. Fenton on the ground with the very same knife Vlad intended to use to kill Danny in her chest. I knelt by Mrs. Fenton, holding her hand, and reassuring her it would be ok and that we would get her out of her; but she kept saying it was ok that she would die, she had done it to save her son and there was nothing we could do to help her…..she said that she deserved it after what she'd done to her son. With tear filled eyes I watched the rising and falling of her chest slow and eventually stop, all the while the rest of the class watched in shock and horror what was happening and Danny fought with Vlad. I was jolted up from my position when I heard an antagonizing cry just after the sickening sound of bone against brick.

"Danny!" I screamed and ran to where he lay sprawled on the ground in a puddle of his own blood.

"You bastard!" I heard an angry voice; it was Mr. Fenton, who rushed at Vlad. I looked at Danny's beaten and bruised body and began to cry harder than ever before.

"Please be alive, please be alive, please be alive!" I cried, just then I felt a hand grip my own, the grip was weak but it was enough. Danny looked up at me with a faint smile on his lips before sighing and shutting his eyes. My eyes went wide as Danny's body went limp. I leant my head on his chest and to my relief I felt it rising up and down in a motion that reassured me that he was alive.

Back to Danny's point of view:

"Sam?...Mom...she's...she's dead?" I asked, I was baffled at the story Sam just told me. I was baffled that all of this could really have happened.

"I'm so sorry Danny. Ever since this incident, you've suffered from short term memory loss, you don't remember what happened after you defeated Dan because it was too awful and you couldn't cope with it any other way than to forget. Every day since then has been like this, ever since the day you gained back control. Every morning I tell you this, explain to you that, all of that happened fifty years ago, that I've been here by you're side ever since then." She stopped and wiped at her tears.

"Sam if you're this old..then I must be..." I was cut off.

"Old too?" Sam finished for me, she handed me a mirror. I gently took the mirror from her and gasped when I saw the image starring back at me...it wan't me at all. I had wrinkles of every kinds, sad and tired looking eyes...and I was looking my hair. Tears welled in my eyes and I handed her the mirror back.

"Come on, come down stairs with me...I want you to meet you kids.." Sam said taking me by the hand and leading me to the door...

This might be the end but I'm not sure yet...and yes it is suppose to keep you guessing! even when the story is finished hah! But I'm not sure if it is, but if I had to it I wouldn't know where to go with it, so if you want me to add to it, give me some suggestions on where to go from here. :)