This was written by philliesphan68 on Quizilla for a anime called Hetalia, but it reminds me of something I'd do for poor Niccolo in the 5th and up coming 6th books in the series. So I modified it to fit so… I DO NOT OWN IT!

It tore me apart to see him like this. To see only the broken shell of the man who once used to laugh with me, and talk with me in that safe little secluded world we had built together.

He had been acting this way since the war officially ended. While the entire world breathed a great sigh of relief, I watched him slowly begin to wither away in his own despair. Of course he was certainly just as relieved to see that Hell end, but I knew he had been reflecting on what he had done and each time he did, it would send him even farther into the deepest woe and depression.

All those innocent people...

He sat in his chair facing the window watching the rain pour down the window. He leaned forward holding his head in his hands.

I know he didn't want any part of it…

I stepped forward from my position in the doorway, slowly moving towards him.

I know it wasn't his fault…

I saw him flinch when thunder broke the silence.

I know that's not who he is.

I was afraid that it would break him too.

I can't let him do this anymore.

I knelt in front of him and gently pulled his hands away from his face. Those steel gray eyes were haunted by exhaustion and sadness. The rare smile that I longed to see was long gone.

Well I would just have to do something about that.

"Come here, Niccolo," I said, pulling him to his feet. He looked down at me with confusion as I shut the curtains, blocking out the storm.

"You cannot keep torturing yourself like this. You can't change the past. So please stop dwelling in it and live in the present," i gently explained. He looked away, back towards the window. He knew it tortured me to see him like this, but it was so hard to let go of all the things he had done. It didn't help that the angry storm could still be heard through the curtains.

I looked to the little radio he had on his night stand and reached over, turning it on. It was an older device, so the static crackled before a soothing melody filled the air, completely altering the mood into a freer one. The storm soon became lost in the gentle tune. Niccolo looked down at me, this time there was no confusion, only realization of what I was trying to do, and for once he didn't stop you.

~Hey little train! We are all jumping onThe train that goes to the KingdomWe're happy, Ma, we're having funAnd the train ain't even left the station~

"…Thank you, Jessica." he said, gripping your hands tighter.

I smiled up at him just as the music began to pick up its pace. I started to sway back and forth, and he followed suit matching my rhythm, though he was a little uneasy at first. I couldn't help but laugh as he looked down, deeply concentrating on his feet, trying so hard not to stumble over them. A smile slowly crept onto Niccolo's face at the sound of my laughter and his own clumsiness.

~Hey, little train! Wait for me!I once was blind but nowI see Have you left a seat for me?Is that such a stretch of the imagination?~

By now, we were spinning around the room, laughing at each other's quirky little dance moves you had come up with on the spot. I sang along with the music (well at least the few phrases you remembered), all of my worries thrown aside.

~Hey little train! Wait for me!I was held in chains but now I'm freeI'm hanging in there, don't you seeIn this process of elimination~

Niccolo gave me one last hesitant twirl before the music slowly died down. I reverted to rocking back and forth, this time embraced in a tight hug. Niccolo rested his head on mine which lay on his shoulder.

~Hey little train! We are all jumping on The train that goes to the KingdomWe're happy, Ma, we're having funIt's beyond my wildest expectation~

"For all the things you do for me, Jessica: thank you" Niccolo said blushing slightly.

I smiled, "You're welcome."

I swayed from side to side in utter bliss as we waited for the next song to start, ready to dance some more