OK, last chapter. I know, I know… this was SUPPOSED to be a one-shot. Now it's kinda a four-shot… but hey! I'm really REALLY hoping I haven't ruined this fic with the last chapter! *fingers crossed*

I'm also basing some of this on the fact that River arrived at Demon's Run in the same clothes as she was wearing in DOTM – just to let you know!

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River closed her eyes, leaning backwards against the hard, cold wall behind her bed. As far as emotionally draining days went, today was pretty much as bad as it got.

It had started off with stopping the Silence. River smiled as she remembered how flirty the Doctor had been and how good it had felt taking out all her frustrations on the sinister creatures using her blaster gun – the Doctor hadn't even complained, which was a rare occurrence!

After that the Doctor had dropped her back here and there had been that kiss; apparently her very last kiss with the Doctor. It had been fantastic, as always, but even as their lips had moved against each other so naturally she'd realised that something was wrong.

The feeling had torn her apart but, after the Doctor had left she hadn't had much time to dwell on her heartbreak before she'd had to head off to Demon's Run to tell him the truth about herself once and for all. Maybe her distress had been a major contributing factor in explaining the harshness with which she'd spoken to him. Or maybe it had just been because she knew deep down that it was what he needed to hear. She wasn't sure, but whatever the reason it had done the job.

Following that had been the unenviable task of breaking the news to her parents that she was Melody and dealing with the aftermath.

Now River was exhausted; physically, mentally and emotionally. All she wanted to do was crawl into her small, uncomfortable bed and sleep for at least two days. But she didn't even have the energy to do that. Instead she just sat, resting her head against the bricks and keeping her eyes clamped shut.

She had been surprised by how quickly her father had come round to the idea of who she was. River honestly hadn't expected either of her parents to believe her so easily and come around to the idea so quickly. Amy's reaction was far more what she had been expecting. Not that she was complaining. Her lips twitched into a smile as she remembered the conversation she'd had with Rory that afternoon. They'd just talked and talked about anything and everything. It had been exactly what they both needed.

Then her mind wandered onto the moments before she'd left the Ponds' flat. Her hand twitched slightly as she remembered the way her mother had taken her hand. With her eyes tightly closed, River could fool herself into thinking that she could still feel her mother's hand closed over hers. She breathed deeply, concentrating on the feeling.

The sound of footsteps coming towards her jerked the woman back to reality and she sighed deeply. Not opening her eyes, she waited until the steps stopped outside her cell before she spoke.

"I'm really not in the mood tonight, boys." She said wearily. "You can tell me how bad I am for escaping again in the morning. Right now I just really need to sleep."

A low chuckle came in response to her words and River opened one eye, surprised by the response. She opened her other eye quickly, staring in surprise at the man who was standing on the other side of the bars watching her with a smile on his face and one hand wrapped around a bar. Behind him was his trusty blue box.

"That's a shame."

"Doctor…" River breathed, finding the energy to leap of her bed and rush over to him. Without thinking she put her hand over his around the bar and reached her other hand through to rest lightly on his cheek. "You took the brakes off!"

He laughed. "That's all you've got to say?" He asked grinning. River smiled too. "Happy birthday, River Song."

"Thank you, Doctor." River said happily. Then she put her head on one side, remembering where he'd just been and what he'd been doing. She remembered it well. "Did you do it?"

He nodded. "And I was amazing."

She laughed and he grinned, unlocking the cage quickly and stepping inside. He settled himself on the edge of her bed, bouncing up and down slightly to test out how comfortable it was. His nose wrinkled up displaying just what he thought of the bed and River laughed at his expression.

"Did you get them all home?"

"Of course."

"And Amy and Rory? Are they alright?" The Doctor asked meaningfully.

River sighed. "Rory's fine and Amy will be too." She assured him.

The Doctor raised his arm and wrapped it around her shoulders. Smiling happily, River leant against him, nestling her head in the crook of his neck. It was so normal that the woman could hardly believe that it was actually happening. She didn't even care whether it was too soon or not. They sat like that for a while, peaceful and contented, until the Doctor shifted slightly and River glanced up at him questioningly.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"You're Rory and Amy's daughter… my best friends' daughter." He replied, the same silly look on his face as when he'd realised who she was earlier; excitement mixed with an acute sense of dread. He had yet to have a conversation with Rory and Amy since they'd found out that River was their daughter. River laughed, realising that he was still coming to terms with the alteration in their relationship.

"Yes, I am." She said simply. Then she leant forwards and planted a gentle kiss on his lips, her hands gently clasping his face. Before he could deepen it, she moved away again. He smiled.

"And we… you and me… we…" He wasn't entirely sure what he and River had, or how to put that relationship into words.

"Yes, we are." She said, kissing him again. Once more it didn't last long and she pulled back and smirked slightly at him. He tried to think of something else to say that would have the same outcome.

"Isn't that weird?"

"Yes, it is." River leant in and kissed him again. However, this time when she started to pull away from him the Doctor was ready for her movement and put his hand on the back of her head, preventing her escaping. She giggled against his mouth and put her arms around his neck. Apparently his first kiss hadn't been her last after all.

"You do realise," The Doctor murmured as they broke apart to breathe, "that you just need to ask if you want to kiss me. You don't need to wait until I ask a question where the answer is 'yes'."

River arched an eyebrow smirking. "Oh… you think I need permission to kiss you?" She asked before pushing him roughly down on the bed and leaning over him so that her face was centimetres from his. "No, I definitely don't need your permission."

And then she proved it.