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A/N I Continues this one shot, or my experiment on Lucius Malfoy's writing on first person. He is writing his memoirs into volumes for the Malfoy Annals. Presumably, this is not the only volume but certainly a very personal one.


"Yes, she was pregnant but she is no more." Snape sounded heartbroken, "and before you ask me, it wasn't voluntary, it wasn't her fault that she lost her baby, she was kicked and beaten a few weeks, after she told me, by unknown witches. It happened when she was leaving, the Weasley Brothers' shop. Who knows how they found out about the pregnancy, but they kept repeating, 'no Halfblood babies from you, dirty filthy Mudblood whore.'"

Snape, the hard man, his eyes were moist, probably with tears. "When the Weasley twins found her, they picked her up, and Apparated with her at Mungo's. It was too late, she had lost the baby. They, the attackers, killed your son."

I could hear Draco sobbing, and I was doing the same. Severus must have been consoling Draco, I couldn't look any more. Then I heard him again.

"I went to see her the same day, while the healers were still working on her. She begged everyone not to let Potter and Weasley know. When I saw her, she was all black and blue. They kicked some of her teeth out, and she was crying non-stop, 'It was a little boy, my dragon, my baby, what am I going to do Professor?' I had no words for her, my dear boy."

To add to my pain, I saw streams of tears coming out of that formidable dark wizard, Snape. And I could do nothing about my own tears, but let them flood my eyes and darken my vision.

Our Girl has carried a Malfoy, our future, who was murdered by prejudice and hate. I sat on the ground and stayed there for, what seemed, hours. It is my fault. I have never before have felt like dying, but I did today. My hand shakes as I write this page.

I bet you that I could tell you when it happened; Cissy's dream, hit was the day it happened, and the reason Severus ran away to take care of something.

I don't deserve to have my family. Hate and bigotry which I have endorsed so long killed a Malfoy baby. What kind of monster am I? It is not magic, magic? it is neither the magic, nor what I was taught all my life, and the very foundation of my family, it was hatred what is taking its toll.

I am going to be sick. No Malfoys before had caused the death of a Malfoy baby. Our babies are our fortune; they are our treasure, and our future, and I squandered in away during my love affair with power.

I left to find a way to talk to Cissa, and when I did, I held nothing back from her. We cried all morning, and made excuses not join anyone for lunch. The Dark Lord now let's me see my wife once in a while, and at least I had my wife.

Draco and our girl had become lovers. And we, yes both Cissy| and I, we both made the commitment to the dark and believed all the merde snake-face fed us; therefore, we take responsibility, we have killed our grandchild. In all fairness, Cissa never took the Dark Mark, moreover, she misses Andromeda with all her heart, and she is right; I am the one who refused to see the Light. She wants to see Andy, as she longs for a sane embrace.

Uncle Eli was right. It is not about blood purity, it is about breeding, about families, it is about good spouse selection, choosing the right families, with the qualities you seek, that is what makes people special. I wish, I had realized this before. I remember my mother's nurse, she was from the old religion, I am finding the books she gave me. I am not proud, and I will ask her god to help us.


I will change as promised. I promised to take care of our daughter. We need to escape, to go to the order. I have asked Snape to arrange for us; he will talk to them and make plans.

We will take the Hogwarts' children, also kept as prisoners. I forgot to write; I spotted one of the new Snatchers the other day. He is a young chap, not too bright; his parents were killed in the late eighties. He is friends with the other chap that used to watch the young witch, but he had to go back home.

This snatcher has promised to look out for our girl, if he sees her. I have offered him a small fortune to make sure it is so. He must also protect the two young wizards. I will not be responsible for more young lives. I don't kill young children, and in this war, nobody is safe.


Cissa has paid him a couple thousand galleons to keep an eye on other snatchers as well. His name is Scabior. He knows the loyalty will mean a fortune for him when this is over, and hopes for lifetime employment. I tried that with the werewolf, but he doesn't trust anyone. He already distrusts each one of us. He is only out for the wolves; thus there is no sense in trying that way.

The problem is that there are some real beasts. Take that fucking maniac Mulciber and also the big blond Thorfinn Rowle, they are both rabid beasts. If my father could see the riffraff walking our hallways, he would die. I am sincerely hoping things will start looking up very soon.


But the pain is to keep coming. This afternoon the trio was captured. First they brought out Draco; and he was asked to identify the three young warriors. She was begging with his eyes not to identify her. He would not even look at her for fear of going crazy. I was called to the room, and we all had to witness Our-girl being tortured by that crazy bitch Bellatrix.

Draco's mind retreated from the effort not to intervene, thanks to all higher powers for Snapes's potions; how else could Draco and I, endure all that has been done to our ladies. As for me, I wanted to kill them all. Narcissa's mind has shut down, and I lost part of mine that day. We all helped Dobby to apparate them away with small bits of wandless magic. Poor Dobby, a great elf and another victim of my abominable old beliefs, and not the last as fate should have it.


I am crazy with grief. Snape is getting us out tonight. I am not even sure is worth it at this point. Draco's eyes appear soulless. Narcissa just sits there and cries. The Dark Lord gave her to McNair, Fenrir, and Rowle later that day. Yes, I told you Dobby was not the last.

Fenrir, he is still a Greyback. I know he is a Lord, the Greybacks are true shifters, they are wolves, not bitten. My father told me what happened, it was in 1944. Fenrir was a Slytherin, true werewolves do not transform until they are 17. It is their magic inheritance; which also allows them to live into the hundreds; they are a very magical race.

Greyback was a shy, yet a likeable young man when my father met him. It was before the time Grindelwald had all his family cut up to pieces. The crazy, bastard wizard with the help of the German Muggle army, killed his brothers, his father and mother, his uncles, everyone. The entire Greyback castle and grounds were covered with bodies. A Muggle flying machine was paid to drop fire balls from the sky and killed everyone.

Fenrir was at Hogwarts when it happened and left as soon as he was informed. He came back transformed, never again fully human and forever full of pure rage and undiluted anger. They even killed the young girl that was his destined mate. it was systematically done, werewolves all had to be exterminated and only full humans had a right to be alive.

His army, Grindenwald's, came behind; they dragged the nurses, kids, and several pregnant women, and young boys that had been able to run to the cellars. There were not older males left alive. The women fought, but only a handful escaped and a few of the boys, everyone was killed without compassion.

Fenrir is fighting for what was left of the pack; he bites to increase his pack. He kills without compassion; however, people don't know him, he defends his pack and few friends with his life. He has an image to keep, but I was told by Scabior that he would not participate in Narcissa's rape. He was forced once before, and told the snake if he forced him again, he would no longer support him.

Narcissa came back, beaten up, and bleeding from every orifice. I want to kill the fucker, murderer; if I could get into the snake's room I would kill him personally. Why does he like to hurt and rape women, to witness such acts? I tell you why, he is no longer a man, and he brought back a demon inside.

Too bad that his room is one of the only ones not connected to the secret tunnels. But I will do something; I will not write it, I will just do it. This might be my last entry.


I have seen how he kills with his Nagini. I also know that Nagini no longer likes him. I know exactly what to do. He is not the only one who speaks Parsel tongue, and that is good. The Malfoys do a lot of things nobody else knows.

Apparently Nagini, if one could believe what she told me, loves the Potter boy. He represents all that is good, and pure. She said her kin used to be allied with such wizards, and many bore them babies, but none of them survived. Not with Salazar, he was an evil man, but with some of his descendants.

Nagini has agreed. She was assured that her young ones will be saved. Voldemort has her last eggs on suspension. Her kind of snake, is a mix from a dragon and snake, they will disappear since her mate was killed by the monster, and they were the last of her kind, that she knows. She hopes mates can be later found for her children.

She can mate humans; they will be magical but no true shifters. I asked her what she meant with that, and she did not answer. Snake-face makes her eat people, and she was raised by human parents, a magical family who loved her, and she suffers with being forced to eat human flesh and blood. She also wants to make sure that Potter will be her protector. I will need to talk to him.


It is all done. We are leaving tonight before this place turns into a living hell; I raised some bricks around my rooms' fireplace and pulled out the small box. I opened it, and inside I found the scroll I need, as well as the one time coins. The scroll and the coins have been with us for at least 2,000 years. Each one of the coins will call the magic of the manor grounds, to hold everyone left as prisoners. It will trap all the ones who wish to do us harm and will allow us to leave safely. If they try to resist, they will be killed. I never wanted to use the coins because I know the price, the death of the next Malfoy baby coming after the firstborn, and that would be a grandchild, since Cissa cannot bear any more children.

As terrible as this is, the prize has been already paid. Yes, I have paid my thirty pieces if sikver with the death of our first grandchild. It is time to save lives and kill the unjust. Besides my family, I am taking Snape, the elves, my dogs, the two cats, the prisoners, and all the young people, none of them deserve to die. There are several of Draco's classmates here. We are not asking them, they will be subdued, and they will thank us later.

I hope our daughter, she is that and more, can forgive us. I pray that my son can love me again, and make the other four, sometimes five babies Cissa saw. And I pray for my wife, that she will want to kiss me again, and tell me, "My Lucius, my love, my wizard, my protector, I love you." And most of all, I hope that we live to see the new babies, I will never leave their sight, I will do whatever it takes.

Draco, son, give me a chance. But first let's get out of here alive.



A little over three years have passed since I wrote the last time.

I never told you what happened. Nagini did us all a great favor, and prevented the shedding of more blood. She did more than I had asked, and for that she will always be in my favor.

She crushed the lovers in bed, as in Voldemort and Bellatrix. She joined them in a deadly triad, wrapping them in one very passionate tight embrace until she crushed them like bugs. It was gruesome, yet rather satisfying. What a nice girl.

Yes, she was convinced when Snape and I, with the help of Fenrir and that young lad, Scabior found out where Snake-Face kept her eggs.

Voldemort wasn't even that creative. He had hidden the catch at Hogwarts, in an old place my father described to me. A place where they used to hold their secret meetings, a second room of requirement, but a most sinister take, it would turn into any place desired for torture, evil, and debauchery.

The bastard had only kept four viable eggs. He had destroyed the other ones and replaced them with transfigured shells. They were suspended inside a magical net, which was charmed to release its catch the minute he killed Potter and Nagini. She had turned into a liability, and he knew that she cared for Potter. She read his mind while he was dying.

Cissa cried the night Bella was killed. She was a monster, but was her older sister. Once that she figured out we all can live again and not be afraid, she quickly recuperated.

The Dark Lord had sent a raid to kill Hermione's parents. It happened the same day we went out. The order found out, and I went with them to stop it, Hermione and Harry were there, but it was too late for Lord Granger; he died as a man of valor, defending his wife. Afterwards, she stayed with us for a while.

Poor our girl, it took her a while to recuperate, and Draco was the same. We all went to the south of France for one and half years, I mean several of us. We like to be near each other, too much trauma, and it works out for us. Besides Kingsley likes to think that Hermione and Harry keep an eye on us former Death Eaters, even if we were the ones who took the chances. The Lestrange brothers joined us as well.

Here at the Manor, we meet at least once a week. We all sit down, rain or shine, and we hold hands, while an old Muggle religion healer, a cousin from Lady Granger, comes and talks to us about hope, healing, and forgiveness. He wears dark clothes with a stiff collar, he is rather formal. It is a large group and getting larger. We meet in an old building used by practitioners of the old Muggle religion many centuries ago.

During our stay in France he came with us and we meet daily, he is good at what he does. I offered him a permanent job; mostly because I like the idea of having a counselor at my disposition. He told me a Sabbatical is one thing, but he already has a job. This was where it got a bit strange, he told me that a pastor has to take care of his sheep; and who has heard of a shepherd who dresses in such formal attire.

Harry Potter has a new snake. Her name is Nagini, and she has released the magic on one of her eggs. She wants her daughter to protect Draco and Hermione's new baby.

Harry stays away from the Weasley's home after they demanded that he killed Nagini, and he refused. After all she had crushed the Dark Lord and his lover during his sleep preventing the death of many. How ironic, there was no Horcrux inside Potter, it was a hoax.

Who knows if Dumbledore believed it or not, I think he had lost perspective. Why did he want to die because his hand had withered, was he a silly old fool?

Muggle amputation of the damaged limb would have prevented the poison magic to go further. Maybe he just wanted to die. I researched, the name of the magic is equivalent to magic gangrene, and the muggle solution of cutting the diseased appendage works most of the time.

Nagini was no well accepted at first, Lady Granger was very afraid and so was her cousin, and really, Healer Muctis as well. Nagini is actually a nice girl, she mourns her spouse, but soon she will be a mother again. Her daughter, her name will be Nimi, will be trained in less than five months, in time to be the babies guardian, when the babies are around six months.

Their magic is strong, they grow at a very fast rate, in two years she will be fully grown, and they stop around at an equivalent of around 18 to twenty years old. And then can stay at this stage, from 18-25 for even a century. Nagini tells Potter that the sessions have done her a lot of good.

She still has nightmares of murdering humans; she was raised by kind ones. Did I say Nagini is a young woman? Well, yes; just imagine everyone's surprise when she was crying about all the humans she killed for him, the evil Lord; when, in a fraction of time, she transformed in a beautiful young woman, hmm, au-natural.

Good thing that her hair fell to her thighs (providing strategic coverage), and her hair is the color of fire, her eyes are nearly yellow, and her skin olive, perhaps a little green, very extraordinaire. I have not seen her as a snake since then, and frankly, I don't miss it at all.

She is a shape shifter, descendant from dragon shifters. She is after all not a real snake in the sense of the world, she is something quite different. Snake-Face had her bound and unable to do anything. His magic would not allow her to shift, and she had to feed as a reptile. Killing the teacher still hunts her; she was under compulsion every time.

The snake-face was evil itself, we can only hope he never sees the light again, and if does, we will be all ready. All his followers were gathered, we did not kill them, and there were not too many real bad apples. They have lost most of their magic, and when they are released, they will be given new memories and menial jobs as Muggles. Why should we forever pay for them?

Severus is happy. He met the beautiful Lady Granger during her husband's funeral. She is a more mature version of her daughter and looks like her older sister. They were our guests in France.

It had been nearly two years they had been courting her and married some months ago. Ah, I forgot, I did say they. Yes, right it was a triple wedding and laugh if you want.

Sneaky old Severus, he was anxious to help rescue Black. He had planned it all along, right under my nose, and Remus confided that he always suspected it about those two. And, if you are smart you can guess who the triad's third is. Think about boys who fight with the one they are attracted to the most, and you are gliding along the right track.

Lady Granger, was indeed a squib, I already knew that, although she has divining powers, and she is distantly related to the Lestrange's but not by blood, by marriage.

Her lack of powers is not a matter of concern, because her husbands, as in two, are powerful enough. She is as progressive as her daughter, but to the Muggle world, she will be Lady Black, it will carry more cloud. To the Wizarding world, she will be Mrs. Black-Snape.

We had heard the stork would grace the couple before the wedding. Poor child, I thought, either a Black, crazy and handsome, or with a nose like Severus. Dear me, I must really make sure this journal never falls in the wrong hands. Not everyone can look as well as a Malfoy, enough said.

Lady Black-Snape, had twins, a boy and a girl, one Black and one Snape. The baby girl is Snape' daughter; and bless the gods, she has the mother's nose, both babies do, a small button nose. I love Severus, but to saddle a child with such an appendage. Never mind, once again I have written too much.

Lord Greyback asked Remus Lupin, to forgive him, and join the pack. Since Lupin finally knew all the truth, he has indeed forgiven him and joined forces with the pack. He now lives with Nymphadora and their baby at the Greyback Castle.

Remus, as of this date had a name change. He is now Remus Fenrir Greyback, life is almost decent. Fenrir has an heir, and although he will never marry, he is more peaceful. Remus has love and now also wealth. Fenrir comes to visit and brings Teddy Greyback with him, what a beautiful child. Cissa says this new Black is destined for great things.

After Black was brought back, he told Potter how much he hated the Weasley chit. Is there a marriage for Potter? Time will tell, but I would say probably. We all hope for Nagini, but who knows? I have grown to love and respect Harry as my own son. Poor lad, a victim of a madman and a senile fool, and he was ready to give his life for everyone. He deserves love and a second life.

Sirius also feels that way. Black wanted Hermione for Potter's wife, and he had conveyed his wishes. He tried to talk her into it until days before the wedding. I dared to tell him that he could want as much as he would wish for, but you already know my answer to that.

Rabastan and Rodolphus are doing better, Narcissa introduced them to a widowed witch, and she is living with both of them. There is no marriage on their horizon; their eyes are still haunted by all they were forced to do. However, the hope is there, the witch is young, she is the mother of one Draco's classmates, and she has accepted to have their babies

We are all coming along and it hasn't been easy. Willard McPherson, Lady Black-Snape's cousin, has been one of the great influences in our healing process; moreover, in all of ours, without him and our sessions, each one of us would be forever broken.

They all come, and we gather here at Malfoy Manor, in the old place; which has been fitted with comfortable furniture, and carpets, and modern facilities so we can stay at the same place for the exercise and meditation later. Our group is growing, attending are the Black-Snapes, the Greybacks , Potter, and Nagini, some of the Weasleys and spouses, Lestrange brothers and the widow Parkison, Kingsley and his wife, the Zabinis, McGonagall, and several young wizards and witches, and even a couple of former Death Eaters.

Some of the house-elves have joined the group; Dobby's relatives miss the eccentric elf. Even Fenrir has come around, now that he has an eye on Andromeda after her husband was killed in a Muggle carriage accident. Leave it up to Andy first a Muggle and now a wolf.

As I said, my sweet love Cissa has come around. A few months ago, she did all the preparation for the wedding. It was be the biggest of the season. I am closing the memories for now; I will be too busy with the babies.

I am quitting my job, well the one at Malfoy Industries, I have a new job, hence I am training in the fine arts of changing a nappy and burping a little Malfoy. And during my free times, I have one fine witch, to train in the art of fine shagging, one job that I don't mind at all.

I am learning to drive a big Muggle automobile, magically modified to fly when needed. I don't want the babies to travel by dirty Floo, or to side along, ok, maybe Portkey, but we will see. I say babies, because Draco and Hermione want to have them all within a few years from each other. Besides there are the Black and Snape twins and the sky is the limit.

Black is taking muggle fly lessons, and I have checked into a private flying machine. Right now, I am supervising the construction of the new wing to handle the nursery, and the area for them to play and grow up. The area will be big enough for the other children to come and study with ours.

My daughter and I also have a project of our own that has been heavily criticized, the expansion of our library. As I had predicted we do our little book shopping trips. And spend days locked up reading, it is a lot of fun, but we find ourselves having to sneak out the house to buy one more book or two.

Our daughter is still finishing her studies and will take over the Malfoy Industries with Draco. She will finish a few months after the babies arrive. Yes, we heard today she is expecting twins. Then they will travel to America, and we are all going together. It should be different.

Lady Black-Snape, Jean, laughs, and she says the Yanks won't know what hit them whey they see us. She said they will discover the new meaning to the 'British Invasion.' I am not sure what she means, we look rather normal. I am not quite sure that I like the laughs and winks exchanged by Jean and Our- Girl. We all agree that we are all quite normal, perhaps dressed a tad formal, but we can easily blend, that is my own opinion.

Black and Snape have their suspicions that they don't mean well. However witches are witches, and it be will be best not to know, the wrong world, and you are send to the guest room. I should know, Cissa keeps a grudge for days, and I don't want to ever sleep alone again.

Draco has joined the laughing team of Jean and Hermione, and they all break in laughter, now with Harry as well. I will ask Dr. McPherson to explain, but maybe not, what if he might also laugh. Hmm… Perhaps, just maybe, am I gaining weight?

We always knew Hermione was our girl, so strong and so kind. I for one was tired of telling everyone we were Purebloods, that part is true because we never mixed with Muggles before; however, we are full blooded Veelas.

Draco knew his mate from the first smell as well as we did. I have looked back, and I am not sure if I forgot to write this or not; more than likely not, I was trying not to blow our cover with the demented Dark Lord. However, we all wanted Our- Girl since day one but that should be obvious to all.