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Chapter 1

I love you but I can't forgive you.

I walked through the trees and see the fire surrounded by more people then came with us. They all had dark colored hair and tanned skin about like my own. There were three very tall muscular men with short cut hair and cut off shorts.

I went over and sat between Angela and Mike. Big mistake. Jessica and Lauren were both glaring at me. The thought if looks could kill came to my mind. I started to look around the group when I met the gaze of the tallest and biggest of the men. His eyes were a bright green shaped. They seemed to pierce my soul. I don't know how long we stared at each other. I was broken from his intensive stare by Mike trying to get my attention.

"Bella would you look at me, please. I've been trying to get your attention for about fifteen minutes."

"Sorry Mike. I was thinking of something else."

"Yeah I could tell," he shot a piecing glare toward the guy that was still staring at me.

"What were you saying Mike?".

"I asked if you would go to the movies with me later tonight."

"Um...Mike I don't want to go out with you."

"Why not? It' Cullen isn't it."

"No it's not"

"Then why don't want to go out with me? Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No I don't have a boyfriend! I just don't like you," I was starting to shake and breathing hard. I heard three also most silent gasps from the other side of the fire.

"That's not true. I know you like m. you are just lying to yourself," Mike said grabbing my arm so tightly that it hurt.

"Ow! Mike stop you're hurting me," I said trying to pull away from his grasp. I was starting to shake even more and see red. I could hear something growling now too.

"No. You are just playing hard to get. I will get you Bella."

"Mike stop you are hurting her," Angela whispered from beside me.

"Let go from me you fucking asshole! I don't like you. I don't even like you as a friend jackass. Now let me the fuck go," I was shaking so bad that my red tinted vision was blurring.

"BELLA ! You need to calm down," a voice from behind me yelled.

"I can't!" I said desperately trying to get away from Mike.

"Let go of her now!" the same voice yelled at Mike. Mike released me like I was a poisonous snake.

"Please someone stop the burning," I whimper so soft that probably no one heard.

"It will stop soon. I just need to get you away from here," a almost familiar voice said by my ear. I nodded telling him that it was okay. I was then wrapped in a set of large warm arms.

"You are going to be okay Bella. We won't let anyone hurt you," whispered the voice of the person carrying me. I just whimpered in reply.

The person carried me for only a few minutes till I heard a door open.

"Sam, Paul, Jared. Why are you here and why in gods name are you holding Charlie Swan's daughter, Paul?" exclaimed a voice in front of us.

"Billy she is phasing! We were watching the group from Forks. When she got in an argument with a guy. She started to shake and breath hard. Then she told someone to please stop the burning," explained a deep voice from beside me. His voice was soothing. I made me feel safe and warm.

"Guys her shaking is starting to stop," the voice of Paul informed everyone. They all stop talking and listened to my softening breaths.

" Alright Paul. Lie her on the couch. Jared get her some water. Sam watch her while I call the rest of the Council," Billy ordered. I heard everyone do as they were told. I felt safe near Sam. I felt complete like a hole was filled inside me that I didn't know was there.

I don't know how long I lying on the couch till my breathing slowed and my shaking stopped. I opened my eyes to see a small room. I started to sit up when a warm hand stopped me. My eyes stared at the hand then followed the arm to the face. It was the man with the bright green eyes. The eyes that had captured her eyes at the beach.

"Bella you can sit up but slowly," he said taking his hand away. I nodded and slowly sat up.

"Where am I?".

"You are at Billy Blacks house," he answered softly. That's why billy's voice was familiar.

"Why am I here"

"I'm going to let Billy answer that one. Bella how did you calm down?

"Your voice. Your voice is so calming. I just listened to it and I felt safe," I said softly not sure what his reaction would be.

"Well to tell you the true Bella. Your voice was the only thing that kept me calm when that Mike character wouldn't let go of you," he replied smiling at with his white teeth that glowed against his skin. Billy then rolled into the room in his wheelchair.

"Well Bella how do you feel?" he asked calmly

"I feel fine now. Just a little hot. What was happening to me earlier?" I asked grabbing Sam for reassurance.

"Well Bella, have you every heard the legends of our tribe?" Billy wondered

"No I haven't."

"Well then I'm going to have to tell you," Billy said rolling closer to me and Sam, " It all started a very long time ago but I'm going to skip that story. A chief of our tribe one day changed into a wolf when he got upset about something. After he changed he stopped aging and was stronger. His wolf was very large. He then imprinted on a woman in the village. She was his soul mate his other half. He then lead the tribe for three life times. He had fathered many sons who also could change when they were around seventeen or eighteen. They protected the tribe from danger. One day the big threat came.

It was a Cold One. Vampire some may say. It killed some in the village. The wolves couldn't figure out how to stop it. One found that their teeth could hurt it. All the wolves surrounded it and starting biting and clawing at it. They stopped when it was shredded to pieces. The pieces started to move so they set fire to them. The pieces then turned to ash.

After that day we have been mortal enemies with the Cold Ones. My grandfather was the next tribal leader. He changed along with two others. A group of the Cold Ones was found hunting near by. They had different eyes. Yellow. The leader claimed that they only feed on animals. He made a treaty with Ephraim Black my grandfather. The treaty stated that they couldn't hunt near Quileute land. It also stated that if any of them were to bite a human that the wolves would kill them. All the male descendants of that first leader who changed would change when they reached manhood.

Bella that coven of Cold Ones came back. The descendants are changing. There are only three wolves right now. Others will be changing soon. Sam, Paul, and Jared have all changed."

"You are a wolf, really?" I asked Sam looking up at him excitedly.

"Yeah I am. I'm Alpha. When I change my whole body shakes and I see red. If I get to upset I change. Bella you're not scared of me?" He asked nervously.

"No. I'm not scared of you."


"Because I don't anything to be scared of. You protect your people," I said simply. Then something accrued to me.

"I was really upset and was shaking and seeing red. I'm a wolf too." I said. Both Billy and Sam nodded, "But how am I? I'm not Quileute or am I? And I'm a girl not a male descendant."

"I'm not sure why you changed because you being a girl. But I think you may be adopted," Billy explained calmly. Thinking back to my childhood. I never really had anything in common with my parents or other family. That would also explain why my skin is so tan and my dark eyes and hair. My whole family has pale skin and light colored hair and eyes.

"That all makes sense now. That's why I'm so different from my parents and family. Why I look so different. Why didn't they tell me?" I ramble to myself quietly but I know Sam still heard from his laughing.

"Bella do you want to call Charlie and ask?" Billy asked putting his hand now my knee.

"Yes Billy thank you," I walked to the phone in by the door and dialed my house number. It ring about four times tell Charlie picked up.

"Hello?" he asked.

Hey Dad it's Bella. I want to ask you something," I said in a soft voice. Sam walked up down me and put an arm around my waist.

"Hey go ahead honey," he replied simply. I took a deep breath. Sam gave me a small squeeze of comfort.

"Am I adopted?" I asked. Charlie coughed and took a breath.

"Yes you are Bella," he said quietly. Sam kissed the top of my head while I turned my face into his chest. I was trying to stay calm but I was shaking.

"Who are my really parents?" I asked timidly

"Your mother brought you to our doorstep one morning saying she couldn't take care of you. She told us who your father was and that you have a twin brother. She told us not to tell your father about you or her leaving. I don't know why we agreed. I think we were so happy to have you because Renee can't have kids," he explained sadly. I eyes were tearing up and the shaking continued.

"Who is my father and brother, Charlie?" I demanded. I could almost hear him quince when I called him Charlie. Sam wrapped both his arms around me.

"Micheal Levi and Paul Levi'" he said almost to quiet for me to hear but I heard. I also felt Sam tense at the sound of those names. I also heard someone else gasp.

"Good bye Charlie. I love you but I can't forgive you or Renee. Please don't try to contact me and tell Renee the same," with that I hung up the phone and hugged Sam as hard as I could. I cried and cried an cried. Sam just held me and rubbed my back.

He must ha have led me back to the couch. He was now sitting with me on his lap. He was just holding me and whispering sweet nothings in my ear. I soon calmed down and moved from his lap to the couch sit but leaned against him.

"Bella I think someone want to meet you," Sam whispered in my ear. Then whipped my tears away. I look up and see a man standing in the doorway. He had short dark brown hair and chocolate down eyes. My hair. My eyes. He was my brother. Paul.

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