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Together, it's how they were. It is how they were ever meant to be. Their paths may have crossed in the past, they had travelled similar paths, geographical, physical, mental, spiritual, they were brought together. One fateful day they found themselves side by side, sitting at a bar, of all places. A connection was formed, one which would grow and mature, one which would be tested and tried. But the outcome was one. Together.


"Britt," Santana breathed, her girlfriend making a pleasurable assault on her neck, "Britt, baby." she said with more urgency, straining her head in an attempt to detach Brittany's sweet lips from her skin.

"Uh huh," came Brittany's response, her focus very much on the incredibly hot woman beneath her. Barely registering Santana's futile attempts to slow her down, Brittany's hand moved from the waist below her, making a scorching path up the toned torso, the white tank top receding with it, like a wave exposing golden sands. Her hand reached its destination and groped fondly at the bare breast beneath. Santana groaned with pure pleasure. She loved when Brittany was in one of these moods, however, her girlfriend was using it as an avoidance tactic, something she was an expert at.

"God, Britt," Santana moaned, her head hitting the pillow beneath her once again. This was not how it was supposed to be.

"That's right baby," Brittany smirked, briefly glancing up to watch Santana writhe beneath her. She dipped her head, capturing Santana's lips with her own, forcing another moan from her girlfriend. Santana widened her cotton clad legs, encircling them around Brittany's waist, forcing the other woman flush against her. Brittany grinned. Mission accomplished. She continued her oral exploration of her girlfriend's mouth, Santana lapping up as much of Brittany as humanly possible. Brittany was her drug and she simply could not get enough. With one hand entangled in blonde locks, her other hand took a firm grasp round Brittany's neck, locking her into position. Brittany loved this possessive side to Santana, it was like she was holding on for dear life, afraid to ever let go. Brittany hummed her approval before detaching her lips from her lover. She was desperate to taste elsewhere, to put her talents to use in a way only Santana knew how. She knew that her tongue was the complete undoing of the usually composed woman before her.

"Kiss me," Santana all but begged, lunging towards Brittany's lips. Feeling a finger upon her lips she pouted and watched as a daring twinkle danced within the blue eyes.

"Oh I will," Brittany winked, wiggling her hips against Santana. The friction against her caused her to jolt, the sudden need for her girlfriend became too much. Freeing the girl from the confines of her legs gave Brittany permission to continue with her plans. The next plan of attack was Santana's now exposed stomach, Brittany licked and kissed her way down the squirming torso beneath her. With every move she could feel Santana's breath becoming more shallow, the pull of her girlfriend's need dragging her lower down her body. As Brittany's chin hit the waistband of her sweats, Santana bucked her hips off the bed, a hint to her girlfriend to remove the offending item. Brittany smiled at the eagerness in her lover and teasingly slipped a finger into the waistband.

"Off," Santana writhed her body, desperate for Brittany, "now." she demanded. Raising her eyebrows questioningly, Brittany obliged, albeit agonisingly slowly. The further down her legs the sweats went, the more desperate Santana became. Her building anticipation was becoming unbearable, she had an itch that needed scratching and urgently. However, Brittany was taking her own sweet time, ever the patient one, she was a firm believer in the phrase, 'good things come to those who wait.' With a pause and an undeniable smirk, Brittany bit her lip in amusement. At the loss of movement, Santana scowled, her head reaching up from the pillow with monstrous effort. "Brittany," she growled, frustrated with the lack of urgency. She furrowed her brow in confusion, taking in her girlfriend's amusement. "What the hell?"

"Can we just take a minute to appreciate these…" Brittany stroked a finger down the front of Santana's panties, chewing her lip, deciding upon the best word to use. Santana shivered at the contact, her eyes fluttered closed, a gasp escaping her lips. "These, bloomers?" Brittany questioned, unsure if she had used the right word. Santana's eyes shot open, she looked down in realisation, horror streaked across her features.

"They are not bloomers," she hissed, reaching down in attempt to cover them up.

"Oh no," Brittany giggled, "no you don't…grandma."

"Shut up!" Santana whined, her cheeks reddening by the second. "They are not bloomers." she stated sadly.

"Bit of a passion killer though," Brittany mused.

"B come on, don't leave me hanging here," Santana whined again.

"I dunno Santana, the eyes cannot unsee…" Brittany teased. She began drawing patterns across the expanse of fabric before her.

"All my good stuff is packed, you know that," Santana began in way of explanation, "I was not expecting…" she waved her hand around the bed, "this."

"We always do this," Brittany stated in bewilderment.

"Yes, but we have to be at the airport in like," Santana glanced at the clock, "4 hours. We've had no sleep."

"Sleep on the plane," Brittany shrugged, "unless…"

"I am not becoming a member of the mile high club Brittany Pierce."

"You're no fun," Brittany pouted with disappointment. Santana raised her eyebrows in a challenging glare, "ok," Brittany conceded, "you're fun, but don't you want to do it on a plane, thirty thousand feet in the air with a whole bunch of smoking hot, air stewards in uniform?" Santana tilted her head to the side, now leaning up on her elbows. "Oh I just realised how that sounded." she said with a laugh.

"Whatever, this is not helping the current situation," Santana said sternly.

Brittany nodded, "right." she lowered her head and placed a delicate kiss upon the cotton of Santana's underwear. "Back to work."

"This is not a chore Brittany," Santana growled, a hint of sadness reaching her eyes. Immediately feeling guilty, Brittany climbed up Santana's body and kissed her soundly, expressing her love and devotion in the action. Gently pulling away she smiled and placed a delicate kiss to Santana's nose.

"I love you Santana, so much," she began, her words singing from her heart, "don't ever believe I think of any of this as a chore." Her eyes portrayed the love and sincerity.

"Then why haven't you moved in with me?" Santana blurted. Brittany sat back on her heels, stunned at the sudden outburst.

"You want to discuss this now?" Brittany asked. "You know I practically live here already. I sleep here every night. Every night Santana." She began, "ok, maybe not sleep every night, but you catch my drift."

"All your stuff is still at your apartment, which you extended the lease to." Santana sat up.

"My Mom did that," Brittany shrugged. "San, I love you, like more than a lot, I don't think there's even a word for it." Brittany explained, "My Mom extended the lease, you know what she's like and I am practically living here. I love it here, I love being with you. It just means my Mom and Dad can stay at the apartment when they come to town. That's all. As far as I'm concerned, I live here, with you. My toothbrush is in your sink. My underwear is in your laundry, my Lucky Charms are in your cupboard."

"Yeah, you need to move those into the kitchen Britt Britt, we need space in the bathroom cupboard for towels." Santana smiled bashfully.

"I know you feel insecure sometimes baby, but I promise you," Brittany took Santana's hand and held it over her heart, "that I love you and I'm not going anywhere." she brought their joined hands up to her lips and kissed the back of Santana's hand. "And I'll move my Lucky Charms, even though they prefer the humid climate of the bathroom cupboard." Santana laughed, she adored her girlfriend and all the little quirks the blonde offered.

"And it's not my sink or my laundry, it's ours," Santana clarified.

"Ours," Brittany repeated. She crawled over to Santana and kissed her soundly once again, her hand cupping the smooth cheek of her girlfriend. Such tender moments were her favourite. Very occasionally she would have to reassure Santana that they were on the right path, that Brittany was wholly committed to her and their relationship and showing her was one of her favourite things. She knew Santana had trust issues, her past was to blame for that. But it was because of incidents beyond Santana's control and with all the patience and love in the world, Brittany was always there for her. "Now," Brittany purred, gently pushing Santana back down on to the mattress, "let's get rid of these apple catchers." she smirked, tugging off the sweat pants which had pooled at Santana's ankles, before making quick work of the underwear and flinging it far away over her shoulder. "Next time," Brittany grinned, bearing down on Santana, "go without." she ordered.

"God Britt," a sudden wave of arousal hit Santana as the cool air hit her hot, wet centre. Their sobering conversation now completely out of mind. Her legs instinctively widened, enjoying the freedom she was now afforded. Brittany looked down, her eyes half lidded and hungry for Santana. Licking her lips subconsciously she eased herself forward. Her hands pushed against Santana's knees, widening her further, opening her up for Brittany to admire her in all her glory.

"You are so fucking hot Santana," Brittany purred, she leaned forward, her covered breasts pushed against Santana's as she kissed her hard with so much want and passion. Their tongues desperate for contact with one another. Santana squirmed and groaned as she felt herself becoming wetter. Possessive Brittany was such a turn on for her, she was in danger of an orgasm right there and then. She broke apart, desperate for that tongue to get to work in a more needy part of her body. The throbbing between her legs was too much, she needed to be touched before she exploded.

"Britt," she gasped, her legs still impossibly wide, "fuck me Britt, now." she ordered with a strained voice. The tension was too much, her blood was pumping furiously throughout her veins. Her body temperature was rocketing, beads of perspiration slowly covered her body as she writhed, willing Brittany further down her body. Her lover obliged, herself turned on by the state of her girlfriend, she was suddenly too hot herself, desperate to shed as much clothing as possible. With a practised ease she whipped her own tank top over her head, her breasts free and cool in the air conditioned apartment. "I fucking love your tits," Santana gazed as Brittany's boobs dangled above her, hypnotised her into a trance.

"Wait a minute," Brittany's voice strained as she reached between them, Santana gasped in anticipation, praying for Brittany's fingers to enter her. When the touch never arrived, brown eyes tried desperately to focus on what was or in this case was not happening. She watched as Brittany attempted to wriggle out of her shorts, wanting to feel her own skin upon Santana's. Unwilling to waste any more time, Santana sat up, her eyes now level with Brittany's breasts, looking up, she met the lust fuelled, hazy blue eyes of her lover. She smirked before latching her lips onto one of Brittany's erect nipples, earning a delighted gasp. While paying full attention to the breast with her mouth, Santana stealthily yanked down Brittany's underwear, causing a wave of goose bumps to caress the newly nude skin. She broke away, allowing her partner to completely loose her panties and shorts, Santana decided to utilise the time and threw off her tank top. Brittany kicked off the garments before straddling Santana, her wetness leaving a trail down Santana's bare stomach before settling into her lap. Santana groaned, her girlfriend was a super hot, sexy seductress and she wanted all of the blonde dancer, right now. She took a hold of one of Brittany's legs, lifting it slightly so she could release her own. Settling it back over one of Brittany's, the blonde new exactly what Santana had in mind and gently shoved her backwards on top of the bed sheets. They now straddled one another, Brittany shifted slightly, bringing them together, their hot wetness melting together. Both women gasped as their clits made contact with one another, Santana's wish for contact finally coming true, yet she needed more. She ground herself against her girlfriend, who in turn shoved back. Grappling around she found Brittany's hand and took it in her own as they began to slowly build a steady pace, rocking against one another, feeling each other against themselves.

From Santana's view, she could see Brittany towering over her, her naked glory like an artful masterpiece. She watched as the pace quickened, Brittany's head fell back, her eyes were closed, complete concentration upon her features. Her breasts bounced with each thrust, perspiration gathered and travelled south, between her breasts, down her toned abdominal muscles before being soaked up into the glowing soft skin. Santana could feel the pressure building in her stomach, she was growing tired, but she kept going, she was so close. She could sense it in Brittany also, the tell tale signs as Brittany's mouth dropped open, her exertions carried her forward, thrusting harder, they were both on the precipice. Santana clung to Brittany's hand tighter, squeezing gently, willing her darling to open her eyes. Nothing thrilled her more than watching the emotions dance across Brittany's eyes as they came together. It was euphoric, a symphony, a wailing crescendo. They smashed it together, it began rippling through them both, crashing against one another as the orgasms exploded within them. They were one. They both stilled, basking in the moment, not yet wanting to separate from the other.

Santana gasped as Brittany moved slightly, her thigh brushed delicately across Santana's sensitive clit causing her to shudder. A trail of Brittany's wetness trickled down the inside of Santana's thigh, this time her breath hitched . The things that girl did to her.

Brittany collapsed on top of Santana, her hand never leaving the one enveloping her own. Their breathing shallow and ragged, trying to catch up with their sated minds. If Brittany were to close her eyes for just a second, she would fall asleep atop her girlfriend. Santana wrapped her arms around her bed partner and wiped away a damp stray hair before she placed a loving kiss upon her forehead. Brittany hugged back, her eyes unwavering from her most favourite pair of eyes in the world, the eyes that had depths of the deepest oceans and beauty of the most breathtaking landscapes.

"I love you," whispered the blonde, her tickling breath causing Santana to wrinkle her nose. Unable to resist the cuteness, she placed a sweet kiss upon Santana's nose.

"Me too," Santana replied, unable to express herself with more words. The two lay there, content in one another's arms, just gazing lovingly at each other, never tiring of the view. No more words were required as their hearts thrummed in synchronicity to the beat of one tune.


The monotonous groan of the conveyer belt provided nothing but the compelling urge to yawn. The black belt whirred, around and around, the occasional squeak a respite from the thrum of the monotonous hum.

"I can't believe you slept the whole flight," Santana grumbled as she watched patiently for their bags to appear. Brittany shrugged, stifling a yawn. "Seriously, eleven hours and you're yawning?" Santana complained.

"I obviously needed the sleep," Brittany surmised.


"San, I'm sorry, I can't help it," Brittany moved behind Santana and wrapped her arms around her waist. She pulled her flush against herself and nuzzled away the cascading dark locks before kissing Santana's neck. "We're on vacation, you can have all the rest you want," Brittany's tongue sneaked out, she licked and nipped at her girlfriend's neck, "or not." she smirked. Santana raised an eyebrow over her aviators, her own grin appearing. She covered Brittany's hands with her own and squeezed gently.

"First," Santana said sternly, "we're dumping our bags, then we hit the bar."


"Second," She pondered, mid thought, "No, wait, we hit the bar second." Brittany giggled and squeezed the warm body already firmly within her grasp.

"I love you."

"I need a drink."

"Really," Brittany began, her back straightened as she took a step back from her girlfriend. Brittany's brow creased, "you didn't have enough on the plane?" Santana huffed as she spun around, her eyes narrowed. Frustration and sleep deprivation was beginning to turn into angry.

"I don't fly well, ok?" she stropped, her hands flapped aimlessly at her sides. Brittany smirked, the petulant pout upon Santana's face was too cute to ignore. She stepped forward and immediately attached her lips to Santana's. The other girl sighed and relaxed, she placed her hands on Brittany's hips, and dropped her head onto her girlfriend's shoulder.

"I still love you." Brittany mused, running a hand through the raven locks.

"I know, I'm sorry, great way to start the vacation huh?" Santana snorted as she straightened. Brittany shrugged, taking everything as blasé as most things. It was one of the things Santana loved most about her, the trivial things never seemed to bother Brittany and subsequently, she was a calming influence on Santana. "I love you too." she offered with a sweet smile and a peck to the lips.


As soon as her back hit the mattress her eyes closed. Her mind shut down, her tiredness gave in. No matter how hard she fought it, the battle was lost. Her body relaxed and she fell into a slumber, one she had been so desperate for. Santana was exhausted. Her raven locks fanned out around her, framing her beautiful features. The gentle rise and fall of her chest was calm and even, the arm strewn across her stomach lay protective and still. She was peaceful and serene.

Brittany bristled through the room with an energetic excitement, peeking in cupboards, pulling out drawers and gazing with awe out of the window. Next stop was the bathroom. She bolted through the door as if a child was running into a candy store for the first time. She abruptly halted, her eyes widened as she took in the huge tub and walk in shower. "Ohmygod," she whispered to herself, her hand clutching her chest tightly as if her heart were to burst out of her chest. "Ohmygod," she said a little louder. Brittany whirled around and thrust herself back across the threshold and into the main room. "Santana, you should se…" Brittany halted as her knees met the bed, knowing better than jump onto the inviting mattress. She smiled at the sight before her, her eyes softened and her heart melted. Brittany knew Santana was tired, her snappy and grouchy behaviour since the airplane touched down was evidence enough of that. Secondly, Santana had told her as much and was seemingly envious of Brittany's ability to sleep during the flight. "Baby," Brittany cooed, gently running her hand over her girlfriend's bare calf.

Deciding it was best to let Santana sleep, she knew the wrath that would be unleashed should she wake the other woman from her much needed slumber. Brittany scribbled a quick note, leaving it next to the coffee machine, indicating she would be in the hotel bar for Santana to meet her when she woke up.


Brittany was never short or shy of attention. Her career depended on it. Her personality thrived on contact with people. Brittany was most definitely a people person. She also loved to people watch, so rarely did she have the time to simply sit quietly and observe. Her time was usually spent either working, sleeping or with Santana. Not that she would ever complain about her situation, Brittany was the happiest she had ever been in her life, and the extra spring in her step was testament to that. Her mother was finally accepting of her relationship with Santana, although, deep down Brittany knew there would always be a little strain there. It was who her mother was and brought up to be, she could not help it. However, Valerie had made every effort to broaden her mind and seeing her daughter so hopelessly in love with Santana was catalyst in that change. There was little Brittany had to worry about right now. Life was good.

The bar was bustling with guests and patrons, the atmosphere was alive and buzzing. It was the ultimate vacation destination, definitely a holiday to remember. Brittany had always wanted to visit Hawaii and had pleaded her cause to Santana. Forever dressing up in hula skirts as a child, it was Brittany's dream to visit the island. Santana had not taken much convincing. One look at the pleading puppy dog eyes was enough for Santana to cave. She would do anything for Brittany, and Brittany knew it.

Brittany watched as the bar tender prepared her second cocktail, she grinned in anticipation. It was her intent to try at least one cocktail on each page of the drinks menu. She was on holiday, she was going to take advantage of every single moment. Her training regime be damned. Brittany had not had a proper vacation since she was a child. It was also a perfect opportunity to spend some quality, uninterrupted time with Santana. She beamed. Just the thought of the other woman sent butterflies to her stomach and an increased heart rate.

"Hey good looking," a voice interrupted her thoughts. A frown instantly formed her brow, that was not the voice that should belong to those words, yet the voice was light, airy, and distinctly feminine. Brittany turned in her seat and met the gaze of a stunning brunette, bright green eyes shone with amusement. It was the wrong brunette.

"Err, hey." Brittany responded, offering a polite smile. She shifted uncomfortably. While many things often flew by over her head, Brittany knew when she was being hit on and this woman, her poise, her gazing eyes, her smirk, screamed attraction toward her.

The other woman leaned against the bar, elbow propped, head resting upon her hand, she raised an eyebrow, "Can I buy you a drink?" her silky smooth voice caressed Brittany's ears. The blonde was momentarily entranced before the words penetrated her brain.

"It's an all inclusive bar," she frowned. Picking up the drink the bar tender placed before her, Brittany took a strong slurp from the straw. "I have one," she shrugged.

"Cute," the mystery brunette smirked before turning to the bartender. "I'll have what she's having."

"Sex on the beach?" exclaimed Brittany.

"If you're offering," came the sly response beside her.

"No!" Brittany spluttered. "I mean, that's…" she struggled for words, "that's what the drink is called. It's called Sex on the Beach." she managed to regain her composure, quickly taking a sip of the sweet liquid.

"I know honey," the brunette smirked once again, patting her hand on the dancer's strong thigh. "Oh my, do you work out?"

"I'm a dancer."

"Of course you are," green eyes travelled the length of Brittany's body, from the tips of her toes, up the bare toned calves, her thighs, over her short denim skirt, the tight tank top and settled on the blonde's shocked blue gaze. Brittany was speechless. Rarely was she perceptive to people's attraction to her, yet this strange, beautiful woman was nothing but brazen in her advances.

"I," Brittany began, "I have a girlfriend." she blurted. Willing for Santana to magically appear beside her. She would certainly put this other woman in her place. Brittany was growing increasingly uncomfortable, although she was too polite to dismiss the brunette.

The other woman nodded thoughtfully, "Right," she said. "So…" she trailed of with thought, "this so called girlfriend of yours…"

"She's sleeping," explained Brittany.


"No really, we had like totally hot amazing sex all night and we had an early flight and she couldn't sleep on the airplane, so she's like sleeping right now," Brittany concluded with nod. She brought the straw to her lips and took another prolonged slurp.

"Well you know what they say," the brunette stroked her fingers over Brittany's arm, watching her own ministrations before raising her eyes to meet the suspicious blue eyed gaze.

"That the word bed looks like a bed," Brittany nodded enthusiastically, "also, shark."

The other woman opened her mouth to say something, but was at a loss for words. Sure the blonde before her was smoking hot, but she seemed a little… out there. This would prove more difficult than at first thought. "Not quite where I was going," she managed.

"Oh right, so where were you going?"

"While the cat's away, the mice will play."

"You like Tom and Jerry too? I love that show."

"I," the brunette was flummoxed, never had she met anyone like the girl sat beside her. "Look, you're hot, I'm hot, you're 'girlfriend'," she paused, using air quotes, "isn't here, let's just get it on."

"I think it would be best if you do leave because my girlfriend will be pissed if she sees you hitting on me. She has knives."

"Is she some kind of psychopath?"

"I've been called worse," Santana smirked as she sidled up to Brittany, throwing a protective arm around her before leaning in for a very long, very sensual kiss. "Hey babe," she greeted Brittany, placing a gentle sweet kiss on the tip of Brittany's nose.


"I," Santana turned at the sound of her name, "you? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Well, well, well, what a predicament we find ourselves in here," the mystery brunette smirked.

"You guys know each other?" Brittany quizzed with confusion.

"Oh honey," the stranger began, the grin upon her face was one of pure amusement, "we know each other very well, if you know what I mean."

"San?" Brittany asked, her eyes pleading for an honest response.

"Britt, this is Gabby, my ex," Santana replied. Without warning, Brittany reached across Santana and slapped the smirking, green eyed woman across the cheek. "Britt, what…" Santana shrieked, pulling her enraged girlfriend away from her ex.

"You broke her heart," Brittany accused, pointing an angry finger at a stunned Gabby.

"She has gusto, well done Santana," Gabby recovered, "also, a little weird."

"Hey," Santana began, she too pointed accusingly at Gabby, "you do not get to say anything about her. Brittany is everything you are not." Santana let out a chuckle, "you know what? Thank you." she offered, "Thank you for being such a cheating whore, for being stupid enough for getting caught, because right now, I have everything I ever wanted or needed. I live in an amazing city, have the best job and the most incredible girlfriend who I love more than anything in the world. So Gabby, thank you." Santana spat. Gabby rose from her seat, cocking her head sideways. Never one to back down from a challenge, she smirked, this was going to be an interesting vacation for sure. It was a shame she only had a few days left herself. But thanks to her friend, Eva Lopez, she knew exactly where she could find Santana whenever she wanted to. She grabbed her purse from the bar, moved towards the couple and stroked her hand across Santana's shoulders before leaning in between the two, "I'll see you around."

"Don't count on it," Santana spat, shivering from the discomfort she felt.

"Say 'hi' to Eva for me," Gabby called out as she sauntered away.

"Shit," Santana slammed her fist against the bar, causing Brittany to jump.

"Hey," Brittany ran her hand down Santana's arm, picking up the clenched fist in her own, "hey, it's ok."

Santana all but glared at her, trying to keep her anger at bay, Brittany did not deserve Santana's wrath, she was an innocent party, "It's not, as per usual, she's wrecked everything."

"She hasn't."

"Yes Britt, she has," Santana argued, "this was supposed to be the perfect vacation, to get away from everything and everyone, to just be us. You and me, this was supposed to be the happiest two weeks of my life. She's ruined it."

"No, Santana," Brittany reasoned, "don't let her, it's exactly what she wants."

"What is she even doing here?"


"Yes?" she almost snapped. "I'm sorry."

"It's ok," Brittany smiled, "all those things you said, about New York, about work, about me, is exactly why she hasn't ruined everything. I love you so much Santana and I have been looking forward to this vacation for so long."

"I love you too," Santana smiled, leaning in and resting her forehead against her girlfriend's.

"And what we have is so special San, you make me happier than anyone in the world and no one is going to burst our little happiness bubble. They've tried before, and they've failed. She can show up here and be all hot and Sex on the Beach, but you know what? She's no one. You're over her, she's the cheating whore who took you to New York, who brought you to me." Brittany concluded with a sweet kiss to Santana's lips.

"God I am so stupid," as Brittany began to shake her head, Santana gave her a stern look, "I am, and you," she paused, lacing her fingers with Brittany's, "you are so damn smart. I don't know if I deserve you."

"Of course you do Captain Grumpy Pants." the blonde smirked and bumped shoulders with the other woman. Santana's eyes went comically wide.

"Captain Grumpy Pants?"

"Had enough sleep now Princess Aurora?" Santana laughed at Brittany's nicknames.

"I don't know, I'm still a little sleepy, maybe I need my Princess Charming to give me my True Love's kiss," Santana smirked, her eyelids drifting shut as she inched closer to Brittany.

"Thant could be arranged," the blonde agreed, closing the gap. Their lips connected in a magical moment. Santana moaned as Brittany's hands reached up and tangled in her hair. Santana's lips parted, inviting the blonde's tongue into her mouth. Brittany obliged, she kissed Santana with as much love as she could muster, such tenderness and sensuality. Brittany sighed, one of her most favourite things in the world was kissing Santana and now here she was in a fantasy land with the woman of her dreams.

Brittany mumbled almost incoherently against Santana's lips, "I think I'll have a Screaming Orgasm next."