The Doctor cradled the tiny baby in his arms. Getting her back had not been easy. His hearts practically broke when he thought of this child's life so far. His best friends' child, she has been used as a weapon all to stop him. If only her life could be as wonderful as her name. Melody Pond. Yet another fairytale name. Why did she change her name? What would be her future? The only thing for certain was she couldn't be returned to her parents yet. It wasn't time. Not to mention the paradox that would happen if River and Melody were to touch.

She cooed and watched the TARDIS console with her large blue eyes. The Doctor pulled out a stethoscope and placed it above her right side. He frowned deeply and sighed. There was a faint heartbeat, tiny, but still detectable. Four. Not two. Had it been his fault? Was he the reason this child could never live a normal life? Yes. He blamed it on himself and himself alone. If he hadn't brought Amy and Rory on the TARDIS, would everything have been fine?

Where to go from here? He only knew one thing for certain to happen to little Melody. She was going to die for him. Just another person he knew to give up her life him. She definitely had her mother's free spirit and brain, and her father's looks. What would happen to Rory and Amy? What happened to them? How had this little girl ended up in an orphanage? Did they abandon her? Highly unlikely. Rory wouldn't have the heart, and Amy would never let anyone or anything touch this child. Does the Doctor leave her there? Does she run away? Is she taken away again? Those monstrous people are sure to be back for her. What to do?

"Doctor, who slept in there?" Amy's voice rang through his mind.

"Me. I did." He had lied.

His own child. His own children had slept in that very crib. After having them ripped away from him like they were, he couldn't let anything happen to little Melody.

Melody Pond. River Song. If only her life could be like a fairytale.