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First stop Marriage, second stop Kiss!

Summary:Losing their parents, Hinamori Amu and her sister hop from one relative to another. Getting tired of all those movings, she finally decides to quit school and work to support her sister on her own. As they both sat on a park bench, her teacher appears in front of her and demands her to marry him in order to support both, her and her sister! But is he serious or is he just playing around?

Chapter One ~ The difficulties of life

Hinamori Amu is a 16 year old girl who lost her Parents two weeks ago in a car accident. Since then she and her four year old sister had to hop from one relative to another. Amu and Ami couldn't take it anymore. They were both tired of all those movings. Someday Amu decides to quit school and search for a job in order to earn money and to support her little sister Ami on her own.

Amu searched everywhere for a job. She asked in a supermarket, in a cafe and many more. Then she tried it in a host club. There they took her in as a worker but Amu couldn't think of anyone who could look after Ami. She couldn't do anything but to take Ami with her to the host club.

In there she was really popular and had many costumers. Even though she couldn't quit school officially, she worked in the host club and skipped often classes. Her classroom teacher was Ikuto Tsukiyoumi. He realised that Amu often skipped class and tried to talk to her, but she didn't want to talk to him and blocked all the conversations.

Once Ikuto went to school he saw Amu going to the wrong direction, so he decided to follow her. Then he saw Amu going into a host club. His eyes widened. He quickly ran through the street and followed he inside. There he saw that she served a customer a cup of wine but she accidently spilled it on the man's leg. He was pissed and yelled at her. Ikuto could see because if her expression that she was scared to hell. Amu just holded her sister in her arms to comfort her. Then both of them left.

At the time Ikuto was mad like hell and decided to talk to the owner, telling him that he's a bastard who's letting a minor work as a host. Afterwards he left and searched for Amu and her sister.

Two hours later he found both of them sitting on a bench in the park, Amu crying and Ami trying to comfort her big sister. Ikuto went to that bench.

Come on... Hinamori-san, don't.. cry. Everything will be.. okey. How about we go to my apartment to talk there about your problems?" Ikuto tried to comfort her, to calm her down a little.

Amu suddenly stopped crying and tried to be her usual self, the strong willed girl, who doesn't listen to anyone or anything somone tells her.

I won't come with you, not in my whole life...! Stop getting on my nerves!" She said pissed.

You... I am trying to help you and what are you doing...?" He said being mad.

If you want to help me then give me some money!" Amu said desperately.

Forget it. I will not even know what you want to do with the money.." Ikuto still being mad.

Then don't give me any vague sympathy..!" Amu yelled at Ikuto.

It's not sympathy..! You... little..." Ikuto yelled back. That brat being that rude.

Oh... really...?" For just a moment Amu believed him but she couldn't hold her temper back and yelled again at him. „ Then can you marry me and take care of us?" Amu is really bad- tempered.

I will." Ikuto yelled back, took her hand and pulled her to come with him. „Come with me."

Everything happened so fast that Amu couldn't even think about what just happened to her.

When the three of them arrived at Ikuto's apartment Amu realised that everything he ever mentioned was true.

~ Two weeks later ~

Two weeks have already passed since we got married. I have been living for two weeks now in my teacher's, Ikuto's apartment with my four year old sister Ami. Ami really liked it here. I haven't seen her this happy for a long time.

But for me it's not that enjoying because that bastard of a teacher wants me to cosplay everyday. That's just cruel.

Today I have to wear a maid's costume. Suddenly I heard some keys getting in the lock of the door.

Welcome home, Darling." Amu trying to say it sweetly and faking a smile. Ami as happy as she is repeated it cutely. „Darling."

Bravo, did you make dinner, wifey?" He asked while grinning like hell.

Are you stupid?" She said rudely. „ Even though I had to cook two times, because the first time everything burned." She wispered without Ikuto hearing what she said.

What did you say?" He asked still grinning an stepping closer to her, suddenly making a serious expression which made Amu blush a little bit. „Nothing, it's nothing."

~ A while later ~

A sixteen year old wife, you say? Your student?" Tadase asked being surprised.

Yeah, she is. But that doesn't matter anymore. I have a request." Ikuto said.

What that doesn't matter? Have you even thought about it? She still six years younger

than you.. she's still a child." Tadase claimed. „What request?"

Don't worry, It's not as if I was planning to do anything to her. I just wanted to help her. To give her a home she can return to anytime." Ikuto explained. „Oh yeah, could you please look after my „wife's" little sister?"

Oh, that's alright. I would be pleased to look after that little kid. She's so cute." Tadase said while grinning.

Hey, but don't try anything funny. Got that?" Ikuto said threatingly.

Yah, Yah, I got it. Don't worry, I will take my eyes off her, so nothing is going to happen.!" Tadase said.

~ Amu's POV ~

it's already been three weeks since our marriage lifestyle began. But this teacher only makes me cosplay and doesn't touch me. Even if he's a teacher, he's still a man, right? He's twentytwo years old and I am sure he already had a girlfriend and maybe his first time, too?

Right now he took a shower and finished just a while ago. He came into the room, his hair still wet from the shower. He only stared at me, wondering what I was doing. „Ami went to bed." I said while pulling the sheets out and sit on them. I showed him to sit down next to me. „You didn't have to take out the sheets , yet." He said and sat next to me. He got closer and was now looking into my eyes intensively. „And, what now?" He asked still looking into my eyes.

I suddenly got nervous and started to tremble a little bit. „We're doing it, right? If we are, let's just get it over with." Mmh, this person without his glasses, he's actually... I suddenly felt something on my chest. It was warm. „It's not enough..." I heard him saying quietly. I can't believe it while I was thinking about how good he looked without his glasses he touched my chest. That damn t... „If you want to do it, grow them at least to a C- c..." I can't believe it he interrupted my thoughts again. I was so pissed that I sent him flying so he couldn't finish his sentence. I kicked him really hard and throw everything at him that I got in my hands. He deserved that.. that damn pervert teacher.

~ Next Day ~

I woke up in the morning and saw that this perverted teacher was already up, too. He and my sister had a lot of fun. „ Ikuu.. what happened to your face?" Ami asked worried. „Oh, that was your bad-tempered sister." He grinned. Ami ran towards me. „ Sis, you have to apologize." Ami said with a cute voice. „WHAAAAT? I have to apologize to that perverted sensei? Never in my life. He has to apologize to me. He did wrong." I was absent a lot so I didn't know he was that kind of person. Ah, or maybe he really doesn't plan to touch me. Is he really trying to help us?

Oh well, all we have to do for now is to keep this lifestyle for Ami's sake a secret.

Afterwards I went to school. The school bell rang. I went to my locker a saw a letter inside of it. I opened it. First I wondered if it was a love letter or something but then I realised it wasn't anything I would expected.

Tonights going to be meatloaf, honey.

From your darling." was written in it.

I ran through the hallway, all fired up running to the classroom, opening the door and yelling „Shut up, you moron!" Everyone in class looked at me in surprise. They all were shocked and wondered why my mood was bad. I started to blush a bit. It was so embarrassing.

~ Later ~

„What's with you, sensei!"

Aren't you the one who should be worried about being discovered by the students?" Amu yelled being worried.

I know, I know, but it was just so much fun making you worried, so..." He didn't finish his sentence because Amu started to cry. He saw he tears drop one after another.

Damn it, I wasn't planning on crying...!" She said.

Ikuto stepped a little closer and petted her head saying he's sorry to her.

You must have been worried, having to go through all of that before... But you are fine now."

He looked into her eyes."Amu-chan, I like being with you guys. Everything will be fine. It's okey."

So what if it all began of that monents impulse? It's okey. Sensei's unsubstantiated words were really comfortong. I have to be useful to Sensei, at least more useful in the household.

Can you teach me to cook...?" She asked shyly.

What did you say?" He teased her.

Can you teach me to cook, darling?" She repeated herself and put the word darling in her question.

I knew you forgot something." He grinned like always.

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