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Chapter Two ~ Little by little

It started 1 month ago - me getting married to my Teacher.


If you want to help me then give me some money!" Amu said desperately.

Forget it. I will not even know what you want to do with the money.." Ikuto still being mad.

Then don't give me any vague sympathy..!" Amu yelled at Ikuto.

It's not sympathy..! You... little..." Ikuto yelled back. That brat being that rude.

Oh... really...?" For just a moment Amu believed him but she couldn't hold her temper back and yelled again at him. „ Then can you marry me and take care of us?" Amu is really bad- tempered.

I will." Ikuto yelled back, took her hand and pulled her to come with him. „Come with me."

~End Flashback~

This is the beginning of everything – the beginning if our marriage life.

I have been living with Ikuto for 1 month now. Many things have changed since then... only one thing didn't change- Ikuto still teasing me. You all know that I wanted to be more useful to Sensei. I helped him in anyway I could...if you can consider it of being helpful.

Ami, what's that? A Jar?" Amu asked while cleaning the dishes.

Ami-chan helps out a lot, so she's saving the rewards that I give to her." Ikuto said.

Amu didn't like the feeling that her little sister is more helpful than she is and would ever be. „Outstanding..." Amu said being a little bit jealous.

She is probably more useful than you..." Ikuto said making fun of Amu.

Excuse you!" Amu yelled and dropped the dish. „Ahhh...! Damn it.!"

Ikuto chuckled.

The next Morning

The next morning I wanted to wake up early and prepare breakfast. I got up at 6 o'clock and prepared breakfast. I did my best but I couldn't do it.

One hour later Ikuto and Ami woke up. Both went into the kitchen to eat. The kitchen was filled with dark atmosphere. In there they saw a depressed Amu and a table filled with something black which was considered to be the breakfast.

Is it some kind of dark magic?" Ikuto asked.

Ami was so scared that she ran to Ikuto and clinched to his leg. She started to cry a bit but calmed down after a while. „Wahh... so scary, Iku-kun!" Ikuto petted Ami's head to comfort her.

When are you going to teach me how to cook?" She asked still being depressed of what happened.

If you are going to wear your young wife costume, then we can start today." Ikuto humiliated Amu. Amu blushed.

Later they went shopping for the cooking lessons.

Ikuto walking happy...with an expression that says: We bought a lot, knowing you were going to mess up~! And Amu walking with an expression that says: I'm offened!

Days have passed by. I was learning from my teacher how to cook, but I always messed up. I feel like I'm a burden to Sensei. I want to help him, but evertime I try to help him, I mess up.

Later on the way to pick Ami up.

It was Wednesday. Today I have to pick Ami up from the nursery school. Tadase was the one who was watching over Ami. I am really thankful to him that he watches over Ami.

Little by little, I started to learn more about him. I got to know that he was bad in the past, so he worked really hard to become a teacher.

Iku-kun used to be really bad in the past." Tadase told Amu while she was picking up her little sister.

Ehh?" Amu was surprised.

Do you want to see a picture of Ikuto? It's my charm." Tadase giggled. He showed Amu a picture of Ikuto when he was in highschool. On the picture was Tadase smiling happily and Ikuto-kun... glaring. Amu's eyes almost fell out once she saw the picture. Really scary.

After this, the camera man was beaten up." Tadase laughed.

Now, that I have heard that I realized that he never goes to sleep earlier than me. He is really working hard to achieve what he really seeks. He is a nice Teacher and a nice Person.

Time skip

Ami you have collected a lot." It was impressive to see that Ami has collected so many rewards in such a short time.

Iku- kun, look. I have collected this much already." Ami said with a bright smile.

Ohh... you got a lot.! Since it's impressive I'll give you a reward."

Ikuto is definitivly too soft. He treats Ami like his granddaugther. So funny to see. But he is taking good care of Ami. Ever since our parents died, my entire life has resolved around Ami. I was all worked up because I believed that I was the only one who could protect her. But it should be okey if Ikuto also takes care of Ami.

Later at school ~ Teachers room

Ikuto has been in the teachers room to do some paperwork. Some time ago the teachers argued about Amu's behaviour. But now they say that she became nicer. Ikuto was happy to hear that. Afterwards they wondered if this change was due to the new place she is living now. Of course they don't know that she lives in her teachers apartment. Ikuto liked the thought of it.

After school

After school Ikuto wanted to take Amu to a beautiful place. They brought Ami to Tadase who was busy at that time. They barged in right before Tadase began making love with a girl.

Sensei, you can ride a motorcycle?" Amu asked surprisingly.

I was a delinquent child once." Ikuto coughed.

Sensei, are you good at fighting."

Nah, I think Tadase is stronger than me now." He said. Then they drove with the motorcycle to his favourite place. It was some kind of beach. The waves were really high. It was amazing. So beautiful.

Since we can't go very far, It's not an incredible place, but..." Ikuto said.

No, It's been a while since I have been at a place like this! Thank you, Sensei". Amu was really happy. When she looked at the waves she forgot everything that was happening around her.

Ikuto saw her for the first time smiling like this. Her face didn't show any problems or the kind. She was happy.

Amu's POV

I was really happy that Ikuto drove with me to this place. I haven't been to such places for a long time, to be exact since my parents died. The view of the sea calmed me a little bit. It was relaxing to watch the waves to go back and forth. Then I turned around to watch sensei. He was smiling. When I saw him my heart started to beat faster.

Just like that I want Amu to keep smiling. Even in the future..." Ikuto said.

I started to blush immediately. Later we drove to the apartment.

Next Day

Ikuto told me that he wanted to go on a date with me. I was so happy to hear that. I realised that I liked him. I was a little bit nervous, too. To go on a date with the person you like is special. I really like him. I wanted to see more, too.

To get closer to him, to touch him...! I'm so perverted. He is my teacher I can't do anything of this. Even if we are married he is still my teacher I can't fall in love with him.

Amu...?" Ikuto asked being worried.

Then the door bell ringed. I wondered if Tadase wanted to visit us or something but then...

Tsukyoumi-sensei, are you there? It's me Haruno-sensei! I'm coming in."

I frightened. What if she sees that I was living with my teacher in a apartment together. And what if she founds out that I am married to him, too. My life would end in this instant. We heard steps coming near. Suddenly Sensei grapped me and pulled me into the closet. Now sensei was closer to me than he ever was.

Why did sensei come in, too? It's tight in here." Amu complained.

Just bear with..." Ikuto stopped talking because we heared that She got into the room we were hiding.

Hmmm. There seems to be the presence of a woman, but I don't know if it's our school's female student or not..." Haruno-sensei said.

Meanwhile I wanted to look if she already left. But Ikuto closed the door again with force. I wasn't prepared and feel lower onto the ground of the closet. Ikuto being above me. It was definitivly too close.

It's dark but... his breath and the warmth of his body are... I couldn't control myself anymore I couldn't stop to blush anymore. My heart felt like it would jump out any minute. Now i could feel, sensei getting closer and closer. I felt his hand on my face.

Amu..." Ikuto said seductively. Suddenly the door opened.

Ahhh..." I screamed. Ikuto and I were taken aback.

Fou~nd you guys." Ami said happily.

Sorry did we interrupt you guys?" Tadase laughed. „Your faces are hilarous."

Oh my god that was surprising.

Next day at school.(Bell rings)

I was sitting in math period thinking about what had happened yesterday. We were almost found out by a teacher that was a close call. Yesteday I had almost lost my sense. I can still feel yesterday's sensations. I'm perverted...

This whole class I day dreamed about what had happened until...

Sensei I have a question." One of the students raised his hand.

What is it?" Ikuto asked.

Is the rumour about you going out with a female student in our school true?" The student asked.

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