Ridiculously short One-Shot of how New Directions discovered Klaine.

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"New Directions wins you're going to Nationals," The announce shouts at regionals.

Blaine turns to his boyfriend and watches his face fall. he smiles and shrugs a bit in an attempt to cheer him up, but Kurt just stared straight ahead.

As they walked down the stage Blaine looked at Kurt, "come on, it really isn't that big of a deal, and your friends were really good."

Right, his friends. Kurt should be happy for his friends. But he wasn't. He REALLY wanted to win.

Blaine frowned at Kurt's depressed expression. "Come here," he said, grabbing Kurt's hand and dragging him to what appeared to be a janitors closet. He just the door and pushed Kurt against it, immediately attaching his lips to Kurt's.

Kurt returned the kiss momentarily before pulling back, "Not that I'm complaining, but what are you doing?"

"We have 30 minutes until the buses leave and I'm going to use every second cheering you up." Blaine answered.

Kurt smiled, "Works for me."

Blaine grinned and leaned forward, proceeding to make Kurt forget everything that has to do with show choir.

Thirty minutes later the New Directions stood together outside the closet taking attendance before the bus left.

"I wonder where Kurt went.," Rachel said, looking insulted, "I mean, I know he lost, but I figured he'd at least stop to congratulate us."

"He's probably with the Warblers, Rachel." Mr. Shue said, looking at the star singer.

As if on cue, the closet door opened and a ruffled looking Kurt came stumbling out, tie and jacket missing, shirt partially undone, and most absurd of all, hair all askew.

"Kurt?" Mercedes asked, "Are you okay?"

"Hmm? What? Who...?" Kurt stumbled, a goofy grin on his face.

Blaine then stumbled out behind his boyfriend looking equally disheveled, his curls springing all over his head. In his hands he held and extra tie and blazer.

"Kurt! Don't forget these..." He started then froze in place, realizing his audience.

Most of the New Directions looked embarrassed for the two boys except Santana and Puck who were both grinning, "Get some boy!" Puck said with a grin.

Kurt's face turned cherry red, "Um... yeah... Blaine and I are kinda dating."

Mercedes scowled at Kurt, "Yeah, we can see that white boy, why don't I know about it?" She said, looking wounded.

"Um... well... I... uh..." Kurt spluttered.

"It's kind of a new development." Blaine said calmly, putting his arm around Kurt's shoulders, "Come on baby," he said, "We need to get to the bus."

Kurt's blush grew at the nickname, "yeah... see you guys later," he said, and turned to walk with his boyfriend, then paused, as if remembering something, he turned around, "And congratulations!" He shouted back, before walking away.

Finn shook his head, returning from his shocked stupor, "You better hope I don't tell Burt!" Finn shouted after his brother. Everyone looked at him, "What? I'm not allowed to have blackmail?"