On September 28th 1997, Watson Rollard was born from Maria and Christopher Rollard. Watson grew up completely normal, but when she turned 8, she disappeared. Her parents were frantic in search for her but there weren't any traces that she even existed.

Three years later, Watson was found in Maria and Christopher's living room carrying a large satchel. In the satchel were objects of her adventures. Apparently, Watson had travelled into another dimension. However this dimension wasn't stuff of science, it was of imagination. Watson held in her satchel, objects that were given to her from characters in books. Watson told her parents that she was on her way to school when three men blocked her path. Watson was scared and wanted nothing but to get away and that was exactly what she did.

Through her fear, Watson fooled the barrier between the dimensions in to thinking that she belonged in this dimensions neighboring dimension. The dimension Watson travelled to was home to Maximum Ride.

Max had found Watson unconscious under a tree the flock had been resting in. Normally Max would have just made sure she was alright and left her but Max saw something on Watson that she couldn't ignore. Watson had a pair of wings, brown and black, barely bigger then Gazzy's. Max and the flock took Watson with them while they flew to the school to get back Angel. When Watson finally came to, they were just flying over the Arizona border. Out of fear and confusion she screamed and wriggled out of Max's grip and started falling. Hr natural instincts kicked in and she flapped her wings to keep herself from plummeting to the earth. Max had told Watson the situation and Watson denied it all, calling everything just a story she had read (which in fact she did.)Watson was freaking out over how any of what Max said could be true. Could she really have just travelled to a world where the story of "Maximum Ride" was reality? She decided that it couldn't be helped, that if she wanted any information as to how and why this could possibly be she would have to travel with the flock and find Angel.

During her travelling with the flock she realized that not only did she have wings but that she could fight as well as any of the other members, as if she had taken lessons in martial arts. Along with superior fighting skills, Watson had also gained every skill the flock had and had an even better version of it. She could easily fl faster then any of them and she could read minds of absolutely anyone, just like Angel.

When the flock found Angel after being captured, Watson was separated from them for individual testing. Again, Watson was so scared and wanting nothing but to get away that she travelled again. This time to world of Sherlock Holmes.