A/N: Not so much a cross-over as it is a distorted Supernatural-based continuation of the So Weird plot... and the arc would go a little something like this:

Chapter One

Fi Phillips' least favorite holiday was vastly approaching. The decorations were everywhere, a mockery of all the things she had put behind her for a normal life. She had given up hunting the paranormal over four years ago, moving to Seattle to finish high school. Staying in one place let her focus on her school work, and her impressive academic performance got her into a nationally acclaimed college, Stanford University. It was there that she lived with her boyfriend, Jesse, in a quiet apartment complex near campus. After losing touch with her mother and brother, Jesse and her friends at Stanford were the only family Fi had left.

She hadn't spoken to her older brother in years. His new lifestyle made it impossible for her to keep a relationship with him while maintaining her accumulated sense of normalcy at the same time. And most times, she didn't mind. She had Jesse. The conversation of marriage had been coming up a lot lately. Her life was average, which Fi found more exciting than the alternative.

Even more exciting to Fi was her interview with the graduate school at Stanford that upcoming Monday, which she scored after acing the LSTAT. She was finally happy. But that couldn't last long.

After a night out with friends, Fi rested peacefully in her shared bed. She had made it through a Halloween party, even though she still refused to dress up for the occasion. She was almost asleep when she thought she heard the opening of a window outside her bedroom.

Her eyes blinked open, her natural instincts coming back to her all at once. She grabbed the nearest object she could use as a weapon against the intruder. She decided not to wake Jesse, just in case it was a paranormal piece of crap back from her past. She'd avoided bringing up her true past to anyone here at Stanford thus far. There was no use in ruining that streak now if she didn't need to.

That's when she saw the shadow of a man move past the beaded curtain of her living room. She smiled inwardly , relieved it was just a man. She would gladly take on a good old fashioned burglar over anything supernatural any day.

She pressed herself against the wall of the next room, allowing him to walk past her. That's when she sprung on the shadow, taking a swing at him from behind. The figure fought back, and after a brief struggle, it was Fi who wound up on the ground, allowing the moonlight to illuminate her attacker's face.

"Whoa, easy, Tiger," he smirked.

"Jack?" she asked, perplexed. "You scared the crap out of me!"

"Nice to see you too, little sis," he grinned.

She returned the gesture, smiling at the fact he hadn't changed, before reversing his hold.

"Or not," he quipped from the ground. "Get off me."

"Self-defense course," she said, extending an arm to help her brother up.

She noticed he still wore the same protection amulet around his neck: an angel, his guardian. He looked so much older than Fi was used to, displaying some stubble on his face. When she'd left he could hardly grow a beard. His dark hair was cut close to his head. His eyes appeared tired, and his voice had gotten deeper.

"Jack, what the hell are you doing here?"

"Well I was looking for a beer," Jack joked.

The lights suddenly came on in the living room. The two took a second to adjust their eyes.

"Fi?" Jesse asked, still in just his boxers.

"Jess, hey" Fi answered, hesitant to explain the situation.

Jack glared at the tall blond with a furrowed brow before turning to his sister. Before a fight could ensue, Fi broke the silence.

"Jack," she said. "This is my boyfriend, Jesse."

"Wait, your brother, Jack?" he asked, stunned.

Jack didn't answer, still taking in the nearly naked man in his baby sister's apartment.

"Let me go put something on," Jesse interrupted, suddenly realizing the reason for Jack's scowl.

"No, no. I wouldn't dream of it," Jack replied sarcastically. "Anyway, I've got to borrow your girlfriend here. Talk about some private family business."

Jack started to return to the side of his sister, adding with a roll of his eyes, "but, you know, nice meeting you."

"No," Fi protested, disliking her brother's tone. "No, whatever you want to say, you can say it in front of him."

She walked over to Jesse and pulled him close to her.

"Okay," Jack agreed. "Mom hasn't been home in a few days."

"She's a musician. That's what musicians do. I'm sure she'll stumble back in sooner or later," she answered, taking a jab at her mother's past battle with the bottle.

Jack smiled, ignoring his sister's insult. She'd grown up a lot since he'd seen her last. She'd grown taller, leaner. And the tough-guy fa├žade she was putting on reminded him of their mother.

"Mom's on a hunting trip," he added, "and she hasn't been home in a few days."

His face took on a serious expression with these words, followed by Fi's.

"Jess, excuse us," she said to her boyfriend, reflecting on what her brother had just implied.

Impossible, she thought to herself. For years, her mother had denied the existence of the paranormal. She had begged her mother repeatedly to believe her, always getting the same denial for support. The last argument they ever had before she left for Seattle was due to this very conflict. There was no way Molly had changed her tune now, after all this time.