A.N: This can be any of the timelines before the "4th" one.

First story actually featuring Madoka as the main focus.

On the outskirts of Mitikahara, within an abandoned factory sat perfectly empty oil drums, some dented, some still in their barrel shape.

Two girls had been inside.

One had long black hair and red framed glasses as well as a purple uniform with different shaded diamons, she looked quite excited and the other more relaxed, pinkette with matching eyes and a frilly dress. Both were smiling.

"Whenever you pull the bow back, you need steady rest, making sure that your arm is firm and still." She instructed, only her mouth moved.

Madoka's feet turned towards Homura, but her torso and hands were about at a 45 degree angle, her feet were a few centimeters apart and she was looking at a perfectly shaped oil drum. The other girl had a pen and a small notebook.

She closed one eye and put her nose near the string so that she could aim accurately and aimed at a drum. She looked completely still except for one arm which was slightly moving.

"The next mistake I made is that my outward hand isn't gently gripping the bow. It's hard. Remember this Homu-chan, the string is tight and the bow is gentle. Opposites."

Homura smiled while taking notes.

"Why don't you grip both hard?" She asked, her left hand raised.

"If you grip the bow hard, when you fire, it doesn't go straight, it goes up a bit because of the recoil."

Homura nodded and wrote it down in her notebook.

Madoka fired with both hands hard on the bow and missed the middle because the shot ended up hitting about an inch north of the target. She tried the proper technique and hit the middle and left another hole in it.

Homura clapped and asked if she could try.

Madoka nodded and Homura got into a stance.

Her stance was all wrong and Madoka giggled.

She decided to give hands on fixing and adjusted the blushing Homura.

She fired and closed her eyes and hit the wall above the drum.

"Most people like to fire with their eyes open Homuchan."

Madoka got behind Homura and Homura felt her chest on her back, her breathe in her ear and their hands were touching. She couldn't stop her eyes from being closed trying to intake the moment with a deep breath.

"Good. Now release." Madoka commanded and Homura let go of the of her breath and the string, simultaneously, and hit the drum in the middle making a second hole in it.

"You did it!" Madoka grabbed her from behind and their faces were touching.

Homura loved it when their cheeks were rubbing, she was blushing.

Madoka's hands were on Homura's stomach and her arms were wrapped tight.

There was no way that Homura needed to learn how to use a bow but this had been a great way to bond with her best friend.