"I now call this meeting of the Warblers to order." Wes Davies demanded, banging his gavel against the desk the counsel members sat at. David Summers, his long time best friend, shot him a look, one that clearly said 'you are not a judge, Wes, put down the gavel' which Wes ignored with the air of awesome-ness that only those who bang gavels on a regular basis can muster. "Any new business?" He asked, looking around at the boys sitting in the room. Nick Baird raised his hand, but Wes passed him by without a second glance. David jabbed him in the ribs, and Wes shot him a glare. David cleared his throat.

"Yes, Warbler Nick?" Nick shot Wes a smirk, and then leaned back against the couch where he was sitting with his best friend, Jeff Sterling.

"I think we need another member now that Kurt went back to McKinley. And Jeff and I were stalking the drama kids, and there's that one freshman... You should really break your 'no-freshman' rule, Wes, and give him an audition. He's good." Nick stated, Jeff nodding his agreement. Wes sighed, and rubbed his temples. Sometimes he worried about what he was thinking when he allowed the self named "Three Six Mafia" to stay in the Warblers. He couldn't deny their talent, but sometimes he thought his sanity might be more important then the boost they would give at contests...

"Nick, the competition season is over. Next year the boy will be a sophomore, and he can audition like all the other sophomores." Wes stated, trying to keep his voice even and calm. "We don't need any more members this year." Blaine, who had been quiet since his boyfriend had moved back to McKinley, raised an eyebrow at the head counsel member.

"Wes, you know as well as I do, we always need more talented members. We should let the freshman audition. Who is it, guys?" Nick and Jeff were wearing matching smirks, as they spoke in unison.

"Michael Meyers." Wes rolled his eyes, wondering if they were making this up.

"Michael Meyers is an actor, you idiots." Thad spoke up, and Wes shot him an approving look. Jeff rolled his eyes.

"He's also a serial killer, and a boy at this school. Seriously, pay more attention guys. Just cause you're seniors..." Blaine shook his head at Jeff, who shut up. Wes glared at him.

"Maybe next year when you three are on the counsel, you can let freshman audition. The no freshman rule stands, Jeff. Anything else that needs to be discussed?" Jeff frowned and slid down further in his chair. Nick wrapped an arm around his shoulder, trying to comfort him, while Blaine just sighed. Wes knew that he was sometimes labeled things like "dictator" and "tyrant" but he really cared about the club. He wanted to see the Warblers succeed... and they only had half a year left before he graduated. They had already lost the competition season, whatever they did now was supposedly just for 'fun.' But Wes knew better. It was practice, coming together as a team... At the end of the year they'd elect the new counsel (although everyone already really knew who it would be) and they would have to carry the torch from there. Wes only had a few months left to reign, and he wanted to make sure he spent his last months running the Warblers the right way. Next year, they would get to Nationals. Wes wouldn't be here, but he would leave his wisdom, and they would get there. And Wes would fly out from college to see it. When no one offered any more topics, Wes banged his gavel again.

"This meeting of the Warblers is officially dismissed." The Warblers filed out of the room, so only the counsel members were left. David looked at Wes, and shook his head slightly.

"Wes, man, you need to lighten up. You're going to end up turning them against you." He said, jumping up so he was sitting on the desk, not the chair. Wes sighed, and rolled his eyes.

"Jeff and Nick have always been against me. They don't like order. And Blaine's still upset about Kurt transferring. It'll be back to normal soon." David shrugged, and jumped down on the other side of the desk.

"Coming to eat?" Thad asked as he headed towards the door. David looked at him.

"We'll be there soon. Save us spots." Thad nodded, and David turned back to Wes. "What's up? You usually aren't this grumpy. Mildly neurotic, yes, but not this grumpy." Wes frowned.

"Nothing's up. I'm fine." David laughed quietly.

"Wes, we've been best friends since seventh grade. I'm not that easy to fool. So, spill. Or else we're not going to get to eat, and you're going to spend all night complaining about how hungry you are." Wes smiled a little, but then dropped his head onto his arms.

"Sarah broke up with me." He mumbled. David's eyes rose.

"Sarah, as in, the Sarah you've been dating for a year? From Crawford County Day? The girl who was CRAZY about you?" Wes groaned, which David took as a yes.

"... Woah, I'm sorry man. I didn't realize... Come on. We're going out to eat. I'll text Thad and tell him to sit with someone else." Wes raised his head from his arms and shook his head.

"I'm fine.." David cut him off.

"Nope. This calls for greasy overpriced food. Come on." he held out his hand, and Wes took it after a moment's hesitation.

"Fine. Let's go."