Brunch: Never fear, we shall get your werewolf tomorrow night, or our name isn't the hunch bunch.

Dracula: You'd better get him this time or your names will be mud or maybe even blood.

-Scooby Doo

Tonight was the night. Tonight he would claim his mate.

Every mated couple out there could tell you just how special this event was. It was the official bonding between mates as close to a marriage ceremony could be. After this, the two of you were intertwined forever and there would be no one else.

Caroline sat nervously at his side, looking outside the view of the car window and trying to keep herself calm but her constantly tapping foot and her hands fiddling with the edge of her blouse said otherwise.

She was nervous and she had a right to be. He was nervous too underneath all his excitement.

He wasn't even sure why he was so nervous. He'd known about this moment since he was a small kid. He even dreamt about it like a few times (and don't you dare tell anybody or he'd go wolf on you) so why was he so nervous all of a sudden?

It was because of Caroline. She was nervous so he was nervous.

The connection between him and her was already so strong and it'd be even stronger after tonight.

He explained to Caroline the three aspects of the ceremony and he knew they'd do well albeit maybe with some slip-ups here and there. They would be fine. She had nothing to worry about.

He reached over with his free hand that wasn't on the wheel and grasped one of hers. Her hands were so small they were completely dwarfed by his. She almost jumped in surprise at the contact but quickly relaxed when she saw it was him. She gave him a grateful smile and squeezed his hand in thanks.

He held her hand until they arrived at Wolf's Mountain.

The walk towards the clearing was even quieter than the car. The pack seemed to understand that tonight was very important and didn't want to get on their alpha's bad side by doing or saying anything stupid that might put Caroline even more on edge.

Even Aiden was uncharacteristically quiet but then again he was probably troubled over this being his second full moon, meaning he had to find his mate or by the next full moon there would be a contest.

River seemed troubled to and that was because the den mothers had only given her until the next full moon to find a mate or leave town.

Tyler had a solution to help them both but neither would listen to his suggestions. Neither of them wanted to accept each other as mates, even more so Aiden who wanted a true mate not a substitute. River didn't want to be mated with someone younger than her with her being in college next year and Aiden still being a high school boy.

Such a complicated lot his little pack were.

When they finally arrived, Caroline had to let go of his hand and go with River and all the other female wolves to go to the spring nearby and get cleaned up and dressed for the ceremony. Tyler would do so as well but with the falls a little farther from here where the ceremony would officially be conducted at. The rest of the pack would wait for them in the meanwhile.

He had to go to the falls alone unlike Caroline and after a quick bath he changed into the soft black traditional robe all male mates wore. It reached the floor and he wore nothing underneath making him feel oddly shy. And when you're a werewolf who spends some nights naked under the full moon, modesty was a rare emotion indeed.

He waited inside the candlelit cave behind the falls for the rest of the pack to arrive, trying to calm his thoughts and resisting the urge to ask how Caroline was doing using the link. He could feel how nerve-wracked she was even from so far away.

A moment later, the men arrived. His pack in particular anxious to see him and asked how he was.

"I'm fine," He told them. "Where's Caroline?"

"They're on their way." Conor replied.

Tyler sighed to himself. Waiting made him more anxious to just get this over with. He wanted to be near Caroline, to smell her scent and touch her. He didn't like being away from his mate for so long.

Lucky for him, not a second later, the women arrived.

Caroline looked lovely and that was all he could focus on.

Her blonde hair had flowers braided into the curls, she was wearing a plain white robe much like his and she smelled of the oils they rubbed into her skin. She didn't have any make-up on but her cheeks were flushed from her bath and she was smiling. She looked-

"Beautiful." He said when she was near enough and she smiled wider.

"I don't look weird at all?" She asked. "They rubbed so much oil on me I feel like they were going to stuff me like a turkey and put me in an oven."

He chuckled at her musings which she glared at him for. He smiled at her and pulled her closer until she was so near, he could see the speck of silver and green in her eyes. "You look wonderful." He sniffed the column of her neck and made her shiver. "You smell wonderful."

"Tyler…" She said in an almost moan as he began to kiss her neck.

"Lovebirds!" Remus' booming voice interrupted them. "Save it for later."

He mentally cursed his alpha but obeyed taking a few steps from Caroline to resist temptation.

Remus took this as his cure to begin and told his speech about love, faithfulness and eternity. It was all very lovely and nice but Tyler couldn't care less. All he could focus on was his lovely mate standing a few feet from him, looking and smelling very, very nice and wearing nothing underneath that robe.

Before he knew it, the first part of the ceremony began.

It consisted of all the elders and den mothers giving them tokens and telling them of their wishes for them. Tyler's mom gave Caroline a moonflower while Remus gave him a silver moon pendant. There were much gifts and well wishes until eventually they all started to leave.

Caroline's mom gave him a subtle warning to be gentle…or else and he inwardly shuddered at the thought of his mother knowing what they were about to do.

After all, the second part of the ceremony was consummation.

The pack filed out slowly until finally there were blissfully alone.

Caroline refused to look at him and kept her eyes on the mountain of gifts by the cave wall. She was blushing and kept fidgeting and he grinned wolfishly as he approached her.

His warm hands went to her shoulders and she almost jumped, gasping at his touch as she felt it through the thin fabric of the robe. His mouth went to the white column of her neck, nuzzling the soft flesh until she was moaning. He quickly turned her and claimed her mouth in a searing kiss.

It's all clothes being peeled off, and flesh against flesh, lips against lips after that. He held her like she was fragile as she pulled him closer and closer like she could never have enough. She's soft, warm and sweet and he delighted in the little noises she made.

It's when they're at the end that he continues with the third part of the ceremony – the marking. His teeth bite down at the soft flesh where shoulder met neck and she cried out before she saw stars and he followed.

They lay together after. Her on top of him as she fell asleep, his arms around her as the moon rose to its apex.

The End.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this fic as I had writing it.

Now I have to go work on the sequel. There is no rest!