This is a remake of a book called Rowan of Rin book 1. Its basically a Rowan/oc. The description is this. There is one more person that is fear the most by the children of Rin. But this person is but a child. What would happen if there is more to this child than meets the eyes. On the journey where people of the Rin hope to find the answer to their problem this child will show her real self. Sorry not really good at describing a story.

Characters Name: Althea

Hair color: Long black hair

Eye color: Violet sometimes turns red when mad

Clothing: black shirt with slives(spelling?) and a black baggy pants. Also have a black jacket around her waist. Have a stone bracelet on her left hand and have a wristband on the right. Wears a black ribbon on either side of her bangs but the bangs still cover her eyes so basically its near the ears. She also wear a white ribbon choker with a bell in it.

Personalities: Quiet, speak her mind when she needs too, patience, can be bad ass sometimes, good at fighting, always emotionless even though deep down she has feelings but never shows it to anyone, really a kind person if she shows it.

Likes: Reading, nature, hiking, fighting sometimes, and taking a nap on her favorite tree and lazing around, likes music too and play some instrument.

Dislikes: Annoying people, loud noises, bullies, and people who talks on a persons back.