Procrastination: Redux

"Well, Lys, the truth is…I'm in love with Scorpius."

Lysander blanches, his face horror-stricken. Is…no, she can't…but… This isn't making sense. Out of all the men she's met in eighteen years, she loves…

"Really?" The question, which he intends to ask calmly and coolly, comes out as a squeak.

Molly starts laughing. Full-out, tears-in-her-eyes, clutched-sides laughter. Lysander looks at her as if she's insane (a high possibility). Why is she laughing at the pain that is surely present in his eyes?

"I can't believe…you actually fell for that?" she gasps out between burst of laughter.

"Well, of course I did!" he replies defensively, "Why wouldn't I?"

She stops laughing, locking her gaze with his. "I can't believe you thought I'd ever love Scorpius Malfoy."

"Whatever," he shakes his head, as if the action can help him clear his thoughts, "What did you really want to tell me?"

"I am actually in love with someone," she admits, "But it's not Scorp." Her statement reassures him, but not by much.

"Who, then?"


"Teddy?" This is met with a shake of her auburn locks. "Ryan Adamson?" He names the smartest male Ravenclaw, and she shakes her head again. "Professor Tyler?" The name of the Potions professor is met with a tinkling laugh and yet another shake.

"I give up." All of this secrecy is starting to aggravate him. He would really love a straight answer right now. Everything has been put off for too long, and it's time for them both to come clean.

"You can be really oblivious, did you know?"

Lysander has a sudden thought that makes him gasp. She can't mean… "L-Lorcan?" She can't like his brother – her sister's fiancé – can she?

She begins to laugh once more. "No! Lorcan? Where'd you get an idea like that?"

He blushes at his own stupidity. Well, he hadn't thought it to be stupid, but she's skilled at mixing him up. She's been doing it since they were ridiculously small. He knows that she doesn't always mean to do it, but she can't really change how she affects him, can she?

"Where you got such a ridiculous idea is unimportant, I suppose," she continues, "But it is not Lorcan, I promise."

"Just tell me already!" He's tired of all this suspense! Can she just spit it out, so he can go and wallow in peace?

"It's you!" she yells, suddenly enraged, her brown eyes seeming to blaze. He freezes; she's surprised him. "It's always been you!"