Here is my new Jasper and Bella story. My second one if you're wondering. My first one is 'The Only Exception'. Read it if you please.

The Other Woman

Have you ever met the one person where you thought you'd be with them forever? I have. Amazing blue eyes, shaggy blond hair, lean body with defined muscles and an awesome Southern drawl that made me melt. There was something that drew me in. Maybe it was the way he looked at me. Maybe it was the way he offered me a drink. Maybe it was the way he danced with me. Maybe it was the way he talked to me. I don't know, it was a lot of things combined. He was the prefect gentlemen. Never pushed me to do something I didn't want to. He made sure that I was okay if we did move further.

The only problem with our relationship was that he only came to Seattle every other weekend for work. He lived in Portland. He owned his own business in the Architect world. He had a very big name in the world. His big name meant he had two offices. One based in Portland and then the other based here, in Seattle. Well I thought that was the only problem. That was until I found out something I didn't ever expect.

-That's the intro to this. I will posting the first chapter also. Then after the first one is up it's one from here on out. More on updating in the next chapter.
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