Summary: "You caused this, you killed yourself before you were meant to die, you caused the rip and you have to be sent back to fix it"


Chapter 10


Sighing. The release of a long breath that expresses sadness, relief, tiredness, frustration and several other emotions. This, the release of a long breath, is what Harry was doing right now as he joined his class in their first broom riding lesson that first Thursday. He was sighing, but not in frustration or anything negative, but in happiness that he'd get to ride a broom again, to feel free as the wind whipped through hair and smacked his face as he soared through it easily.

Yes. This is one thing that Harry had been waiting for, for that few days as he was getting a little frustrated with certain things and events that were coming up in the next few weeks. So he was going to enjoy this as much as he could before he had to go back and think on the event of the ever upcoming Halloween.

Harry stood in between Terry and Lisa Turpin on the left side of the two groups and by a slightly less-than-cared-for broom that had about twelve missing twigs and thirty or so odd shaped ones from the constant use and the not-so-tender care of some of the staff. Harry, when he had some down time in between the constant fighting and survival of the fittest campaigns, had looked into how different brooms reacted to their riders in the conditions they were in.

Apparently, like horses and other domesticated animals, it could sense the emotions and intent of their riders and therefore act upon the intentions, this is what caused Neville to have had the broom accident first year.

Depending on the care of the broom, the broom will flow with the rider and be in tune their magic that, to an almost extent of a familiar would have, they would almost have the expectations of pleasing their riders. These rooms weren't mindless and empty, they were alive and feeling things from day to day as they continued to be alive. And, like every living being on this planet, Harry could feel the anger radiating off his broom and several others due to a sensitivity of magic.

This wasn't good.

If the brooms were angry, then there could be back lashes, unresponsiveness to a riders call and even down right disappearing to get away from the rider. Harry didn't like this at all and sent a calming wave of magic to his broom and felt it bite his magic and hang on. For a while the broom won't let go, then it finally calmed and let his magic flow through it. Harry had twitched when the broom bit his magic, as he had felt a sharp but short, string of the impact and simply waited until his injured magic was released and back in his control. The injured part of his magic throbbed like a injured wrist would when moved and simply laid around the broom, soothing it and clamming its irritation down for its mistreatment.

Harry came back when Hooch started their lesson. Just like last time, Hooch told them to hold their hands out and call the broom up to their hands and just like last time, Harry's broom came up right away. This time though, Harry felt the broom's intent to please him and the fact that it wasn't irritated. The others had a tougher time getting their brooms up since they were nervous and their brooms were irritated too. One broom, about seven rows down, smack a girl in face and Harry saw that it was Hannah Abbot.

"That had to hurt, poor girl" Thana's voice came out of the depths of his mind. Harry couldn't help but agree as he saw her trying not to cry from the obvious pain she was in. He sent her a look that asked if she was alright and when she caught it she smiled and nodded to his glance, which made him smile as well. He didn't like it that the blonde girl had gotten hurt, after knowing her through DA and getting to know more about her in study sessions during sixth year he knew she was a good intended girl, but followed some trends that she could do without.

"Alright, mount your brooms and on my whistle, go up two feet and come right back down" Hooch said and waited until everyone was on a broom before blowing her whistle. Harry lifted off first and felt his heart pound in his ears while the air around him seemed to slow with time itself. He closed his eyes and smiled at the familiar and long-missed feeling of being on a broom and then opened them to see the others around him were struggling to hold on or sitting there blankly, unsure what to do now while they had a death grip on the handle. Lisa was having this problem and he turned to her.

"Don't be so nervous, the broom senses your nervousness and acts off it. Trust your broom to be there for you and it won't let you fall" he told her. Lisa looked at him and did a few call breaths and tried to steel her nerves. Harry watched her grip loosen and her legs just dangled there instead of crossing up underneath. She turned to him and smiled softly.

"Thank you" she said and Harry nodded to her and looked around again to see that Hannah and Susan were the only ones of the Puffs to not have a problem with being on a broom such as the others being entirely new to this.

"Potter, you're like a natural!" Terry's voice came from his freed right side and saw that the raven was staring at him in shock and looked at his stance on the broom as compared to the others. Harry didn't try to fix his stance on the broom as it didn't do anything, he WAS a natural due to James and he didn't was to take that aspect away from his mortal father.

'Thana, why am I good on a broom?' he asked the Death entity. The red headed entity seemed to ponder his question for a moment before answering.

"I guess it's a Death thing, I never asked that question to my father before I took over so I'm unsure" Thana answered him and Harry hummed before going to the ground with his class and sitting the broom down on the grass as the bell chimed.

"Next lesson is Tuesday in two weeks!" Hooch called as the class dispersed for their next lesson of the day. Harry today had History of Magic and he wasn't looking forward to the dry topics of Goblin wars a second time. When he arrived to the class, he saw Draco sitting three rows up with another Snake that Harry didn't know too well, but remembered him vaguely. Draco turned to the front and saw Harry standing there and waved him up.

"Hey, Ri" he said when the raven joined him and the other Snake.

"Hello, Dray" Harry said and sat next to the blonde. He looked at the other Snake and saw him looking at him in confusion.

"Oh! Ri, this is Blaise Zabini, Blaise, Harry Potter" Draco introduced the two of them and Harry extended his hand in front of Draco. The darkened Snake stared at him before taking his hand and shaking it in a sign of a acquaint relationship beginning. Harry smiled politely at him and looked forward when Binns appeared and just started his rambling.

Being who Harry was, he pulled a parchment out and just started a small outline of a letter to Petunia, like her conditions were, instead of listen to the lecture. Really it was the same as the book and if you missed anything you just looked over the text and you could find it easily. So Harry didn't want to get bored like the others, some Ravens had given up on trying to take notes when they realised that it was from the book. The others had been doodling, chatting with their neighbour, reading (a majority chose this), or sleeping while Binns continued to ramble on about the Goblin war of 1329 where Roltak the third fought against Snolnar of the Kalons royalty.

"Roltak had been the seventh son of Rolnox and had a-" Harry drowned Binns out while he planned on telling Petunia. What did he say? He never really wrote a letter to her apart from the fact that he was staying at Hogwarts during Christmas and even that was his first year! So he was clueless as to what he should tell her, that his classes were alright for the beginning? That he had a few friends and had enjoyed his "first" broom ride?

Would she even care?

Harry sighed and thrummed his pen in the air slightly, he only used a quill when he was doing school work as it was a requirement so he had an access of pens that Petunia had packed into his trunk, while he pondered over what he should write to his aunt. Thana was absent from his mind for the time being and he didn't want to disturb her so he just sat the pen against the parchment and just let the words flow from him.

He nearly jumped when he heard the bell rang and looked around to the class. Everyone was packing up and some were yawning, even Draco and Blaise were coming out of their conversation so they could leave. Harry blinked and looked down to see that he had written nearly three pages (front and back) to his aunt and he wasn't finished! Scrambling his things together, Harry put his letter in his book to finish later and followed the two Slytherins out of Binns class, Binns still rambling about Roltak.


Petunia looked up as she heard a tapping on the kitchen window an saw Hedwig flitting about it with a letter in her mouth. Being Friday, Petunia smiled as she realised that Harry had written to her like she hoped he would have. She pointed to the nearby door and went over to it before opening it for the snowy owl. Petunia took the letter when the owl sat on her counter and saw Harry's handwriting on it.

"You waiting for a reply?" she asked Hedwig and saw her nodding her head, "Then you can go rest in your tree, I'll be a while before you have to take off again" Petunia told her and watched the owl flutter out of her kitchen to the tree behind her fence. Petunia knew the owl was intelligent as Lily had, had one when she was at Hogwarts and Lily had talked her ear off, despite her being her grumpy and sour attitude towards Lily, about them. Petunia didn't mind the owls that much, she found them to be beautiful, but Vernon didn't like them and she feared they would be hurt by her "husband".

She started wondering if she should be calling Vernon a husband as he wasn't really one like he had been when they were first married. That wasn't even here nor there at the moment as she sat at her table and opened the letter, thanking the good lord that Vernon was out on business and Dudley was at school so she could read in peace. She saw what had to be about four pages with writing on both sides and she smiled happily at it before starting her read.

Aunt Petunia,
I'm unsure how to start this letter to you, but I hope that I can learn and make these better with time.

She smiled at the unsure mess of her nephew, knowing that he was nervous of writing a letter and she could sympathize with that.

I have, by he time you get this, completed my first week of Hogwarts. I love this place, it's peaceful, even for a school, and it's beautiful in design and scenery, I know you would enjoy seeing it as it has that old taste to it that you see in magazines and on television.

Petunia wondered what Hogwarts looked like and wondered if Harry could send a picture sometime or something, she'd ask later if she really wanted to know what it was like. She continued reading to see a small description of the school.

The grounds are wide open and the castle sits on a hill that is nearly surrounded in the front by a large body of water called the Black Lake, which has a giant squid living in it.

Petunia blinked at that and then remembered that Lily said something similar her first year.

There is also a forest in back. The forest is dark, thick and eerie, but lovely to see in the mornings as the sun comes out. I have found a spot near the lake to study at when I'm not in class, it's by a grove of trees and water lilies cover a small area around the lake side.

On the first night after we arrived we pooled into some boats and glided across the lake. When we saw the castle, it took my breath away at the old beauty it had that one couldn't help but appreciate.

"I'd love to see it" Petunia said aloud to the empty room.

After getting inside we went up to a stern woman who is a professor here, McGonagall is her name, and se took us to a large pair of doors that lead to the Great Hall (where we eat). She left us to get ready and we saw ghosts! They weren't really scary, but they startled us when they came through the walls.

"I bet"

They were talking about someone named Peeves, I later found out that he's a poltergeist, and introduced some of them, such as the Fat Friar (his words).

Petunia chuckled at Harry's quick attempt to not get blamed for another's words.

Anyway, McGonagall came after a bit and pulled us in to where we saw the rest of the houses, students, and Professors. I was nervous as we weren't told how we were going to be placed in these houses and we had came up with so many situations that sounded laughable, but we soon founded out that there was a simple way to sort my class.

A hat.

"A hat? Oh! Yes, Lily said something about a hat" Petunia said to the letter.

It looks old and frayed in certain areas, but the amazing part is that it opened up in a fold and started singing! It had a mouth!

"How else could it sing" Petunia chuckled at the statement.

It was amazing to hear and it took away our nervousness in the song and afterwards we were sorted. Dumbledore (the headmaster)

"Yes I know"

Gave us an odd speech (to which he said 'Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!)

"Must have some sort of significance"

Before we went on to eat.
Oh! I didn't mention what house I'm in did I?

She chuckled as she imagined Harry flushing slightly at this point.

I'm a Ravenclaw, the house of the wise.

"Fitting" she thought.

The tower I'm in has a system that makes us use our brain a lot in order to answer, we get a riddle and we had to try and figure out what the answer or wait 'til someone knows it comes around or get Professor Flintwick, our head of house and charms Professor. Professor Flintwick is related to goblins, I believe, as he is a very lacking in height, but he is cherry and fun to have as a professor.

"Glad he likes a teacher" Petunia says aloud.

I have taken, so far, Potions (The professor is strict, but this is the magical equivalent to chemistry so I know why he is strict), Charms (We learned about changing colours of flowers for the first lesson), History of Magic (it's dull and very dry like the professor, whom is a ghost mind you), Flying (I feel free when I am on a broom, it's amazing)

Petunia gave a sad smile as she remembered Lily saying something along the same lines, but she wasn't very good at being on a broom so she didn't say much of it.

Astronomy (The stars are amazing to look at in the night sky without all the effects of the lights messing with the my vision), Care of Magical Creatures (I love seeing the different creatures that are in the magical world and I think you'd enjoy seeing the Unicorns that flock near the forest)

"Just like you mother" Petunia said, most of the things were like what Lily had put in letters to them that their father read aloud long ago and she gave a sad, sad smile.

Herbology (The plants are not so different from the ones in the garden, but some are very dangerous and are locked up in another sector of the green houses), and tomorrow I do Transfigurations so I'll tell you about them in my next letter.

"I cannot wait" Petunia said and then continued on.

I've made a few friends do far. Draco Malfoy, whom we met in Diagon Alley when I went to get my robes. He is from the pureblood family of Malfoy and is the scion of it and he is a Slytherin (the house of cunning). Neville Longbottom is another pureblood and scion of the Longbottom family, apparently he doesn't have parents like me, he lost them when he was a baby as well.

"How sad" Petunia said in a slight somber tone of voice.

He is a Gryffindor (house of the brave) and lives with his grandmother. She, from the sound of it, she doesn't like him all too much and wants him to be like his father.

"Impossible goal"

Hermione Granger is a muggleborn, she is very smart and a Gryffindor as well. She's pretty as well, but don't think I have a crush on her, because I do not.

"Right Harry, sure you don't"

I do not see her as anything, but a friend and possibly a sister. I'm acquainted with a Terry Boot, who is my dorm mate, Theodore 'Theo' Nott, one of Draco's dorm mates, Cho Chang, an older Ravenclaw who is great conversationalist, her boyfriend Cedric Diggory, an older Hufflepuff (house of the loyal), Blaise Zabini, another of Draco's dorm mates, and a number of others that I'll tell you about when I learn more about them.

"At least he's socializing"

I hope you are doing well in Surrey. Is the weather there good? Are you doing anything to not get bored?

Petunia chuckled at Harry's attempts to just fill the rest of the page now.

I know this is just me rambling now, but I want to know. Is Dudley doing good in school? I don't want to lose contact with my cousin even if we didn't get a long.

"I need to get those two sitting down and talking" Petunia said and put that away for later thinking.

I await your letter and Hedwig will bring it to me when you have one ready, she's smart and can find anyone it seems, well according to me at least. Anyway enough of my rambling for now, hope to hear from you soon.

Your nephew,

Petunia smiled at the length of the letter and could tell that even if he rambled from nervousness, he wanted her to know and she was glad to have learned all that Harry liked at school.

She put the letter away and went on to grab some paper and a pencil so she could return the letter, but not before she took some water out to Hedwig and saw her munching on something she didn't want to think about.


Harry stated at the diary that belonged to his mortal mother and wondered how he could open it. So far he hadn't be able to see the contents and he couldn't even get past the damn cover!

He grumbled and fought with the damn book, which got him a look from Terry when he saw him trying to set the book on fire in desperation. Yet he wasn't able to open it and so he tossed it aside with each failed attempt to get in. Thana had no clue as to how to open it, but it must be something simple that he wasn't seeing as it was making him bluster into madness with his frustration.

"Why won't it open?" he asked himself and fiddled with the cover once more, trying to see if there was a hidden lock on the inside lip of the cover. He sighed and tilted his head and let his fingers simply run over the small design he found on the front and let his mind wonder.

He had sent the letter to Petunia on Thursday afternoon and knew it would take Hedwig at least a day to get there then another day to get back, depending on how long it took Perunia to write, so he was thinking he'd see Hedwig either tomorrow or Monday, but he wasn't sure yet.

His fingers moved over the design once more, but he unconsciously let his magic seep out his fingertips and into the book. The design lit up while Harry was still pondering over when Hedwig would arrive and what Petunia would say in her letter, and opened slightly before closing tightly again when Harry stopped and sat it to the side.

"What do I do to open you?" he asked the book. He sighed and went over to proofread his Charms' homework before he would go down to meet Hermione, Neville and Draco for lunch.


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