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Kidnapping Equals Adoption

Chapter 1

Wally let out a groan. His head was foggy and his body ached. 'What did I run into?' he asked himself.

As he was coming too, he could hear several different voices.

"He's kinda scrawny."
"Don't say things like that!"
"Do you think he'll be okay? We kinda dropped him a few times here."


"You're right. He's got that speed healing thing! They're probably already gone."

Wally forced his eyes to open. "What's going on?" he moaned. Staring at him were five pair of eyes. Wally blinked a couple times, trying to make sense of the scene before him. Okay, he was on a bed. To the left of him were two boys, both brunettes. To the right of him there were two girls, one blond and one brunette. The last one was sitting on his stomach and couldn't be more than a year old.

Wally glanced upward to see that yes he was indeed handcuffed to the bedpost. Okay… he supposed it was a good sign that there were kids here. If Wally woke up to find himself handcuffed to a bedpost and had someone… older standing at his bedside, he might be freaking out a little bit more.

That still didn't explain where he was and why he here.

"Okay kids," Wally said. "Who are you? And why am I here?"

The smaller of the two boys to the left spoke up. "I'm Tim!" he introduced himself. Then he pointed to the boy next to him. "This is Jason." Then to the blond girl and the brunette girl. "That's Steph and Cass and Damian is the one sitting on your stomach."

"Nice to meet you guys," Wally ask with a grin. There was no need to alert the kids that he was mentally panicking inside. "So… why am I here?" he probed again.

Tim opened his mouth to reply when suddenly the clock on the left wall went off. Wally twisted his head to see the time. His mouth nearly dropped open. 5AM? Where the hell was he and why was it so early?

"Uh oh," Stephanie said. "We better get to bed before big brother or dad or A wake up." Cassandra nodded next to her.

Jason is already out the room as she said that. Tim reached up for Damian and picked up the youngest child.

"H-hey!" Wally protested. "Where you are guys going?"

"We'll be back later!" Tim said. After a short pause, he continued, "With food for breakfast!" Then Tim closed the door leaving Wally alone in the room, handcuffed to the bed.