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Dick let out of a laugh –well definitely no doubt about it anymore, that was Robin's laugh- and walked over to the bed. He took a seat on the edge and poked Wally on the side.

"Gah! Stop it!" Wally squirmed away. The handcuffs didn't let him get far. Tugging at them again, Wally looked at Dick. "Help please?"

Dick smirked. "I want to know how you got here first since my siblings are off playing hide and seek from me."

"Well I'm not exactly sure how," Wally began, "And I'm still a little fuzzy on the why, but in a general nutshell, somewhere between the hours of 2AM and 5AM your siblings managed to make their way Central City, break through Uncle Barry's security system, kidnap me, and somehow got me back to Gotham. The fact that they've been trained by Bats makes me feel a lot better though."

Dick's smirk grew wider. "They're already picking out their names and costumes though Bruce has already mandated that none of them are allowed out on the streets until they're 15, despite however early he let me out there." He sounded so proud of his siblings. Wally couldn't fault him. They were adorable and now that Wally didn't have to bemoan that he was stuck in the clutches of an evil super villain, he was pretty impressed.

"I even got to learn a few interestingthings," Wally said.

"Aside from my secret identity?" Dick laughed again as he climbed onto the bed and straddled Wally. He reach up to the bedpost, pulling a thin wire from somewhere on his wrist and began picking the handcuff. Wally decided he really likeDick on his stomach. Yup yup.



"Freedom!" Wally proclaimed. He rubbed his wrist, feeling finally returning to his poor arms. Wally didn't get much time to rejoice over this, before Dick placed his hands above Wally's shoulders and leaned his forehead to touched Wally's.

"What else?" Dick teased.

Wally swallowed hard before grinning. "That a certain older brother happens have a crush on a certain speedster."

Dick laughed. "Perhaps."


In an instant, Wally and Dick separated. Wally found himself sitting upright, posture straight and hands folded neatly in his lap. Why? Well for the simple reason that Bruce Wayne (AKA BATMAN himself) was standing in the doorway. He didn't look happy.

"Um… Hi Mr. Wayne?" Wally said.

Dick then leaned over and warped his arms around Wally's neck. Giving his father a cheeky grin, he asked, "Can we keep him?"


The End.

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