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Little Black Diaries

Chapter 1 – Tonight, I'm loving you

Friday at last, it had been a long week and I couldn't wait to get home. As I drove my car, I visualised myself opening my front door and stumbling in before shutting the rest of the world out. I sighed longingly as I cranked up the heat on the dash and felt the warm air lap around my face.

It was getting dark already when I turned down the long drive, the dense trees overhead almost made it pitch black. The large white house came into sight along with Emmett's Jeep that was parked haphazardly as usual. I smiled as I pulled up next to his car, I couldn't wait to have his big muscular arms around me, hugging me into his strong, safe embrace and seeing his big goofy smile.

I stepped out into the Forks drizzle after gathering my belongings, and locked up the car. I squinted up into the sky and was just about able to make out the clouds that seemed so attracted to this little town. The rain was a fine mist that clung to everything, the type of rain that would make my hair frizz into a ball before I even reached the front door.

The garage door was open and I could see Rose's red sports car was parked there instead of Alice's. When Alice was staying with us, she had insisted that her car was in the garage, the rest of us either didn't care or just let her get on with it for an easy life, Alice was very persistent.

The house was very large, more than what I could afford alone, but I shared the mortgage with a few other people which was why we could manage to live in such a grand property. On occasions we would also rent out one of the spare rooms, but it was difficult finding someone who could...accept our ways.

Alice was nice enough when she first joined us, she was a student from Rome studying fashion, but she only lasted a few months before she decided to move on, I don't think any of us put up a fight for her to stay. I have to admit, we could be quite a difficult group to live with, I think some people are intimidated by our closeness. We're like a big family in many ways, we always look out for each other, you hurt one and you hurt us all. We have lived the way we do for almost three years now, our way of life is second nature to us.

Alice turned out to be very high maintenance, to get her own way she would throw a tantrum like a petulant child. If she hadn't decided to move on when she did, we would have evicted her anyway for our own sanity.

I ran up the steps to the front door, swung it open then dumped my bag and coat. I stood still and quiet for a moment, searching for any noise that would indicate where he was. "Bella?" his voice boomed from the kitchen and I quickly moved towards it, bouncing excitedly as I anticipated being in his arms at last. I rounded the corner at the same time he did, bumping into his hard, muscular chest. "Hey, there you are." He beamed down at me scooping me up into his mammoth arms and pressing his lips desperately against mine. I wrapped my legs around his waist and clung onto him as he walked us to the kitchen. He sat me down on the worktop and held my head in his hands as he deepened the kiss, forcing my lips apart and thrusting his tongue forward into my mouth. My body started to relax under his touch, I was home at last. I pressed my tongue against his, tasting him as I sucked and licked eagerly.

I eventually pulled away, desperately needing to take a breath. He leaned his head against mine and panted as he took his own lungful of air. "I missed you Bells. How was work?" he asked stroking my damp hair back from around my face. "Long, tedious, exhausting, ...I missed you too Emmy."

Emmett was a gentle giant, his arms were about the same size as my waist, rippling with huge biceps and prominent veins. He towered more than a foot above me, but was like a playful, doting puppy. His strong jaw flexed as he leaned in to kiss me again, his mouth parted exposing his pearly white teeth, I particulary loved his extra pointy top canine teeth. OK, I admit, I have this thing for nice teeth, especially when they bite and tease me. I leaned forward to meet his lips, keeping my eyes open. Just before our lips touched, his top lip scrunched up slightly like it always did which gave me a perfect view of his fanged canines again making me smile into the kiss, blissfully contented.

This time he kissed me gently and lovingly, softly stroking my hair and running his hands up and down my back. We pulled apart and he planted lots of little butterfly kisses on my face and eyelids before scooping me up again and placing my feet on the floor. "I have to go shower" I said, reluctant to leave him as I backed away. He looked so sad with his cute puppy eyes, "Don't go without saying goodbye" I ordered with a little pout, "I won't" he answered with a small smile, "Promise?" I added backing closer to the door "I promise, as if I would leave without a goodbye kiss from my girl. And don't you forget I'm back on Monday, we'll have a bit of catching up to do." I bit my bottom lip and fluttered my eyelashes at him, "Look forward to it, don't forget it's family night on the way, dinner smells amazing". I winked at him and he beamed with pride at the compliment.

Turning back into the hall, I picked up my things and looked around but there was no sign of Rose. "Rose?" I yelled, "She's in her room on the telephone, having trouble with her folks again I think." Emmett called back to me from the kitchen. Rose often had issues with her parents, they were very controlling and thought they knew what was best for her. I'm sure they did have her best interests at heart, but their efforts were smothering the poor girl.

Just before we decided to buy the house, Emmett had found her crying in the locker room at the gym where he worked and brought her home with him. We sat down and listened to her story, we heard how she had enough of doing what her parents told her to try and please them all the time. She had told them, in what she considered a moment of weakness, that she wanted to move out and lead her own life. They knew she was too scared and too weak to do it alone so called her bluff. They packed her belongings while she was at work and when she returned home, they sent her out on her way, saying something about earning respect.

Emmett found her homeless and broken, she was 24 years old then, but she was so scared and vulnerable. We both held her until the tears dried, looking at each other over her slumped shoulders, we had a silent conversation, agreeing there and then that we couldn't let her go.

We offered her a room at our house for a while after we spoke to our other house mate, it was supposed to be until she decided what to do, giving her the chance to make her own decisions in her life. As the weeks passed we realised that we couldn't bear losing her, we grew very close, not so much our other house mate, but we all decided to buy this house together. The house gave us all, the four of us, a foot on the property ladder, and also security and independence.

I climbed the large staircase with heavy legs, I could hear Rose in her room talking on the phone, poor thing sounded exasperated. I swung my door open and put my coat and bag in the wardrobe then plugged my mobile into the charger by the side of my bed. Unable to resist the large soft pillow, I kicked my shoes off and led back releasing a moan of contentment as my body relaxed and my head became engulfed in the soft feathery cloud.

My peace was short lived as my body took the opportunity to remind me, with a dull ache low down, that I was on my period. I groaned at the discomfort that accompanied Aunt Flo's visit, and reluctantly pulled myself up reaching for the pain medicine in my bedside cabinet. I popped out two of the pills from the blister pack and dragged myself to the bathroom discarding my clothes along the way leaving a trail.

After swallowing down the pills with a glass of cool water, I looked into the mirror at my reflection. My face was pale again, probably low on iron, after applying a little make up in the morning I had a healthy glow about me, but now it had all worn off after a long day at the office, the rain hadn't helped either. I was left with a very, very pale face and dark circles under my eyes.

My bathroom was a large wet room, clad with pale granite that matched the deep bath and double basin. All the accessories were stainless steel and little spot lights cast down a gentle, relaxing light. A brighter light was positioned above the mirror which I only used to apply a minimal amount of makeup.

I switched on the shower to warm up while I gently extracted the Moon Cup from inside me, tipping the dark red contents down the toilet and thoroughly cleaning it ready for reinsertion later. As soon as I stepped into the hot spray of the shower, a delightful shiver ran over the surface of my skin causing my skin to prickle with goose bumps and my nipples to become erect. I quickly washed my hair and body so that I could enjoy just standing there under the gushing water. I closed my eyes and let my mind wander as I let the water cascade down over my face.

My thoughts quickly went to Jasper, I hadn't seen him in almost a week and I couldn't wait for the next three hours to pass so that I could be in his arms again. With both Emmett and Rose out for the weekend, we would have the whole house to ourselves. I had listened to his intoxicating southern drawl over the telephone almost every day, but I yearned for his touch. I pictured him in his usual attire of low slung jeans that only just sat on his hips but hugged his firm, round butt, not to mention what they did for his generous package. He hardly ever wore shoes or socks in the house, exposing his perfectly formed feet occasionally with black nail varnish on his toe nails. More often than not, he would remove his tight t shirt giving me a glorious view of his muscular arms and chest...and those abs, to die for!

The more I thought about Jasper, the more my body yearned for him. My nipples hardened again, begging to be touched and nipped, and the ache in my stomach was masked by the gentle throbbing that had began lower down. I considered relieving the pressure that was building up between my legs, a few passes over the tight bud of tingling nerve endings would tip me over into ecstasy.

Cool arms suddenly snaked around me from behind, there was no need to open my eyes to see who it was, I knew that gentle touch anywhere. Soft flesh pressed against my back as hands moved over my breasts and my clenched stomach. I turned my head to the side and nuzzled into silky, sweet smelling hair before soft, plump lips pressed against mine. I opened my mouth and our tongues met, allowing a sweet berry taste to tantalize my taste buds. I smiled into the kiss as expert hands massaged my breasts and tweaked the hard peaks with just the right amount of pressure.

I groaned with pleasure as one hand moved down and slim fingers swept across my clit several times before entering me. "Oh...don't stop" I groaned as the pleasure intensified in the pit of my stomach, "I don't intend to sweetie." the delicate voice whispered close to my ear.

The rubbing and tweaking and soft kisses continued until I was sat on the edge of a climax, ready to jump but holding it off to enjoy the sensations for a little while longer. "Come for me" The soft encouraging whispers were full of desire and were my undoing, warmth flooded me and my body convulsed as I rode out the orgasm. I panted as I tried to regain control, but expert hands milked my shuddering body, extending my climax while supporting my sated body.

"I love watching you come, makes me feel so good." She sighed seductively, "Oh Rose, you have no idea what you do to me" I gasped as I turned to face her, taking her head in my hands and pulling her to me, kissing her deeply as our breasts mashed together. I pulled back and looked into her big blue eyes, smoothing the wet blonde hair from her face. Her delicious pouty lips were kissed clean of the strawberry gloss and mascara run down her cheeks from the shower still thundering down above us.

I moved my hands down her neck and over her pert full breasts, marvelling at the feel of them under my touch. I felt a fresh wave of blood leave my body, it mixed with the wetness from my orgasm and the water from the shower. I looked down to see a red trail run down my leg, Rose followed my line of sight. "Let me" she offered with a glint in her eye.

She dropped to her knees in front of me, grabbing me by the hips and running her finger over my bud of nerves again. She then used her thumbs to part my folds and groaned as she saw all of me. She leaned forward and circled my clit with her tongue, massaging the swollen flesh that was already sensitive from only a few moments ago. A small nibble of the tingling bud was enough to get me on the edge of another orgasm and sent shock waves through my body. I let my hands rest on her head for support as she teased me slowly with her tongue.

She pulled away and tugged down on my hips, silently ordering me to change position, looking up at me with smouldering eyes under thick lashes. I obeyed her instantly and dropped down infront of her stealing a kiss before easing myself back. She had my blood on her chest and face, she looked so hot as she crawled slowly and seductively over me, like a vampire seducing her prey.

Flying with her red wings, it only took a few more moments of her attention for another orgasm to wash over me, leaving my body sated and blissfully relaxed, all traces of any cramps diminished. I pushed myself up and pulled her onto my lap, gently wiping her face and chest clean. The glint in her eyes and the tension in her body told me that she needed her own release. She ground her hips against my bare pubic bone giving her some friction and moaned gently, a plea for me to return the pleasure.

I slid my hands over the curve of her waist and rocked her hips against me again before pushing her gently and guiding her onto her back. Leaning over her between her spread legs, I kissed her deeply and circled her clit with my thumb. I was rewarded with a low groan as her body shivered beneath me. I pulled back and looked down at her, wet hair fanned out behind her head, back arched and legs spread as she waited for me.

I reached into a drawer behind me and pulled out a flexible rod of pink and silver beads. I turned back to face her, her eyes were wide with excitement as she saw the toy. "Oh, fuck yes" she growled in approval, thrusting her hips higher allowing me access. "All in good time honey" I teased her causing her to whimper in frustration. Starting with her toes, I nibbled and licked my way up her legs taking my time and paying particular attention to the sensitive area behind her knees then her inner thigh. Ignoring her open folds, I carried on over her hip then across to her pelvic bone. Moving up her body, I dipped my tongue into her belly button, flipping the gold piercing as I made my way up and over the swell of her breast. Just before I reached her nipple, I looked up at her under my lashes, mimicking the way she had teased me earlier. She was watching me work her body as I sucked her nipple in and devoured her, causing her to shiver and pant uncontrollably.

There was a look of desperation in her eyes, begging me to touch her where she most needed me. I grinned devilishly, then bit down on the erect pink peak while simultaneously roughly circling her clit with my fingers. Her body shuddered and convulsed as the pain mixed with pleasure overwhelmed her. I released her nipple and leaned forward, kissing her as she lifted her head off the floor to meet my lips. I kept my hand moving in slow lazy circles between us as I broke the kiss and watched her wither and pant beneath me, her eyes squeezed tight and her mouth parted into a perfect O shape.

I licked her bottom lip and sat up on my knees between her open legs. She pushed her hips forward again, begging me. I moved my fingers down between her moist, hot folds and plunged them deep into her ready opening. I gathered her slippery lubrication on my fingers, she was watching me, her eyes dark with lust. I raised my hand and licked a finger, tasting her on me, the smell of sex in the air intensified. "Please, now." Rose whimpered, pleading with me to find her release.

I moved my wet fingers back down over her clit, then back into her folds gathering more lubrication, carrying on further down until I found puckered skin. I spread the wetness around and gently inserted a finger into her tight hole, she gasped and bucked her hips as I stretched the skin and inserted another finger. When she was sufficiently prepared, I reached out with my free hand for the anal beads which replaced my fingers. I pushed them in gently and turned the vibration on, then leaned forward to caress her clit with my tongue. Rose immediately began panting heavily and moaning loudly as her body squirmed beneath me.

As I lapped, sucked and nipped at her throbbing clit, her groans intensified and her hips thrust forward into my mouth, "" she gasped. I slid my hands onto her hips and grabbed her, pulling her closer towards me. Her body started to shake even more and her thighs clenched, loud guttural moans and growls escaped her as she tipped over the edge, finding her release. I carried on flicking her engorged bud with my tongue, extending her orgasm for as long as possible until she couldn't take anymore.

Her quivering, limp body slowly stilled in my hands, I removed the anal beads one by one sending little tremors through her body, aftershocks from her orgasm. Then gently pulled her up as I sat behind her, letting her rest between my legs as I washed us down.

Once we were dry, I sat her down at my dresser and brushed her hair as we chatted. "Are you ok Rosie?" I asked as I planted a small kiss to the top of her head. "I am now sweetie" she grinned up at me before continuing, "You know how my folks can be sometimes, unless it's their way, it's got to be wrong." Her face saddened and I immediately regretted asking her. I hated seeing Rose upset, she wore her heart on her sleeve, but that made her vulnerable and prone to a broken heart, much like how I used to be. "They just want what's best for you. You have parents that want you, and love you...and you have us to support you whatever you decide to do with your life."

I know my voice betrayed me when I spoke about her parents, my parents wanted nothing to do with me. Not that I blamed them, I got my heart broken by my first love Jacob when I was just a teenager and took it out on them. After Jacob declared his love for me and I for him, he left me for another girl after getting her pregnant at the age of sixteen while being engaged to me. He let me down and I let my parents down in return, I pushed them away when I most needed them as I couldn't handle feeling the love they had for me, Iove became something that got taken away from you, unreliable and breaks your heart.

Rose put her hand ontop of mine which was resting on her shoulder and gently squeezed, "You know I love you Sweetie, we all do." I smiled and pushed my heartache away, their love for me and mine for them in return was unique, if I ever lost that love I would be devastated but I wouldn't break again. "What are we like?...Come on you, you got a date to get to, I bet Emmett is pacing around waiting for you." I said as I pulled her to her feet and ushered her naked body towards the door. "Ok, I'm going, I'm going." She said as she bent down to collect her clothes which I had folded into a neat pile, I slapped her bare ass and she squealed and giggled as she skipped to the door. I caught up with her and kissed her before she left. We pulled apart and she looked down at me, "You had better get some clothes on too, your date will be here soon." "Oh, I don't need clothes for my date." I teased back. She turned and cat walked out the door, then shouted over her shoulder to me, "Sweetie, you are insatiable."


After Rose had gone, I styled my hair with big bouncy curls and piled it up elegantly. I added a touch of make-up and slipped a long silk dress over my head, there was no point wearing underwear, Jasper didn't have the most gentle approach to removing them, he had already ripped several of my favourite thongs. Perfect, I thought as I looked at my reflection in the mirror.

I went to check on the dinner that Emmett had prepared for me and Jasper, he had gone to get ready for his weekend away with Rose but had left cooking instructions for me to follow. He had prepared marinaded chicken and fresh vegetables, and there was his signature tiramisu in the fridge, delicious, Emmett was the best cook out of all of us. I set the table and lit the candles, smiling with satisfaction at the perfect setting for a relaxing night in.

I heard the door open just as Emmett descended the stairs carrying his own and Rose's bags. "Hey man, how you doing? Late one tonight?" Emmetts voice called out, "Killer shift. Y'all off already?" Jasper's southern drawl was comfort to my ears as I turned the corner into the hall way. "Hey you" I murmured as I looked him up and down. He was wearing his cowboy boots again and those tight jeans that left nothing to the imagination, hmmm. "Y'all look amazing, got some sugar for me then, darlin'?" He didn't have to ask twice, I swayed my hips like a cat on heat as I walked up to him, and pressed my lips to his, home at last.

The kiss lingered, we only pulled apart when Rose spoke, "Hate to break up the party, but we have to go, got a schedule to keep to, right Emmett?" she added with an eye roll. I knew what she meant, I had gone away with Emmett last weekend and every minute was planned out for us. He was into his outdoor pursuits, camping was not my favourite but Rose didn't seem to mind. Rose placed a chaste kiss on Jasper's cheek saying hello and goodbye to him, while Emmett roughly pulled me close for a deep kiss with tongues and a lot of playful ass grabbing. He pulled away leaving me slightly off balance and turned his attention to Jasper.

Emmett ducked his head to the side and staggered to Jasper with a lustful grin on his face, Jasper looked like a frightened rabbit in the headlights for a few seconds, but we all knew he was just acting up for the scene. Emmett reached him in two strides and snaked his arms around his waist before pressing his mouth to his open and eager lips, plunging his tongue deep into his mouth and grabbing his ass rougher than he had mine. Jasper showed the same enthusiasm and pulled Emmett's face closer to his. I watched them intently, enjoying their little display, I almost didn't hear Rose, "Fuck, don't you love seeing two men make out."

A text message rang through on her mobile, she scrolled through it and sighed, eyebrows knotted. It could only be her parents again repeating some their last conversation for effect. I turned to face her and pulled her into a hug, reminding her just how much she was loved. "See you Monday Rose." "Look forward to it sweetie" She said as she pulled back and kissed me gently but passionately, a hidden thank you for the hug. We pulled apart to find the two boys watching us, smirking.

Rose and Emmett left leaving me with Jasper at long last. The meal Emmett prepared was delicious, especially the tiramisu. We cleaned the kitchen together and I took our wine into the living room while Jasper showered. "So nice to be home" he said as he sunk back on the couch beside me. He had changed into some thin joggers which sat on his hips, no top to my delight, and had a small towel draped over his shoulders catching the droplets of water that ran off his blonde curly hair.

I leaned into him and let my head rest on his smooth, hard chest while my fingers worked over the ripples of muscles on his stomach. I sucked in a deep breath of his heavenly scent, unable to resist a taste of him, I left little kisses and soft licks on his chest making my way down to his nipples. I trailed my hand over his abdomen and just under the elastic waist of his pants as I took his nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it before biting down. I was rewarded with a low groan, and when my hand made another pass just under the waist of his pants, my fingers touched the smooth head of his erection. "Pleased to see me?" I asked peeking up at him under my lashes, "Always pleased to see you darlin'" I loved it when he called me darlin'...Jaspers darlin'...I knew deep down that it wasn't a name reserved for me, but I could imagine it was.

Jasper lifted his hips and put his arms behind his head, sighing as his head lolled back. I slid off the couch and nestled between his parted legs, slipping my fingers under the band of his pants and tugged at them. His impressive erection sprang free as I pulled his clothing away from him, causing him to take a sharp intake of breath as the cool air breezed over him.

I looked up from my position at his feet and admired the view. His strong, tanned legs surrounded me and led the way to his pulsating cock. I propped myself up on his thighs and ran my hands over his firm stomach, tracing the lines that formed a v from his groin up, then with my tongue, down the fine dusting of blonde hairs that formed the treasure trail to the pot of gold.

"Hell yeah darlin'" he panted in anticipation "Right there" he added, grabbing my head with both hands and holding me in place above his erection. I licked my lips in readiness and swirled my tongue around the engorged head, dipping into his slit and tasting the salty wetness that had already seeped out. His body shuddered beneath me, needing more. I freed my head from his firm grasp and continued to tease and seduce him. After swirling my tongue around the red, pulsating head once more, I continued my assult down, tracing the raised, full veins until I reached his balls. I sucked one into my mouth then moved across to the other paying the same attention before licking and sucking my way back up.

Jasper was thrusting by now and moaning loudly, I felt smug knowing I was causing him this pleasure. I stopped and looked up at his needy face, eyes closed and eyebrows knotted, the want for release evident. "Now" he growled looking down at me, commanding me with his eyes. I smiled seductively before taking him into my mouth, wrapping my lips around his erection and swirling my tongue around his thick girth as he filled me. When the swollen head hit the back of my throat, Jasper groaned and under his breath rewarded me with praise, "Fuck that's deep". Pulling back up I gently skimmed my teeth along his shaft, then swirled my tongue around the head again. Jasper grasped at my head again and guided me as my head bobbed up and down, licking and sucking as I took him deep. Without stopping, I ran my hands up his thighs and let them rest on his balls, fondling and teasing, pushing him closer and closer to the edge.

It didn't take long before Jasper was panting and withering beneath me, "Can't... wait... much... longer" he gasped as his orgasm built. I knew when he was about to come, his balls tightened under my touch and his breathing became erratic, at that moment I pulled almost all the way off and pressed my tongue hard against his slit, preventing him from tipping over the edge. He started to fling his arms around, trying to find something to hold onto as his stomach clenched and cock twitched "Fuck...ohhh Mother ffff..." at that moment I released the pressure and quickly sucked my way back down. As soon as he hit the back of my throat, he released into me shouting and groaning as he did, I swallowed around him as his warm cum shot down my throat in several powerful bursts.

When he stilled and the expletives were reduced to contented sighes, I let his softening cock slip from my mouth and kissed my way up his sated body only stopping when I reached his mouth. I kissed him deeply letting him taste himself on me, enjoying his groans of pleasure that vibrated through me.

Jaspers eyes soon became sleepy as we cuddled on the sofa, he had been working a lot lately. I pulled him to his feet and led him to my room, carrying his clothes for him. He led back on my bed and quickly fell asleep, letting out soft, comforting snores. I pulled the covers over him, and tucked him in giving his a soft kiss, "Good night Jazz" I whispered.

I felt a little disappointed that I was left unsatisfied, still wet and swollen from watching Jasper's intense orgasm. I undressed and led down next to him, curling into his side. I fully intended to relieve myself with the aid of my trusty vibrator, but Jasper's relaxed body and gentle snores, lulled me into a deep sleep.

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