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This is rated M, because of the multiple lemons.

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Little Black Diaries

Chapter 8 – Now this is my happy ever after.






I took a deep cleansing breath, what I would give to move my leg right now, it had been burning a while but now it had started to tingle, not to mention the constant ache between my thighs from that damn thing.



I could have been here for half an hour, an hour...two hours. I had absolutely no idea how much time had passed, the clock was on the wall behind me so out of my sight. I yearned to move my body to relieve the pressure building up, but there was no way I could move my arms or legs. I tried my right arm, not even an inch, my leg...nope. Perhaps if I pushed down into bed and circle my hips?... Nope, not enough friction. Being tied up on a bed, face down, sat on the edge of a climax for what seems like not as much fun as it may sound.




Those damn eggs, I hate Rose, and that damn clock, I may remove the batteries later...from both contraptions. The clock ticking is just a reminder that I'm stuck here for who the hell knows how long, it's driving me mad. The little vibrating eggs embedded deep inside me have left me panting, they build me up, warmth spreading in the pit of my stomach and the coil tensing ready to release...only for the vibrating to stop and the edge slips further and further away... then the little fuckers start up again repeating the whole frustrating process...this has to be over soon...surely.

It's my fault I got myself into this. Why did I roll my eyes when I did? I did it just to provoke him into punishing me, stupid Bella. Could I not have kept myself in check for a few more hours? I was expecting him to take me over his knee, spank me a little, perhaps some gentle lashes of the whip, but no, I get this... this... torture. My little plan backfired big time.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath, smelling the masculine scent of leather from the restraints, and the burning jasmine candles that transform our bedroom into a boudoir of seduction. I could also smell Edward, his sweet unique smell that I would never have enough of. I wish he was closer so that I could nuzzle up into his neck and inhale his heavenly scent undiluted. My stomach twisted into knots with excitement, he would be back soon and I would get what I wanted, he had to give me something in return, didn't he?



I opened my eyes and stared at the duvet below me. "I think you have learned your lesson now Bella" I startled at the sound of his voice, I hadn't even heard him come back. Panic, need and excitement bubbled in my stomach, I desperately wanted to get on with the precious time we had alone together. I had learned my lesson, no more eye rolling during play time. "Do you think you can be a good girl now?" My heart thrummed in my chest, threatening to burst free, the excitement building in my body had my muscles twitching. I don't know about being a good girl, but I could pretend if it meant he would finish what those little balls had started.

I didn't answer, it was enough to keep myself still. "Look at me Bella" Edward whispered seductively close to my ear. His warm breath washed over me, sending my head into a spin. I turned my head to the side and gasped when I saw that he had removed his shirt, not that I hadn't seen his bare chest a thousand times already, I let my eyes wander down over his toned body to the loose jeans that sat just on his hips. I kept my gaze just below his waist level as I unashamedly latched my eyes on his obvious desire for me pressing firmly against the zip.

As he moved away out of my range of sight, I internally whimpered at the loss. Moments later I felt the bed dip as he straddled over me, his warmth burning against my body as his skin touched mine. I felt soft kisses on my neck, travelling down my spine, sending my body into a frenzy...then he was gone.

A sudden 'thwack' rang out as Edward's hand pushed between my legs and cupped me with gentle force. His timing was impeccable, the little eggs had just begun buzzing and the force from Edwards hand jostled them even further. It was almost enough to push me over the edge...but not quite enough.

Then he was gone again, he slowly untied me, rubbing the ache in my muscles away with soothing hands and soft kisses. My body relaxed under his skilful touch, he put his hands on my hips and pushed gently for me to turn. The sensation of his hands on my bare hips sent a wave of goosebumps over my body. I turned obediently and felt a delicious shudder run through me as I saw his naked form hovering above me, his eyes dark with hunger for me.

When Edward and I first made love, I was expecting him to be the gentleman that he was, perhaps a little too reserved for my liking, but I was a long way off the mark. He led the way and has ever since...most of the time.

He slid one hand up from my waist, along my ribs, over the swell of my breast then up my neck until he gently cupped my face in his hand as he looked down at me lovingly, green eyes vibrant and mesmerising. I knew he would always be mine and I would be his.

My eyes rolled and I clenched my eyes shut. My back arched off the bed on its own accord, with Edward so close, the intensity of the little balls had got so powerful. When the vibration finally eased off, I heard him chortle to himself as he pushed back onto his knees. His warm hand ran up under my calf and stopped at my knee, he then picked up my leg and lifted it out to the side. After he did the same with the other leg, he nestled up as close as possible to me between my legs, placing wet kisses and little bites over the sensitive skin behind my knees and up my inner thighs. A fresh flood of moisture left me as he got closer to my centre. "So wet for me...I love the taste of your sweet nectar." He said in a deep husky voice "Oh, please..." I begged in response to his dirty words and talented tongue as it flicked my clit.

He carried on lapping at my bud as he tugged at the cord attached to the vibrating eggs. The pressure of the eggs as he pulled them down, couples with the attention he was giving me, had me panting as he pushed me closer and closer to that feeling of ecstasy. At this point I had no control over my body as my hips thrust up and my back arched, but again, just as I was about to take that leap, the friction was gone. My eyes snapped to his, pleading for him to carry on. I wasn't let down, he moved over me and kissed me deeply, as his throbbing erection found my entrance and pushed through stretching me in the most delectable way.

He pushed into me deeply, over and over, filling me up until his pubic bone mashed against mine pressing on my overly sensitive bud. He didn't break the kiss, his tongue exploring mine and one hand still pressed against my cheek while the other supported his weight.

It only took moments until I was on the edge of the cliff again, the heat was building up like a volcano ready to erupt and the coil was yet again ready to spring. Determined this time to find my release, I snaked my arms around him and pulled him closer to me, deciding I needed more friction, I hooked my legs around his butt and pulled him deeper with each thrust.

Sensing my excitement, he sped up. I groaned into the kiss but pulled away as wave after wave washed over me. This was the mother of all orgasms, after being held on the edge for so long, when I was finally able to release, it was so powerful I almost cried. My body convulsed beneath him and I'm sure I cried out something. My muscles clenched around Edwards's thick erection, squeezing and milking him from deep inside me. It was enough to push him over too, and he was soon crying out my name as he ejaculated his warm seed deep inside me.

Once he caught his breath, he pushed up on his elbows and looked down at me. "Do you even know how good you make me feel, Mrs Cullen?" he asked. I smiled up lazily at my gorgeous husband, feeling totally wiped out after such an intense orgasm, thoroughly fucked and thoroughly loved. "I believe I do, Mr Cullen." I replied confidently as I felt the result of 'how good' I made him feel, slowly trickle from my body.

I glanced at the clock, 3:30pm, "Come on, time to clean up, we've got an hour before they get back" Edward groaned in protest, but the smile on his face that spread to his eyes told me that he couldn't wait for their arrival.

We quickly changed the bed sheets and jumped in the shower, even managed another round of loving, leaving us very little time to dress. We managed in record time though, excitement taking over, I didn't even feel sad as I blew out the candles while Edward opened the curtains as we transformed the boudoir into a bedroom again.

We only had time to pour a coffee and sit at the dining table when Rose came bursting in, "Quick, I need to pee." Was how she announced her arrival, throwing her bag in our direction as she waddled cross legged to the downstairs toilet. "I'll go help Emmett" Edward beamed excitedly at me as he too fled the kitchen.

Rose looked much more composed when she returned, I stood to greet her with open arms. She leaned into my embrace and wrapped her own around me. "Sweetie, you would not believe how damn horny I all the time, and hungry. I could quite happily eat and fuck all day." "Rose", I chastised her, "Language please, the baby can hear you." I added as I kiss her cheek and bent down to kiss her expanding stomach. Rose shrugged and headed for the kitchen. "And by the way...did you have to tell Edward about those love eggs? It will be a long time before I forgive you for that." I tried to sound mad, Rose sniggered from behind the fridge door "Oh, sweetie, you already do...I know you love them really."

Emmett and Rose got married about a year after Edward and I, they were expecting their first child in three month's time. We all lived together with equal shares of the house after Edward had bought Jasper's share, we were a close family...but not that close.

The front door shut and the comfortingly sound of Emmett laughing boomed throughout the house, but as they entered the kitchen, I only had eyes for one person at that very moment. My eyes locked with his shining green ones, and a grin spread across my face as love surged through me.

I bounced over eager to have him in my arms, "Hello Masen, Mommy missed you." I squealed happily as I scooped him up from Edward. Mason is almost one, he has my hair colour and Edward's eyes, he is perfect and completes my family. His birth and Edward's persistence has even repaired the relationship between me and my parents. We regularly see them and they love to play in the garden with their grandchild.

Edward put his arm around me and kissed us both as he joined me in admiring our little son. Now this is my happy ever after.

The End.

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