By phillydi


For Kensi it had been a long two weeks. She spent most of the time thinking of all the things she wishes she could have said to Deeks before he left for Guam with Ray. They had finally declared their love and she is counting the days before she would see him again. Unfortunately, she is also driving Callen and Sam crazy with her incessant humming and daydreaming. From start to finish the last mission was the beginning of a love affair which at times was more like a soap opera than the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. If she wasn't running away from Deeks then he was running from her. But in the end, the fragility of life and how short a time we get to inhabit this earth made them realize they couldn't waste another moment without each other.

Hetty's instinct to transport not only Ray but Deeks out of country was well founded after they discovered his apartment broken into the day of Jenna's funeral. The detective figured they were tailing him but this was irrefutable proof that Deeks had been in danger as well in his attempt to keep Ray safe.

Hopefully, now that most of the assassins were behind bars, Deeks could return to a quiet homecoming. Word was out in the street that Ray was long gone and deep underground. And the information that was gleamed from the boy's cell phone was enough evidence to put the hired guns away for a long time. More than one had given up Sanders name during their arraignments to put him away and in solitary confinement for the rest of his life.

During their two week apart, Kensi and Deeks spent many nights talking untill the wee hours of the morning. He told her how Ray was still struggling with his demons and trying to justify a life without Jenna and their unborn baby. But he was starting to put one foot in front of the other and relaxing to the pace of the warm tropical island. Deeks was pretty sure Ray would be ok; he just hated to be so far away from him when he left to return to Los Angeles. Kensi and Deeks both agreed they couldn't wait to take up where they left off and make up for lost time. It would be a sweet life now and they couldn't believe how incredibly lucky they are to have found each other.

Life back at the Mission is moving at a slow rate giving Callen a chance to catch up with case paperwork. He feels funny talking to Kensi about her new found relationship with Deeks but he wouldn't be a responsible team leader if he didn't at least address the new group dynamics with her. She agrees that things will be a little different but Callen would have to trust her and Deeks to remain productive members of the team. Callen thought of having them switch partners but figures Deeks wouldn't last a week with Sam on his rear end all the time. He would just have to see how they work through the growing pains of their new partnership and take it from there.

Deeks returns bleary eyed and tired from Guam exactly two weeks to the day he left Kensi behind at the Mission. As he descends from the military aircraft, all he wants to do is get home and fall asleep in Kensi's arms. Deeks looks around the tarmac searching for his lady but aside from the airport personnel, the hanger and terminal are empty.

"Welcome back Deeks….Good to see you Deeks….how was Guam Deeks….?" He sarcastically imagines how his return would have gone if Kensi had been there.

Deeks drops his carrying case and props his hands on his hips. He reaches for his cell phone to call Kensi. He hadn't heard from her in 24 hours but she had agreed to meet him as soon as the plane touched the ground.

There was no answer to his call. Deeks switches numbers and calls the Mission.

"Deeks, are you back in LA?" Eric asks.

"Yeah, Eric, where is everybody? Kensi was supposed to pick me up at Magu."

There was a pause and a bit of static before the voice changes on the line. Hetty clears her throat.

"Mr. Deeks, there's a military escort at the information desk waiting to take you directly back to the Mission. We have a situation here and have lost contact with Mr. Calen and Ms. Blye. I'm glad you're back, we're going to need your help." Hetty signs off leaving Deeks to find his way back alone.

Not exactly the homecoming Deeks was expecting. His instincts are kicking in and he doesn't get a good feeling about any of this.

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