Sasukes p.o.v

I was in front of Hinatas house when I heard a loud scream I turned around and saw a pink blob running my way, it was Sakura, one of my biggest stalkers, and yea she looked pissed she must have found out. "Someone, please save me."I mumbled to myself.

"Is it true? You know what Hinata said."Sakura said to me with hopeful eyes.

"Yea. I'm gay."I replied. Well lied. I wasn't really gay. I have my reasons to say I am.

"Really. Well then I guess I'LL have to turn you UN -gay."Sakura said with a seductive smile.

"No thanks. By the way did you lose weight?"I said in a squeaky voice.

"You noticed. Omg thanks well bye Sas-gay."Sakura said winking and putting emphasis on the gay and walking away.

Finally I thought to myself. I knocked on the front door. Soon it was open by Neji. Crap Neji has been testing me to if I'm really gay.

"Hey."Neji said to me.

"Hey, why isn't their hot guy tonight." I said in a seducing voice. I was really disgusted with myself at the moment. All Neji did was walk away with door open. "Yes."I thought to myself.

"Hey, Hinata I'm here." I screamed. Soon enough Hinata came down with a bag .

"Come on were going shopping." She said walking up to me. She kissed my cheek and started putting on her sneakers

"What are we going shopping for."I asked impatiently. I wanted to go shopping because since I'm 'gay' i could see her change. Yea it seems perverted but lets face Hinata is H-O-T. Well that's not the reason I'm 'gay'

FLASHBACK (about a month ago)

I was walking to Starbucks one morning. I was happy this morning because I was finally gonna ask Hinata to be my girlfriend. I had known Hinata since I was little and I've fallen for her over time. Her beautiful smile always brought me up when I was down, and her gentle hugs made my hearts skip a beat. I smiled at just the thought of Hinata her self, but my smile instantly dropped when I saw her with my enemy Naruto. Naruto was as annoying as people get, and it just so happens he was Hinata's life long crush.

"Hey Sasuke I have something important to tell you."Hinata said finally greeting me. She had a small blush on her pale face making cringe. I could feel it. The feeling of something terrible about to happen. Like the feeling before a huge storm.

"What is it?" I asked. I was pretty anxious.

"Naruto and I are dating. He finally asked me out."Hinata said practically jumping in glee. I didn't say anything. I just couldn't. I felt like a huge boulder had just crushed and at that exact moment my heart shattered into a million pieces. It can't be true, it just couldn't.

"Aren't you happy."She said with a tugging on my blue, sweater sleeve with a small frown.

"Umm of course I am"I said lying to her. If she's happy with him then I won't ruin for her.

"Then why are you frowning. Don't tell me you want Naruto to be yours."She said giggling.

"Yes I did."I said not noticing what that she hadn't said Naruto.

"Sasuke are you gay."Naruto asked in the most serious tone I've ever heard him use.

I though about for a while till I decided the best answer for Hinata's sake "Yes i am"I lied. I couldn't let her know. Not even in the slightest way.

"Okay from today on I'm no longer straight ." I thought

End of flash back

"Sasuke come gotta go."Hinata said breaking me out of my thoughts.

" Lets a go."I said happily as I skipped out of the that I even asked a question and didn't hear the answer.