Sasuke pov

I awoke to mooing, a pounding head and complete darkness. Where am I? How did I get here? As I tried to think I remembered last night there was a party and fucking drank up. All I really remembered was that I started off drinking who the hell knows what with Gaara and the poof my mind goes blank. My eyes adjusted to the darkness and make out an outline of a door. I tried to move my hands but I couldn't. Something was restraining me. I looked down and couldn't really see what it was. I couldn't feel my feet on the ground come to think of it I couldn't really feel much on my body except for my arms, legs ,and mouth. It may have took a while but it finally hit me I'm completely naked. "STAY CALM SASUKE someone will eventually find you, right?" I closed my eyes and tried not to panic but failed. Soon enough I was trying to get out and horribly failing at it. I stopped trying when heard something outside. Screaming, but not just anyone's Hinata's.

"Sasuke where are you? Sasuke!" Hinata's screaming got louder which means she was probably closer.

"Try the closet, maybe he's knocked out in there." A feminine voice said probably Sakura's. Finally somebody gonna find me. I was happy for a second till realization hit me I'm naked and Hinata and a bunch of girls are probably gonna find me. GREAT… After all my hard work of keeping my friendship with Hinata its going to get really awkward. I heard a door creak and closed my eyes to calm my self for a little bit I'm Sasuke there's nothing embarrassing about me.

"Nope he's not in here"I heard Hinata shout . My eyes shot open maybe I was behind some clothes or something. Relief filled my body and I put my head down.

"Try the next one then." Sakura screamed. My head shot up and I saw the light slowly creeping into the dark closet.

Hinata's POV

I was checking under the couch for Sasuke while Gaara was checking both the closets in the living room with Ino, Sakura, and Temari. He wasn't under the couch but my phone was. I clicked only to find out my phone was dead of course.

"Gaara, did you find him yet?" I shouted.

"Yea." Gaara replied walking up to me with Sasuke wrapped in a shower curtain and 3 giggling girls behind them. I took a closer look at Sasuke and noticed he was naked and half of his left eyebrow was gone. I couldn't help blush. I shook my head I can't keep thinking of Sasuke like that he's gay and I have Naruto-kun. Wait a minute where is Naruto-kun. I looked around furiously for Sasuke and didn't see him any of the other rooms.

"Hey guys where's Naruto-kun?" I asked getting all there attention. They all shrugged their shoulders and started splitting up to look for him. Sasuke stood in the living room with me and helped looked for him.

"What the hell cow leave me alone I'm trying to find my clothes." Sasuke said looking around the cow. I shook my head and went back to looking for naruto. After flipping over some couches and finding nothing we decided to go into the kitchen to look.

"Hey Sasuke where were you anyways?" I turned to Sasuke curiously.

"In a closet duct-taped to a wall naked." He answered as though it were the most normal thing in the world and happens everyday. His face looked as emotionless as paper just waiting to be written on or folded into something perfect. Sasuke walked in front of me into the kitchen and i followed closely behind keeping an eye out for Saukes clothes. Once I entered the kitchen i immediately looked in the other top cabinets while Sasuke looked on the bottom cabinets. I didn't find anything and I'm guessing Sasuke didn't either 'cause he sighed dejectedly. He stood up and went to the fridge.

"Are you serious Sasuke you're thinking about food when Naruto-kun is missing?" I asked him crossing my arms. Sasuke is so mean sometimes. Naruto-kun could be hurt and he's thinking about food. I glared at Sasuke as he opened the fridge. He's eyes slightly widened and he turned to me. I walked up to the fridge and looked in hoping for the best. My eyes widened and i couldn't help but start laughing. I could feel the tears at the brim of eyes as I stared at a Naruto with short shorts, no eye brows, hugging a gallon of milk and pink streaked hair. I looked at Sasuke and he turned arounf grabbed the broom and started to poke Naruto with it. Naruto eyes started to twitch and the I could see the bright blue sky on his face.

"Hinata, Sasgay, where am I?"Naruto asked groggily. Sasuke sighed and walked away. I didn't know why he didn't like Naruto but he just didn't.

"What's wrong with him?" Naruto asked getting up and giving me kiss on the fore-head. I looked down as my face heated and I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well I better go find out" Naruto said stepping around me. I stood looking down. How could Naruto just leave like that with out even telling me much. He seemed more worried about Sasuke than me.

Sasuke POV

Turns out my clothes where in a flower vase. Why was I looking there I don't know. I turned around and didn't see anyone awake around me so I discarded the floral shower curtain and started to put on my boxers when I noticed my leg hair gone. Nothing left completely clean. I pulled up my boxers slowly. Then my shirt and pants. I sat down and sighed. I can't where shorts ever again, that was my hair it's never going to be the same.

"Why are you sulking." My head snapped up to the voice and I the dope with a grin as usual.I glared at him and he stopped walking towards me.

"What's wrong?" He asked. His grin had fallen and I could see the hurt in his eyes.

"Hn." I grunted not wanting to say anything to him. He walked up to me and sat down in front of me.

"Listen Sasuke I understand you're, but lighten up I'm sorry." Naruto said patting my back. I looked at him surprised but quickly regained my composure and looked at him confused.

"I know you're jealous of Hinata, but I can't really give you much except a hug." Naruto said opening his arms. How dumb is he.

"Oh hug isn't enough how 'bout a kiss." Naruto said puckering up I pushed him away.

"WHAT THE HELL YOU HAVE HINATA!" I screamed standing up.

"I knew it you like Hinata." Naruto whispered looking down. Something was wrong with him but I didn't reply I just walked away.