Chapter 1


The sun beat down on the clearing with a ferocious intensity; a low lying wind blew grass around his ankles. The trees seemed to speak with both encouragement and taunts as the wind ran over the bark like sandpaper over skin. Naruto looked over his creation with eminence as he focused on its difficult conception.

"Focus the chakra, rotate, add power and CONTR…*PHMP*" were the instructions before the creation imploded on itself causing a backlash of chakra.

Saying this backlash pushed Naruto back would be like saying the Arctic was a tad cold. Jiraiya watched this from up a tree as Naruto was sent clear across his training area with pity in his eyes. This was the third day that Naruto had been out here and it was starting to show. His already abominable chakra control had descended to almost below all previous benchmarks for lack of control. Ironically, previously set by Kyuubi.

'For the sake of Icha Icha, I hope he gets this soon.' Thought Jiraiya as he hopped towards town.


"I'M TELLING YOU KID, GIVE UP ON SASUKE!" yelled Jiraiya "IT'S A FOOLS AMBITION" This was really getting on his nerves. The brat had been acting like this even since he failed to bring back the Uchiha kid. It wasn't like it was his fault but he still insisted on bringing the scummy little traitor back, and in one piece to boot.

"And why's that?" mumbled Naruto, quieter than was usual which was pleasant to both Jiraiya's sanity and eardrums.

Jiraiya sighed heavily and calmed himself down "Because that kid is never coming back by his own choice. He chose to abandon this village and now he's going to the one person who is in the same position"

"You regret your choice too then?" spoke Naruto, louder this time "You're trying to stop me doing what you spent your life doing, bringing back a best friend?"

Jiraiya looked queerly at Naruto before down turning his head. This kid was smarter than he let on. Not genius like intellect but almost like a savant for seeing underneath the underneath.

"Yeah kid, that's right" was all he could say before he heard a dull thump on the floor.




'That's plaster on the floor, has he fallen out of bed?' thought Jiraiya

The next thing he knew, he had shifted his head to side slightly and avoided a rather wide but powerful uppercut. He was sure Naruto was aiming to hit but knew that his own self-preservation instinct would dodge it.

"Buck up you old codger, you're not done yet. We're going on that training trip you promised and we're BOTH going to achieve our goals. Got It?" said Naruto, not icily, but serious all the same. They both looked at each other and did what they knew had to be done, to break free of the village's bonds for the three years they were going to leave for. They ran.


The sun laughed at the pair high in the sky, it spitting its warmth down onto them like a frat party prank. The sand spinning around them like a carousel causing irritation to both their eyes but not letting it affect them. This spar in the Land Of Wind wasn't exactly the best idea for their health but it was maybe the one place that could be easily reached for extreme conditions training. The elder of the two went into a taijutsu stance known only to a few select people.

The younger simply muttered it's name, he too was learning this style but was far less experienced than his sensei.

"Gamaken" The Toad Blade.

"Start your assault Naruto. I need training too so go all out."

The blond needed no confirmation for that, he was already halfway towards Jiraiya. A simple rotating punch was blocked by Jiraiya's left kneecap and countered by Jiraiya jumping in the air, using his weight to push his right leg up towards a man's sensitivity. Naruto jumped back to avoid this and caused a large amount of sand to get caught around his foot forcing him to fall backwards ungraciously onto his ass.

"Use your toes Naruto! They'll save your life!" yelled Jiraiya as he used those heavily muscled legs of his to jump into the air. He then took a leaf out of Tsunade's book and prepared to use a rather heavy axe kick.

It was as he watched the foot come down that Naruto realized why Jiraiya had such powerful kicks. Underneath his geta were sheets of metal soaked in toad oil. While he had never seen this elusive material before, the rather beef-like smell emitted by it was more than a giveaway. He continued to smell the beef even stronger until the geta finally impacted with his nose.

"Naruto you moron, don't hesitate, look forward and NEVER back down or YOU WILL DIE!"

The force from the kick pushed Naruto back several feet. This provided the perfect distraction as he started forming hand seals.

'Finally… a little variety; this kid gets so boring sometimes' thought Jiraiya

"Earth Style: Terra Forma!" called Naruto as he formed the final seal. A large structure of sand emerged from the ground surrounding Jiraiya.

'Let's see where he's going with this'

The earth structure began as four pillars which curved and crisscrossed into each other to form a circular tube with Jiraiya in the middle.

'So I'm trapped in an earth box… is it just me or is it getting hot in here?'

That was as far as Jiraiya's thoughts got before he noticed the sand glow red above him.

Naruto had used a Fire Style technique and was now glassing over the sand on top in varying degrees. The glass formed started to act as a giant magnifying glass under the unforgiving sun of the Land Of Wind. Jiraiya knew this was bad but it wasn't until the rather soft fabric of his red overcoat started smouldering and setting his hair on fire.

Naruto watched the structure start burbling like a child with a straw and a soda. When it exploded outwards, revealing a rather singed Jiraiya, he knew this wasn't going to end well.

'He really has changed' thought Jiraiya.


She was hot. There was simply no other way Naruto could describe her. Long orange hair colored a soft tone, almost like a peach. Originally tied up in two ponytails with bells attached, this fabric ambrosia was entangled in Naruto's hands. Her nails slowly dragged their way down his back as she moved herself slowly around in his lap. She leant into his chest and sighed happily.

She traced a finger slowly up and down his chest, feeling the hardened contours of his pectorals. Naruto wasn't a fan a sitting still for too long, he had to do something about this.

He picked her up and laid her on her back, the soft white button up shirt she was wearing crinkling slightly as she wriggled against the cotton sheets. Naruto slowly ran his finger up her stomach and into the valley of her chest. His lips pressing into the crook of her neck.

"Asuna, are you ready?" crooned Naruto softly

"Of course I am Taka, I've been ready since the first time I met you" came a gentle voice, almost like the bells that once adorned her hair.

Naruto slowly reached down and moved her panties away, revealing her pinkness. She blushed slightly as Naruto started rubbing up and down her slightly shaven slit, a thin strip of hair like a runway along her.

He could smell her from his position at her breast, he slowly placed butterfly kisses in a trail as he moved towards her sex. Sooner than he expected, he was lip to lip with her. He slowly moved his tongue out to explore and found that he liked it. A slightly spicy smell, almost like cinnamon.

He felt her slowly approaching her climax just from the physical ministrations, the muscle spasms and the rapid breathing showed this quite easily so he slowed down. He eventually stopped as she was on the edge of her precipice and changed position; she had her back to his chest, feeling his hardness poking into her lower back. He slowly took his weapon out from his boxers and let it enter her slowly. He heard her moan as she clamped down around his penis and he almost came right there.

"Keep going slow Asuna, I don't want this to end so quickly" mumbled Naruto as he pulled back and entered her again, deeper this time.

That was enough for Asuna, she exploded from within, her juices leaking all over the bed as Naruto joined her soon after.

Naruto looked at her slowly recovering form and had to act fast. He pulled the kunai from under the bed and gave her what he wished he could have given her before. A ruby red necklace.

Naruto stared at the corpse for a while before opening his mouth, trying to form words. He couldn't. She was the daughter of the Feudal Lord from the Land Of Lightning. Eliminating her was clearly a message to enemy nations that Kumogakure had angered someone and they were after repentance.

Composing himself, Naruto clothed himself again. He pulled the window open and looked out into the tree. He saw two things, a small white flower, and a rather old arm handing it to him.

"Go give it to her kid," muttered Jiraiya as he looked away from Naruto. His usually bright blue eyes were dulled slightly. Not really a change in color but the attitude behind them was dampened.

Naruto approached her last resting place and placed the flower into her hair. He had no idea what it was but why understand something that does not need it.

"Sorry, Asuna" said Naruto sombrely as he walked to the window and jumped out. Landing on the floor with a rather heavy thump, he collapsed. The mental strain of what he'd just done was too much. He waited for his head to come into contact with concrete but it never came. What it did come into contact with was a solid chest and a strong pair of arms enveloping him in a hug.

"Let it out Naruto, I know this is hard" whispered Jiraiya as he felt the young man cry into his chest. 16 years' worth of pent up tears being blasted into his clothing but Jiraiya didn't care, this was his godson after all.

"Remember Naruto, I'm always here for you, no matter where you are"


The world's most infamous author of fine erotic literature was in a private meeting. But it wasn't staying too private.

"Tsunade I'm telling you, this is not normal. His level of control is beyond that of anyone else his age with Demon Chakra. That Gaara kid wasn't able to control one tail of it ever; his circumstances were stacked against him higher than the Hokage Monument. Naruto on the other hand was able to control that at age 12. He's 15 now and is almost capable of managing 4 tails."

Tsunade listened to Jiraiya's tale with great interest. This was the first time he had had the audacity to actually try bragging about the fact her surrogate grandson was capable of the equivalent of holding a Demon such as Kyuubi over a barrel and taking it roughly from behind. Her eyebrow started switching involuntarily as her temple started to pulse ominously.

"Jiraiya, are you telling me you encouraged this to happen." Spat Tsunade uneasily

Jiraiya's demeanour changed then, he stiffened slightly and his eyes went up hastily and back down to focus on Tsunade's annoyed visage.

"I did for a time; note that I said almost capable of handling 4 tails." At this point Jiraiya started undoing his rather large amount of clothing and armor.

"Jiraiya, I swear, if this is another of your perverted tricks I will separate you from what makes you a man and then remove what little is left of your dignity."

Jiraiya didn't say anything, he didn't need to. There was a large, grapefruit sized, scar on his chest right above his sternum. But what caught Tsunade's attention even more was the sudden difference in shape of her teammate's chest. She had seen him without a shirt often enough to know his sternum did not bend inward. The scar had risen in several places where muscle was and turned an even darker shade than it had been. He seemed to be in great pain from the mere exposure of it to air.

'That is not natural it looks almost…'

"Demonic, right? Trust me, I could smell the flesh burning and bubbling. There had to have been the obvious extreme heat and I swear there was some kind of acid in it."

Jiraiya seemed to be reading her thoughts, but he didn't become the head of ANBU Intel without learning the tricks of the trade. People always misunderstood that the title Sannin was just that. A Title. He still had an official job but was more famous for his moonlighting as an author than as a ninja. It was almost a perfect cover. He was the Elemental Countries' highest ranking field operative.

"It's exactly what you're thinking. I pushed Naruto a bit too hard with his Demon Chakra training, he pulled out the fourth tail and this happened. I've now got the world's best and worst reminder of a student." Muttered Jiraiya as he pulled his armor back on.

"That scar wasn't just from penetration, it's a chakra burn, how on this earth did you survive that!" said Tsunade

"Easy, I still haven't managed to motorboat that fabulous rack of yours" said Jiraiya, ducking the inevitable chakra enhanced punch that was coming towards him.

'Maybe I shouldn't tell her about me dying twice while on the operating table'


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