So, there is this wall.

East is in the other side.

Can you hear?

I barely can understand… the words from East.

Hey, West. I'm sorry.

East, can you listen now?

Don't look at me right now… Is not like you can, anyway.

Are you still there?

…Why was I so stupid?

Can you hear me?

…Why was I so weak?


… Why didn't I fight back?

Are you listening?

… forgive me, West

there is nothing to worry about

… I lied, again

Be strong

I want to be strong; I want to go back in time

This wall is fading away slowly

Way slowly


Yes, West?

I want you to tell me your story when this is over

… My story

East's story

Why did you make me smile?

Wasn't I supposed to?



I'm cold



Tell me that story again

I'm scared

I want to hear it


I really want to.

You hear me?

Are you listening?

I wish you the best, I really do… Bruder

Let us be together again soon…

When the walls finally falls.