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It was a calm day at Olympus. Birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and everybody was fine and dandy.
….okay. That's a lie. Here's what actually was going on.

"Really? You're pathetic!" Athena yelled.

"You're…you're….OWL FACE!" Poseidon screeched back at her.

"I cannot believe that I actually let you talk me into giving Percy permission to date my daughter!"

"Well, your daughter is going to have a more fun life now that Percy's in it!"

"Fun? I hope to Zeus that that's not the kind of fun that will ruin her future!"

Over across the room, Artemis and Apollo were having a quarrel of their own.

"You sicken me! How dare you flirt with my huntresses!" Artemis yelled.

"It was just one time, lil' sis. Chillax, take a breath." Apollo said calmly.

"Chillax? How can I chillax when you are flirting with the maidens?"

"It was a joke!"

Aphrodite and Ares weren't very 'lovey dovey' either.

"WHAT? You took away my Eternal Grace Perfume? Why would you DO that?" Aphrodite yelled in tears.

"Babe, I'm sorry," he gave her the perfume back. "Here, I'm sorry."

"NO! Our date is off! WHO TAKES PERFUME FROM GIRLS?" Aphrodite screeched.

"Aph! Please, babe!"

Zeus sat, watching the three quarreling groups. "SILENCE!" he yelled.

The crowd gathered at their respectful thrones. The gods and goddesses who weren't fighting satin their thrones, a bit terrified. Well, except Hephaestus, who was booming laughter at Ares and Aphrodite. The atmosphere darkened a bit, and the clouds gathered into a dark, gray heap, a gray that could beat Athena's eyes in a contest any day. The heavens became dark, giving Olympus a sinister look.

"I've had enough of your fighting. You all keep arguing like mortal teenagers! Now, you shall see what it is like to be a normal teenager. I want the six of you to get in your mortal clothing." He paused, staring down the six gods and goddesses. Murmurs of "what"s and "why"s escaped from the six gods and goddesses. Confused looks gathered on their faces.

Zeus sat on his throne proudly, and said to the six,

"You are going to high school."

"What? Father, let's be rational about this…" Athena said.

"No, daughter. Rationality does not apply here. You are all acting like children. Now, you will be treated like children. You are to go to school every day, do your homework, and take part in extracurricular activities, like every normal teenager in the world."

"That's not fair!" Poseidon said. "Athena does that stuff already!"

Zeus sighed. "So? It wouldn't hurt to be more like her."

Athena smiled a smug smile at Poseidon.

"Take mortal money. You'll need it for more clothing. I expect you back in six months, at the beginning of summer. Goodbye," Zeus dismissed the six.

"Great, Apollo, look what mess you've gotten us into now," Artemis said.

"You're one to talk." Her twin said.

"Please," Athena said, "Poseidon started this."

Aphrodite just stomped away from Ares, and flipped her hair behind her back.

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