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Chapter Sixteen: Afraid; Afraid of Love, and More Punishment

The week had ended quickly. Too quickly. The gods all sat outside their old apartments in the hall. "I'm actually gonna miss this place," Aphrodite said. She shrugged. "Oh well."

Two people, a man and a woman, walked up to them. "Hello. Please, follow us." The man said.

"Zeus, don't you think you're overreacting with this whole thing?" Poseidon asked.

Zeus glared at his brother. "Absolutely not. I sent you here for Punishment, and you go off about to break my daughter's vow!"

"It wasn't even anything!" Athena said.

"Not anything? You looked like you were enjoying yourself, daughter."


"Oh, so you didn't enjoy the kiss?" Poseidon asked.

"I didn't say that!"

"But you didn't say you did, either," Zeus said.

"Enough! This is MY department, people!" Aphrodite said.

"All of you go with Hera!" Zeus said. Athena walked off with them. "You get back here, Athena!" All of the gods looked back, nervous as to what was about to happen.

"You know what, Father?" Athena asked, turning around. "I think it would be wise if you just stayed away from me for a while. I've got a lot on my mind right now, ranging from what…Poseidon did all the way to my normal duties I've been ignoring for the past few months."

Poseidon looked at her. "What, so I'm the bad guy here?"

"Yes, actually!" Athena yelled. "You are! You always have been! You, you…you just find ways to annoy me! And to make me go crazy! And not that mushy gushy crazy Aphrodite says I'm going! No! Don't you get the hint? We. Are. Enemies! You are irresponsible and act immature! I have to keep my head straight and I can't do whatever I want! I can't go and break oaths like you do! You see the way everybody's treating me now, don't you? When you had Percy, everybody shrugged it off that you broke your vow! But when you kissed me did you see the reactions? My father said he didn't trust me! ME! You and I," she motioned between the two, "can never be together! We've known that since day ONE, Poseidon. Since the very first day I became a goddess. It's never going to happen, Poseidon. No matter how much you drive me crazy! No matter how much you make me stumble on my words! No matter how much you even make me blush, Poseidon! That's all that can—that's all that will—happen between us! Even Aphrodite's teasing makes me wonder "what if…" but you know what? There is no "what if"s for me! I can't have ifs! I can only DO! And guess what, Poseidon! If I DO have a relationship with you, I can guarantee that it will end! Just like any other! You'll go and have some demigod kids and I'll be stuck wondering what the Hades I did wrong." She paused. Everybody was watching her. Athena was on the brink of tears. "And I'm afraid I'd actually fall in love with you." She shook her head. "Just like all those stupid mortal women." She turned and ran out of the hall.

Aphrodite frowned. "Athena! Hun, wait up!" she chased her friend down the hall.

Artemis shook her head at Poseidon. "See? This is why you stay away from maiden goddesses. Athena never cries. It seems like you're the only one that ever makes her do that."

The rest of the gods walked down the hall, searching for the two goddesses who had run off. Artemis once again shook her head at Poseidon. "What? It's not my fault! It's Athena's! She's the one acting stupid!"

"Stupid? Poseidon, girls aren't stupid. They're fragile. Why do you think I'm a maiden goddess? Other than that I hate men." She looked at him. He shrugged. "Because I, too, am a woman. I am fragile. I'm not saying it as an insult to women, either, Poseidon. We're capable of much that men are, too. Some more, even; but we get our hearts broken, too. And I don't want that." She turned and followed the pack down the hall.

The gods all sat at their thrones. Athena didn't look in the men's direction. "Much…drama ensued today." Zeus finally spoke. "And I have decided that my punishment was not working like it should have been. Many things happened that shouldn't have. For a while, I was fine with it until I realized that high school is not punishment. For many, it's a reward."

Hera nodded.

"I have decided that for not only fighting like mad people, I have another punishment for some of you. Demeter, Persephone, Hades," Zeus said. "You three will continue on. Really, your fighting doesn't annoy me to the extent the rest of them do."

Persephone, her mother, and Hades all nodded. "We only fight about that one day anyway," Persephone said. "Oh, and cereal. But that's all."

Zeus nodded. "You three are dismissed." The three gods left the throne room.

Athena, without looking over, asked, "What are you making us do, Father?"

"Right on point, as always, daughter. You six—Ares, Aphrodite, Athena, Poseidon, Apollo, and Artemis—are not only going to be stuck in a school now, but you will be teaching in one. To be precise, a college."

"Where?" Artemis asked. "How?"

(A/N: I'm making up a college here. It may be real. It may not be. I have no clue. If it IS real, I don't own it, and I haven't been in college before, so it'll go like how I write it!)

"There is a new college opening in New York. I've put in your résumés, and you have already been accepted into teaching. It is called Atlantic Coast Academy

"What will we be teaching? Our names?" Apollo asked.

"You will soon find out." Zeus said. "As for when, it will be the beginning of next school year."

"OOH! This is just a chance for me to make some romance!" Aphrodite squealed.

"I don't think so, Aphrodite. As of the first day there, your ability to do godly things are gone. Ares will still be strong, but not Captain America; Athena still basically the same; Poseidon no longer controlling water, but still attached to it; Artemis still able to shoot long distance and persuade girls not to like men, yet unable to recruit those to the hunt and take out of the hunt or hit perfect target; Apollo still able to speak only the truth, but also given the will to lie. You Aphrodite, will be able to persuade people to date, but not use your "love magic" or whatever you're calling it these days."

"That sounds like torture!" Poseidon said.

"Well, you deserve it." He said.

Finally, Athena looked over. She looked at Poseidon and said "This is all your fault,"

Poseidon stood up and yelled at her. "My fault? You could've stopped me!"

"You know what," Athena said, standing up. "You just stay away from me, okay? I've had it with you."

Zeus quieted them. "ENOUGH!" he bellowed. "Stop the fighting right now. One more disagreement between you two, you two will be doing much more than teaching classes!"

Poseidon and Athena sat down.

"Besides," Zeus said. "All of you will have to get along for this. If even one of you fails, you all do. This is not just a one-on-one punishment now. It's a group effort. You proved that you wanted to be treated as kids. Now you are."

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"Holy Hera," Apollo said.

"This place is huge!" Athena said. "Would you look at the architecture? I mean, look at this thing! It's…it's perfect! It's even—look at the columns! They're just like my Parthenon's!"

Aphrodite rolled her eyes. "It would be better pink or purple."

Poseidon shrugged. "Green. Anyways, let's get inside. We have to set up our classrooms."

"Why did we get stuck with this? We were getting along better!" Apollo said.

"Because we were having the tiniest bit of fun," Ares told him.

"Zeus ruins everything." Poseidon mumbled.


"And now it's raining. Thanks a LOT, Poseidon." Athena grumbled as she walked inside.

"What's got her panties in a twist?" he asked.

Artemis looked at him. "Really? She's still mad at you, you know. Men. Don't even get the smallest hint." She shook her head as she followed the fuming goddess inside the large building.

This could not possibly be fun.

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