Rainy Days and Awakenings

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of Vampire Knight, they belong solely to Matsuri Hino. I am just borrowing them for a bit, but I promise to play nicely with them.

Setting: Several months after the anime ended and Kaname is hiding Yuuki out at their ancestral home. Just a random scene during that one year they were together…

Looking up from the piles of books that Aidou-senpai gave her to work on with a weary gaze, Yuuki sighed as she watched a solitary raindrop slide aimlessly down the window pane. As though mirroring her loneliness, the weather outside had started raining right after he had left the house, and it hadn't stopped for the last two days.

Onii-sama, her mind uttered for what had to be at least the fifth time in the last hour. When are you coming home?

After a full minute or so of gazing out the window with unfocused eyes, the sound of Aidou-senpai clearing his throat loudly made her sit up straight, and set her eyes back on the textbook in front of her.

"Sorry senpai, I seem to be having having a little trouble focusing tonight," she muttered with a slightly rueful look.

Tell me something I don't know, the golden haired vampire's eyes shifted toward the blank piece of paper in front of her in disgust. When Kaname-sama had first given him the task of teaching her he had no idea she was such an awful student, and all the work that would be involved. Even so, his eyes became firm as he looked off into the distance with determination, because a promise was a promise, and he wasn't about to let Kaname-sama down.

He was just about to remind her once again (sigh) of her elite status in the world as a Pureblood, and try once again to get her to do some work when a slight movement by the door caught his eye.

Kaname-sama stood in the doorway. and he lifted his finger to his lips telling him to remain silent as he soundlessly made his way across the room toward Yuuki.

Aidou wasn't a genius for nothing and he knew when it was time to make himself scarce. As he slipped out of the room he rolled his eyes slightly, and chuckled when he heard Yuuki's sharp intake of breath and excited outburst after she figured out who was finally home. At least with Kaname-sama back home, he hoped he could maybe now get her to focus on her work again.

Coming up secretly behind her he slid his hands through her dark silky hair before curving them lovingly around the back of her head. His eyes glanced at the blank paper in front of her, and a small smile touched his mouth at the obvious proof that she had missed him.

Yuuki's eyes shot open as for a moment she thought she was hallucinating because she hadn't even sensed he had entered the room. Yet the intimate touch of his hands on the back of her neck could only come from one person. And she could feel her heart skip a beat while her breath sucked in with joyous anticipation.


She tried to stand up to launch herself into his arms, but his firmly gentle hands prevented her by clamping them around her shoulders, keeping her still in the chair.

"Is…everything alright?" Yuuki asked in a concerned voice as his behavior was unusual for him.

He did not respond instead his caressingly slow hands slid her hair to the side exposing the back of her neck, and Yuuki's eyes closed as a shiver of excitement went trembling down her spine.

Kaname's lips pressed against her neck briefly, with the lightest of touches before he admitted in a slightly husky voice, "I'm sorry Yuuki…I find I cannot wait any longer."

Oh Onii-sama, she thought as a tear slid down her face. Even though they had been together for several months now she knew the deep-seated loneliness he had felt for the past ten years still had not been fully erased.

Willing to do anything to comfort him, and make up for the time they had been apart she didn't hesitate in her answer - even though she was starving herself. "It's alright."

Kaname's eyes closed in relief as he leaned forward, and slowly glided his tongue over the side of her neck. As his fangs gently sank in and he began to drink in her pure, sweet blood, and he was touched when she reached up and intimately tangled her fingers with his.

While he drank from her a small moan escaped the back of her throat as several emotions overwhelmed her senses at once. The feel of his body curving around her back; his mouth against her neck; his fangs possessively entering her body…

It was all so intimate being like this with him, and feeling this closeness, made her realize just how lonely she had been for most of her life. It made her understand that over the years she had not just admired him. And was grateful that he had saved her, but some part of her had also been longing for the bond that she could only find with him, and was just beginning to understand what it all meant.

He bit down a little deeper and she could feel the blood leave her body, and something else began to stir within her making rational thought almost impossible. Swirling passion and warmth began to flood through her, tingeing her skin pink and forcing small pants from her mouth.

Her fingers clenched tighter against his.

Satisfied for the first time in days, he lifted his mouth from her neck and after wiping the blood from his mouth with the back of his hand, he pulled her into his arms.

Cradling her close he wrapped his arms around her tighter, and just savored the warmth of her delicate body arched against his. He could feel her innocent passion awakening for him, and it pleased him.

Quenching the sensuous glow that was beginning to form around them, he reminded himself that he was a patient man. After all, he had waited for over ten years for his precious girl to grow up, and he was not going to frighten her away by forcing things upon her she was not ready for.

Kaname relaxed his hold on her and looked down into her eyes that shone with love for him, and her wasn't even aware that a smile had slid over his lips.

"Welcome home, Onii-sama," Yuuki said while giving him a sunny smile.

At the sheer beauty of her smile lust began to rocket through him causing him to breathe out deeply. Containing himself quickly he forced his tone to be light and almost teasing when he spoke to her.

"How did your studies go while I was away?"

Yuuki's smile dimmed, and she groaned mentally as she had been hoping he wasn't going to ask her about them. At least not tonight, but would have waited until he spoke to Aidou-senpai tomorrow.

"Uhm…I could have done a little better," she admitted while turning away from him and staring somewhat guiltily at the floor.

Kaname's eyes flashed with a warm teasing light as he watched her squirm under his gaze. He knew all too well the reasons why she had struggled with her studies, and knew she had a lot on her mind.

"Hmm, I see," he mused and moving closer to her he placed his hand under her chin gently forcing her to look at him. "I guess I will have to be your tutor tonight."

Yuuki shook her head and was about to argue that it was not necessary for him to do such things for her, when she saw he was already walking away from her.

"Meet me in my room in an hour, Yuuki…and do not be late…" he ordered as a small teasing smile touched his lips.

Yuuki gasped when she heard the location. Since they have been here together in hiding she had never even been inside of his bedroom. An unwelcome tendril of excitement/fear began to course through her veins.

Author's Note: I am new to writing about this genre so please go easy on me. Over the past year and half I have mainly written stories for Naruto and Bleach. I recently watched VK anime and read through the manga and fell in love with the romance and the overall dark feeling that permeates the story. I plan to make this a two-shot and I already have some of the next chapter written, hopefully I will be able to post more soon.

One more thing, I did not care much for the current storyline in the manga and this story only came about because I wanted to be in denial about what is happening with Kaname and go back to a happier time in the story. I am sure there are others who feel the same as me…