Rainy Days and Awakenings

Chapter 3

AN: I wanted to post this ASAP since I left you guys hanging in the last chapter. Also, I realize I made the pace of their relationship speed up way past what had occurred in the manga. I should have made it after a year they had been together instead of a month…sorry.

Kaname moved off of her and sat down on the edge of the couch and looked at her with patient eyes. "Does the idea of sleeping with me make you feel afraid?"

Blushing, Yuuki stared down at the ground because she didn't want to face his searching eyes (they saw too much). "I am not afraid of becoming closer to you, Onii-sama," she admitted quietly before adding almost in embarrassment. "I guess this is all just…happening…a little too quickly for me."

Kaname stared down at her with understanding eyes. "I apologize, Yuuki."

Yuuki continued to stare out at the ground before telling him in a small voice, "I must seem like a child to you at times."

Kaname looked at her before breathing out a small breath without saying a word he punctured his wrist open with his fangs and placed it near her mouth.

Immediately her question was forgotten as she wanted his blood and began craving it, her body practically forced her to start drinking. Kaname moved closer to her and wrapped his other arm around her waist and closed his eyes as the sound of her sucking on him began to tantalize his senses with long-suppressed emotions.

He leaned over and pulled her wrist toward his mouth and turned it over before sinking his fangs in and the taste of her sweet blood began to fill his mouth and enter his body.

Yuuki's eyes opened wide as they had never drank from each other at the same time. And a wild rush of heat rose from the pit of her stomach, but she began to tremble and shiver as with cold. Her body began to long for something so deep and fathomless from him, she could only clutch his arm.

Several moments later gasping for air, Yuuki lifted her mouth from his wrist and lifting a shaken hand she wiped the trickle of blood from her mouth. Turning slowly as if in a daze, her mind tried to explain what had just happened between them, but couldn't.

Her eyes met his and they stared at each other for several endlessly long moments.

"Do you understand what just happened between us, Yuuki?" Kaname asked her gently as he continued to stare with patient eyes at her.

Yuuki sighed. "No, how could I? It was too powerful…" she added in a voice filled with wonder and a little bit of apprehension.

"Only with you, have I felt this way," he confessed as he leaned closer to her so his mouth was near her ear. "In the vampire world, sharing each other's blood is the most intimate act of all for our kind. In essence, it makes us lovers. Every time we do it, it binds us closer together until we almost become as one being. Our blood begins to flow together binding our lives, emotions and memories."

A ragged breath escaped her as she began to understand what he was saying to her. A soft blush began to cover her face as she looked over at him. "So eventually over time, my blood will become one with your blood."

"Exactly, that is why you are so irreplaceable to me."

Yuuki turned away from him as she remembered back to the times when Zero had drunk her blood. At the time she had felt ashamed that he could read her mind through her blood. She had given it to him willingly, but he could still tell in her heart all along it was Kaname she wanted to drink from her and not him.

It was the same when she drank Zero's blood, even though she loved him too, it wasn't the same. There was no wild rush of emotions and euphoria; those feelings only came when she was with Kaname. His blood was the only blood she truly craved, the only blood she truly needed.

"I feel the same way you do, Onii-sama."

Kaname brought her hand to his lips almost reverently and in the next moment she was on his lap and excitement began to pour through her veins when she watched him dip his head towards side of her neck.

Almost in a trance her head arched back gracefully and a small gasp of surprise broke from her lips when she felt not his fangs on her neck but his mouth. His lips brushed her ear then slid sensuously down the curve of her neck, tasting and exploring every inch of her pale and exposed skin.

A sense of intoxication began to take over her mind and she barely noticed when she felt one of his hands begin unbuttoning the back of her dress. With almost mesmerizing slowness she felt him pulling on it until it pooled down around her waist.

The feel of the cold air against her exposed skin was like an alarm clock to her. And she began to feel embarrassed in front of him, and tried to cover herself with her hand.

Kaname gently pushed her arm to the side before laying her back against the couch. His eyes were filled with warmth and were almost possessive as they gazed upon her as he hovered above her.

"Yuuki, you are lovely," he told her and then leaning down slowly his mouth found hers again. And parting her lips underneath his, he began to move over hers with silken pressure as his tongue began to delve, circle and twine intimately around hers.

Mindlessly her arms went around his neck and her hands buried themselves in his dark hair. With a sigh escaping from his lips he deepened the kiss burying his lips in the soft moistness in a seemingly endless, shattering taste.

His hand was warm on her waist then she felt it move ever so slowly down her hip before she felt his fingers move under her dress sliding it up and exposing the bare skin on her legs and touching her skin.

Her mind drugged with passion, Yuuki gasped as she felt him cover her body with his, the weight of him pressing her down into the couch. Her legs were on either side of him. With her dress was riding up around her waist while he was still fully clothed, the feel of his hard body against her bare thighs was filling her body with a restless friction that made her want to arch herself against him.

Scared of where her thoughts were taking her, she began to tense up and her eyes opened up and were filled with anxiety.

Sensing something was wrong; Kaname opened his eyes and asked, "Do you want me to stop?"

Yuuki had the grace to blush because her treacherous body did not want him to stop at all. It longed to be joined to him in every way possible, but her mind was overloaded with sensation and emotions, and she couldn't take anymore – it was all just too much.

Staring up at him, her eyes pleaded with him to understand her. "I'm sorry Kaname…I am just not ready for this."

It is enough, he thought as he looked down at her with tenderness and laid his hand upon her cheek. Just knowing that she desired him and wanted to be with him was more than enough for him.

"It's alright, Yuuki…there is no rush," he told her as he moved off of her and helped her sit up. Seeing her blush in modesty, he turned away while she pulled her dress back into place and a few moments later he turned so he could help her fasten up the buttons she couldn't reach in the back.

Unable to resist teasing her, Kaname's fingers brushed over her skin after he fastened the last button. "After all, we have most of eternity to discover each other."

At his words and light touch a faint rush of heat came over her as her mind immediately ran towards thoughts of making love. In the dorms at the academy the other girls were practically obsessed with sex, and they talked almost incessantly about what it would be like to do one of the night class.

Having a good idea what she was thinking about by just the look on her face, Kaname placed his fingers beneath her chin and scanned her face with humor lurking in his eyes.

"Teenage girls seem to have vivid imaginations…care to share your thoughts with me Yuuki?"

Snapping her head away from him and blushing hotly, Yuuki put her face in her hands and groaned in embarrassment. She waited several moments to see if he would take her hint and politely change the subject. But when she saw he was waiting patiently for her to compose herself she looked up at him with rueful eyes.

"At the academy the girls could talk of nothing else, they usually didn't talk to me about it… but I heard them talking all the time about…well uhm…sex and things like that," she admitted and her voice ended on a whisper.

Kaname watched her as she stared at the ground and couldn't help but think his innocent girl was really quite adorable. His arm came around her shoulder and he pulled her beside him before he leaned close to her ear and asked her, "Does the idea of doing that with me frighten you? After all we are going to be married one day."

Yuuki breathed out nervously because the subject he was discussing with her was really awkward.

"Uh no…not really," she admitted hesitantly and kept her eyes averted from him. In her heart she knew it was the truth, she was not afraid to make love with him. And she had a feeling when she finally did commit herself to him in that way - it was going to be something beyond wonderful.

At her words and small smile on her face, kaname felt relieved. "I am glad, Yuuki, because when the time comes and I join my body with yours and sink my fangs in your neck, we will never be separated again. You will belong to me forever."

Forever, her mind considered and her heart filled with peaceful contentment as well as excitement. For almost her whole life she had been secretly longing to be with him in that way. Yet part of her was still uneasy about all of it as there was still a lot about him she didn't understand or know. He had walls around himself that even she couldn't breach.

In a lot of ways he was still a mystery to her.

"Forever is a long time, Onii-sama and there is still so much I don't know about you," she stated with a sigh and looked at him with eyes that pleaded with him to open up to her, and share something more about himself.

This time Kaname turned away from her, he wasn't ready to share his past with her and wanted to keep things the way they were for just a little longer. He couldn't take the risk that she would come to hate him and want to leave.

Instead he changed the subject and asked, "Do you know what I am in the mood for?"

Yuuki frowned at his putting her off, but decided not to press him so she played along with him and asked with a slightly teasing smile, "No. What?"

He looked at her with eyes that contained silent gratitude and a promise to one day open up more to her before saying, "I would like to have one of your famous back-rubs."

The chairman had told him long ago of Yuuki's annual ritual of giving him back-rub coupons for Valentine's Day. He had always felt a little jealous that she never gave one to him.

Yuuki laughed and was completely surprised. "Uhm…sure, I will give you one," she told him happily.

"I will feed you first," Kaname mused before standing up and reaching down to help her up from the couch. He led her over to a table where a bottle of wine was uncorked and there was a small repast of assorted fruit, cheese cubes and crackers.

After pulling out a chair and seating her, Kaname poured them each a glass of red wine and sat down across from her.

Yuuki took the wine glass from him a little hesitantly; she usually didn't drink much alcohol because it always made her very sleepy.

They didn't talk much as they tucked into their snack and as he ate Kaname watched her enjoy her food heartily with amused eyes.

"You never change, do you," he commented in a quiet voice after taking a sip of his wine. "I just don't know where you put it all."

Swallowing the rather large cracker she had piled cheese on with a gulp, she grinned and began to relax around him again, now that atmosphere around them was back to normal.

Her eyes were happy as she shared how the chairman and Zero used to tease her mercilessly growing up because of her huge appetite. "I can't help it that I like to eat," she complained in an exasperated voice after taking a large sip of her wine to wash it all down.

"Well, you may eat as much as you like and I won't say a word," Kaname promised her with a face that looked like he was holding back a laugh.

Yuuki couldn't hold back and began to giggle after her eyes met his.

Kaname stared at her face and savored the moment. "Don't ever change, Yuuki, stay just the way you are," he stated as his face became almost grave.

Yuuki, seeing the hidden loneliness in his eyes reached for his hand and covered it gently with hers. "Alright," she promised him as her soft eyes looked into his. "I will try not to."

He was not able to reply because there was a knock on the door.

Knowing it was probably Seiren behind the door, she watched him walk over and open it. He spoke to his somber servant for a few moments before he closed the door with a weary look on his face.

"What's the matter?" Yuuki asked him a little worriedly when he sat back down at the table.

He shrugged nonchalantly trying not to worry her. "I have to leave again in the morning."

"Oh," she said in a small-sounding voice and immediately began to feel her mood plummet. She hated it when he had to leave. Everything around her always became so boring, and she would worry endlessly about him.

Glancing over at his face she could tell he was beginning to grow concerned about her so she plastered a bright smile on her face. "I promise to study really hard while you are away."

"Well, I will punish Aidou if you don't," he reminded her sternly.

She searched his eyes for a trace of humor and only saw weariness. She knew he was working hard to fix things so they could live out in the open again. "You don't have to worry about me, I promise to work hard and listen to Aidou-senpai."

"See that you do," he told her a little distractedly as though he had other things on his mind. Leaning back in his chair, he picked up his wine glass and began idly swirling the red liquid in it as he looked like he was deep in thought.

The mood became unusually quiet between them as they finished their snack. Setting her wine glass on the table, Yuuki glanced over at him and noticed how tired he looked.

"I should go now - you need your rest," she said quietly and stood up from her chair.

Kaname reached out and wrapped his hand around her wrist. He looked at her and she saw something in his eyes that made her want to stay. "Aren't you forgetting something?" He asked as he raised a questioning eyebrow.

Yuuki stared back at him for a moment before she remembered…"Oh yeah…the back-rub," she said with a small laugh.

She walked over and sat on the couch and was grateful for an excuse to not have to leave him. He looked so tired and alone she didn't want him to be by himself. "Sit down in front of me, Onii-sama."

Silently he moved in front of her and Yuuki began to run her fingers through his silky hair, rubbing his temples with small circles she was glad when he began to relax and closed his eyes.

Moving down to his shoulders she could feel the tautness in them, and she began to smoothly massage and knead out the tenseness in them.

"How does that feel?" She asked as she massaged the back of his neck.

"Better than you can imagine," he told her as he leaned forward to give her better access to his neck.

As Yuuki could feel the tension leave his body, she was grateful to be able to do even a small thing like this for him. After several moments a yawn escaped her, and she squeezed his shoulders lightly before moving to stand up.

"I am getting tired, Onii-sama. I will see you when you come back," she told him before stretching her arms out tiredly.

In silence, Kaname stood up and placed his arms around her and tucked her head under his chin and rested it on it. "Don't leave yet, Yuuki…I promise nothing will happen."

Unable to deny him anything, she could only nod as he led her over to the huge bed and she lay down beside him. A soft but happy sigh escaped her when he pulled her closer to him so her head rested on his shoulder. Since the time they were children, it was warm, snugly moments like these that she liked best.

Kaname resisted the urge to kiss the top of her head, and knew the next few days were going to be nothing, but endlessly dreary meetings with vampire nobles and leaders. But he could deal with it all because he had her.

"Thank you, Yuuki," he whispered against her hair.

"Goodnight, Onii-sama," she mumbled with a tired smile on her face as she snuggled closer to him.

When she woke up in the morning it was much later than she normally did, and she was in her own bedroom. A fuzzy memory of him carrying her to her room early in the morning brought a bashful smile to her face. On the pillow next to her head he left her a note asking her to take care of the house while he was gone, and a long-stem red rose.

After sniffing the beautiful red rose, Yuuki leaned back against her pillow with a sleepy smile on her face as she couldn't wait for him to return home to her…


Author's Note: This was so much fun to write and I absolutely adore Kaname and Yuuki together. Especially the scene when he performed a pedicure on her before the ball in the manga. (How adorable, I swear I am turning all fan-girlish at the thought of him doing that.) Anyway, I hoped all of you liked it, please leave me feedback and maybe I will write another story for them down the road. Thanks so much to everyone who left me a review!