Spoiler alert! If you have not read Hourglass and/or Afterlife and do not wish for parts off the amazing books to be spoiled please do not read ahead!

And also sorry if this chapter is a little 'rough' I wrote it over night and hope you still enjoy it!

And I'm really sorry if it's too long just thought it would be interesting to write all this...

Randulf's POV:

I looked over at my dear friend Vic and sighed, he was so young so naive. It made me sad to see him as he was... I looked at Balthazar as I knew he was about to talk to both of us.

"Hey, guys. I have an idea." Obviously killing them is out off the question—"

Vic cut him off, "Why would you even think it was on the table to start with?" He sounded mad.

I then cut in, "Gentlemen, if we are to get past this we must unite. We must not fight!" I was proud of myself for not sounding as if I were still in ye' olden days.

They both looked at me, I could see that Vic was now realising that I was right and sighed.

"Okay" They said in union.

I smiled at myself and my small victory.

Balthazar continued with what he was saying before, "as I was saying," He started, "I know that killing them before they awake is out off the question, so we need a good supply of animal blood to supplement their thirst when they awake. That's why I was about to say I know of a place down town."

I was surprised he did not want to destroy them; he must have known what new vampires where like when they'd been recently changed.

"What do you mean?" Vic asked, as I sighed.

"It's a butcher in the lower paid suburbs off town; they sell animal blood as a side business. They don't ask what you're using it for, and don't really care too much."

I smiled; maybe everything was going to be okay after all, Balthazar seemed to know what he was doing.

He cleared his throat as he continued, speaking mostly to me. "Randulf you and Vic should go now." He said as he pulled a small note pad and pen from his pocket and wrote the necessary details on the paper and handed it to me. I glanced at it as Balthazar continued this time speaking to Vic, "Do you have a GPS device in your car, Vic?" I roughly knew what he meant by GPS, Mr Yee had briefly gone over them in 'modern technology' a class run purely run to help the vampires at Evernight reconnect with modern technologies.

Vic looked up at Balthazar and sighed too himself, "Yeah man I do have one." He didn't look too happy to have been forced upon with this small mission, but did not fight it.

I sighed as I knew Balthazar was coming up with an excuse to get Vic away from this terrible scene. "We should go now Vic." Balthazar smiled at me as he handed an envelope to me with what appeared to be 100 dollar bills inside.

"The blood is very expensive," He explained.

Vic nodded in approval. I knew this mustn't have been easy for him to cope with.

He slowly walked with me towards the door to his parent's cellar.

Before I knew it we were in his car, doing our seatbelts up, not that it was necessary for me to do so.

He plugged the address into his GPS and pulled out off the driveway.

After about 45 minutes of driving through Philadelphia, we arrived at an old ran down looking butchers, and both climbed out off the car in union.

"Be careful in here Vic." I warned as lightly as I thought possible.

We stepped inside the old building. I could not smell anything, but knew it must have been bad as Vic covered his nose. The floors where what looked to be a brown colour, although back-in-the-day they must have been a lilac blue. I walked up to the counter and looked at the small piece of paper Balthazar had given me and asked the man at the counter for a man who went by the name off Ronnie.

He nodded and walked into a back room. He did not return although another man walked out. He was a tall man, with long black hair that was layered and flowed just below his shoulders. "What were you chasing bro?"

I looked a little confused I knew 'bro' meant brother but did not know why he would be calling me his brother. I replied nevertheless, "We were chasing thirty pints of any type of blood you had."

He smiled slowly, and nodded. "Sure." He replied, "Do you have money?" He asked.

I nodded pulling the envelope Balthazar had given me from my pocket and handing it over to the man I thought to be Ronnie. He counted the money and whistled. "You do realise this is $2000?"

"Yes." I lied.

He smiled as he walked into the back room and called over his shoulder, "I'll be right back!"

Vic and I waited not talking for about ten minutes before he returned with two big brown paper bags, "It was a pleasure doing business with you to gentlemen."

I nodded as we turned for the door. Vic was the first to get back to his car. I climbed into the passenger seat as he turned the ignition on and pulled out of there.

After another 45 minute drive we were back at Vic's house...