Sharpe's Legend Prologue

Blurb: Sequel/Prequel to Sharpe's Doctor; India 1802 the Doctor, Amy Pond and Sergeant Richard Sharpe get embroiled in a Raja's deadly scheme to change the tide of the upcoming war. With an old foe at Sharpe's back, will Sharpe and the Doctor save the day?

This story is set between Sharpe's Tiger and Sharpe's Triumph for Bernard Cornwell Sharpe series and Series 5 for Doctor Who between Vincent and the Doctor and The Lodger.

Quote of the Week from the Eleventh Doctor in the Series 5 Promo

"All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?"


Life had become a nirvana on Earth for a one Duśmana Jāsūsa. Jāsūsa had started his life at the rock bottom with nothing. Born into an untouchable caste, in a shack just outside Bombay, but he had found his vocation in the gathering and distribution of information. Jāsūsa had started from by selling information about criminals to Calcutta militia to selling information to the British about the Mahratta's.

Jāsūsa was now about to make deal that would set him as a rich man for the rest of his life, all for a couple of meager secrets about an English man which seemed to be worth a lot to the Raja of Kayamata.

Jāsūsa was sitting on a platform on comfy cushions in the Raja's garden that was based in the heart of his Palace. Kayamata was a tiny sovereign state in the north of India but was very rich and could easily afford the upkeep of this beautiful garden.

It looked glorious in the midday sun and Jāsūsa's mind wandered while he waited for the Raja's big Vizier Nandī to fetch his master. There was a cough which disturbed Jāsūsa from his dreams and on seeing the important person in front of him he immediately got his knees with his head bowed.

In front of him were two of the most powerful people in Kayamata. The Vizier Nandī stood the left, he was a big man. He was easily eight foot tall and was built like a brick chicken house. The silk red royal robe decorated with yellow and blue facings couldn't hide the big muscles that surpassed those of the legendary Jettis (Hindu Strongmen). In short Nandī reminded Jāsūsa of a ferocious bull. The man standing next was infamous throughout India.

Rumour had it the Black Raja had been alive for centuries before the time of the Great Prophet Muhammad but Jāsūsa knew it must be just talk. The Black Raja looked to be in his late twenties and was decked out like a Raja should be.

He was wearing a black robe laced with gold trim with a black and silver turban. In the centre of the turban was badge that displayed the royal Kayamata symbol. A bright white crescent moon made of pearl on a black background. The Black Raja also carried a strangely carved gold sceptre. Jāsūsa knew from his Intel that despite his age the Raja was very powerful.

The Black Raja of Kayamata was the ruler of one of the small Mahratta's states near the territories of Hokar. Some say the Black Raja had the Ruler of Hokar ear and there was a strong alliance between the two nations. The Black Raja also was in control of most of the trade in northern India that the British East India Company hadn't yet covenanted.

"A thousand pardons Sahib, I was just waiting for your arrival" said Jāsūsa.

The Black Raja gave an indulgent smile.

"No need to apologize my friend I owe you a great deal for the information you gave to Lord Nandī" said the Black Raja.

The Raja walked forward so he was only standing a metre away from the bowed figure of Jāsūsa.

"The thank you is unnecessary Sahib. I got the information for the reward that your honoured self was offering is thank you enough" said Jāsūsa.

"Of course, before I give out your reward I just wanted to confirm the valiantly the information. Is it completely accurate" asked the Black Raja?

The Raja's face had changed from calm to intense and his eye colour changed from grey to blood red. Jāsūsa was compelled to stare deep into the Raja's red eyes and tell the truth.

"Yes I gathered all the intelligence on Sir William Saxon myself through painstaking research. Through servant's gossip to several sources I have made within the East India Company" said Jāsūsa.

"Good then my plans can go ahead. Thank you again Duśmana Jāsūsa your information is invaluable. It will be a shame to end such a promising case" said the Black Raja.

"End Sahib" asked Jāsūsa?

The Black Raja gave a dangerous smile and his features transformed. His skin changed to ash grey, his eyes to black holes of red and blue mattered hair fell down from his turban. His spectre transubstantiated into a silver trident which the Black Raja place the tip on Jāsūsa's back.

"I can't have you running around telling people you gave me this information. I also need to power up Sanskrit on the energies of the human body. So your death will be rather convenient, don't worry it's nothing personal" said the insensate Raja in a inhuman voice.

Jāsūsa could do nothing but stare in horror at his killer but to continue to kneel on the ground.

"Oh all the Gods please save me from the Destroyer" screamed Jāsūsa.

Nandī knowing what was about to happen, the big man just stood and chuckled as his master thrust his trident into Jāsūsa's back. A look of sheer horror and shock appear on Jāsūsa as he dissolved into light which was absorbed by the trident 'Sanskrit'.

The inhuman monster dissolved back into human flesh as the alien creature put back on the disguise of the Black Raja. He then turned back to his subordinate with his face the picture of calm calculation.

"Nandī make the preparations, I want to be fully prepared for the arrival of the English delegation. Also I don't want to be stuck next to some boring bureaucrat during the English welcome dinner. Make sure you sit me next to someone interesting, even if it has to be a lowly soldier" ordered the Black Raja.


The Doctor grinned as Amy walked into the Console room, sleep still in her eyes. She was usual clothes; a short denim skirt and a leather jacket half covering a red top. While the Doctor wore his customary red bow tie, tweed jacket, slacks and boots.

"You know what's missing from our lives Amy" asked the Doctor?

Amy gave a small half smile and replied.

"Proper fashion sense" stated Amy fixedly staring at his bow tie.

"Not even close, what's missing in our lives is a good curry. I know the best curry place in the entire Universe, a little restaurant in Calcutta in 1937. Well technically speaking it's the second best place, but I've been banned from the first. The Curry place on Rangoon twelve right next to the post office" admitted the Doctor.

"You banned, what did you do, park the TARDIS on top of the owners cat" asked Amy?

"No actually there was an incident involving the discovery of a mutated tentacle in my curry. Anyway this place is much better, the owner promised to cook me up a real great meal if I ever I was in town. How about it Amy care to sample the curry of the Gods" asked the Doctor?

Amy grinned infected by the Doctor's energy and enthusiasm.

"I'm game if you are, I haven't had a curry in ages" replied Amy.

"Off we go then" said the Doctor.

He entered the coordinates and the TARDIS zoomed off through the vortex.

While the Doctor bounded around the console with the energy of a sugar high five year old, Amy sat down in one of the chairs. Ever since the run in with the Earth Reptiles Amy thought she had forgot something that was tearing her to pieces but she couldn't remember what. Vincent Van Gogh had seen it and described it as a deep sadness within her and Amy couldn't explain it was unable to explain it away. But she had a feeling that the Doctor knew what Amy was missing but whenever she brought up the subject the Doctor always changed the subject. It was hard fighting against someone who was a past master at talking nonsense. Amy train of thought was broken when the groan of the TARDIS as it emerged into the common plane of existence.

"Come along Pond" said the Doctor.

The Doctor bounded out of the TARDIS and Amy followed and she stopped in her tracks at the sight in front of her. A dark shadow appeared over the Doctor at the sight of the wreck and pillaged Indian Village in front of them.