It was another stressful and paperwork filled day for Ciel Phantomhive. He hadn't received a case from the queen in months, not that it bothered him, but he had to admit he was starting to become restless. He was really looking forward to his next case whatever it maybe, to be honest it beat sitting around his mansion all day doing nothing except his companies bloody paperwork. That was the only thing he hated about taking over his families companies, though he would never insult his family by saying so.

He was just finishing up his last bit of paperwork when a knock came at his study door. Considering the time of day he knew it was that stubborn demonic butler of this with his afternoon tea and snack. Though he would never admit it, especially to Sebastian, he was actually looking forward to it. Sebastian sweets were delectable though again he would never admit it to Sebastian. "come in Sebastian" he said to him as he filed away the remaining work he had just finished.

Sebastian came in pushing the wheeled cart with Ciel's snack on it and closed the door behind him. It was obvious to Sebastian that Ciel was stressed, though this was nothing new for his young bocchan, something was just different about him today. Perhaps what he had for him might cheer him up a bit. He walked over to him "you're afternoon snack bocchan" he said setting out blueberry cheesecake and wild berry flavored tea for Ciel. "I know Sebastian" he said sipping his tea before setting it down and looking at Sebastian. "Something else you need" he said glaring at Sebastian, who had a slight grin on his face. Those grins made Ciels skin turn to ice at times. Sebastian shook his head "not unless you count this bocchan" he said handing him a letter from the Queen.

Ciel actually semi smiled, it had finally came his next order. Ciel couldn't be happier about it, though he wouldn't show it to much. "we leave immediately" Ciel said before even reading the assignment which caused Sebastian to smirk at his bocchan's naivety . "perhaps you should read it first bocchan, so we know where we're going and what we're dealing with" Ciel glared at him, the fact of it was Ciel didn't really care what it was and most of all he hated being treated as a child.

He was eighteen now, just because he was still small didn't mean anything dammit, he was still Ciel Phantomhive. He scowled at Sebastian then opened the letter and read it. Once he read it over he looked over at Sebastian and handed it to him. Sebastian nodded and took it from him and read it over quickly and sighed. "bloodless corpses huh… sounds like a vampire. They're easy enough to kill bocchan, this won't be difficult or take that long" he said smirking at Ciel. See there it was again the smirk that made Ciel's blood run cold but he shook it off. "That maybe be true Sebastian, but it doesn't change the fact that it's an order that needs to be taken care of immediately" he said trying to cover that fact he made a childish mistake earlier.

Sebastian went to say something but a raven flew in before he could. Sebastian couldn't help but want to roll his eyes at the irony of that but refrained from it. The bird landed on the window seal with a message tied to its foot. It slightly startled Ciel but just looking at the bird he knew it was from Undertaker. He took the message and the bird exploded into red flames as Ciel read the message. "Undertaker says he found a body trail but it ended at the docks. He supposes they crossed the ocean. He says he thinks they're heading for a place called Japan" he said and tossed the note on his desk 'why would they go over there… maybe to try and blend in perhaps' Ciel thought to himself as Sebastian cleared his throat "we should go bocchan" he said holding up Ciel's jacket and cane for him.

Ciel nodded and put his jacket on with Sebastian's help "don't forget to pay the Undertaker when we back Sebastian" he said walking out the door and Sebastian nodded following him. They went to the carriage and Ciel got in and Sebastian climbed on top and drove off to the docks. Ciel rolled his eyes he really hated boats but it was their only and best option to get to their destination. He sighed to himself as Sebastian drove to the docks and he helped Ciel out and they boarded a boat the queen had ready for them. The captain nodded and the boat pulled out of the docks and ciel sighed one last time as the boat started off towards Japan.