That is what happened after POTC 4: On Stranger Tides.

-Pirate's life for me. Savvy? – Jack Sparrow said to his first mate Joshamee Gibbs walking along the seashore.

They haven't got a plan how to rescue Black Pearl from the bottle yet. All Jack and Gibbs got were just two small dinghies on which they came to this island.

-So, what's our plan for now, cap'n? – asked Gibbs.

- Still working on it – Jack Sparrow answered staring at his beloved Pearl in the damn bottle.

- But Jack, didn't you ask Angelica how to take it outside?

Jack wrinkled his forehead for a moment. He was too happy when he saw his ship again aboard Queen Ann's Revenge that he forgot to ask Angelica about it.

-Don't you think that if I knew how to do it, we wouldn't stay here at the moment, eh? – Jack said with irritation.

Actually he had no idea how to let his ship out without breaking the bottle. The only person who could help him was Angelica. The one he left on a small island just an hour ago.

-Maybe we should better sail to that bloody island to talk to miss Angelica? – Gibbs asked.

Jack turned to him giving Gibbs a bad look. – She'll never tell after what I did.

-Listen to me, Jack, if we'll try to get the Pearl out without knowing for sure how, we could destroy it. I'm sure miss Angelica wouldn't mind to tell us in exchange for getting her out of the island to some port.

Jack understood that Gibbs was right. He already thought of it before, but meeting Angelica wasn't really a good idea. Jack sighed. He had no choice.

Few minutes later they were already sailing on a dinghy. Joshamee Gibbs was rowing while Jack leaned back and closed his eyes getting ready for a really unpleasant talk. Suddenly a ship appeared on the horizon and very soon it got close to the dinghy. Jack and Gibbs recognized that it was a ship belonged to a Spanish king they met not long ago. The one who ruined The Fountain Of Youth. Now the members of the crew started putting down ropes so they can lift the dinghy aboard.

-What do they think they doing? – Jack exclaimed while they getting lifted.

Remembering how cruel king's men were Jack didn't like the perspective of meeting them at all. Of course they are not going to let them go so easily. Jack Sparrow and Gibbs stepped out to the deck and were quiet surprised. No one really cared about them. Those crew members who pulled them aboard talked to them in Spanish but seeing that they don't understand just walked away. It seemed these Spanish men were kind of celebrating something. Loud music was played and sailors were dancing with bottles full of drinks in their hands. Then Jack saw a big table with lots of delicious food standing in the head of this feast. The king was sitting behind it watching people's dancing. One of his servants was filling his goblet with wine, other was standing not far to be sure no one's disturbing his master. Jack Sparrow smiled to Gibbs saying – That is much better than I've expected, mate!

Jack came a little closer to the table trying not to be noticed by the king and to get some rum. Musicians finished playing their tune and started another one even faster than the previous. Jack was getting through dancing crew members when he saw a woman sitting to the right of the king. She was dressed in scarlet dress and there was a big red rose in her dark shoulder length hair. The woman was whispering something to the king and he was smiling with pleasure. Then she suddenly raised her head laughing and Jack's eyes widen in surprise. That woman was Angelica.