That's it. The story is finished guys I really hope you've been enjoying it as much as I enjoyed the process of writing it.

I want to thank again all of my reviewers and subscribers, all who sent their messages of support here. You inspired me all this time and so this story is not only my story. It's ours. Thank you for appreciating me in my beginning of my writing hobby and being patient with my grammar and punctual mistakes as English is not my native language. Thanks to this site for giving us this opportunity of staying connected with each other through the stories and of course to Disney who created our favorite characters we write stories about!

I like Jack Sparrow that much than I like to imagine that he is real. Maybe he lived in 18th century. Got married with Angelica and had children. Or maybe they found that source of immortality and decided to become immortal together. Then they are still alive laughing at movies people make about them now Don't forget that it's possible because he's not just a pirate. He's Captain Jack Sparrow. Wherever he is now or then he is with me in my heart.

And how do you guys feel about me writing another story? I mentioned Jackelica's first meet. Should I develop a topic? Jack's childhood and youth are well-known to us because of Kidd's and Crispin's books. His later life in well-known because of movies. Maybe I should make up a story about Jack and Angelica becoming immortal and their life in the 21st century? Jack's unfailing source for stories so I can also describe some of his past adventures. Do you remember him saying about being to Singapore while rescuing Elizabeth in the first movie? Some kind of that stuff…

Tell me what you think of it.

Love. Love. Love.