A/N This takes place several months after where the first story had left off, and it will also be focusing a bit more on Madara, too, as he is essential to the plot in his own way – you just won't know how he is until later on in the story.

Tobi stared at his ring with happiness for what had to have been the millionth time since he had been given it a month ago. He and Deidara had finally gotten engaged and were set to marry sometime in the next year. The Uchiha couldn't describe his feelings with words. All he knew was that he felt happier than he had ever felt before.

"Deidara-senpai," Tobi said, excitement in his voice as he looked up to face his blonde lover. "Tobi is so happy! Tobi loves Deidara-senpai!"

Deidara smiled and sat on the bed beside Tobi. He pulled him onto his lap and cuddled him tightly. The younger boy had barely grown an inch after all the years that Deidara had known him and he was tiny, even compared to Deidara. The older male nuzzled into the boy's neck, inhaling Tobi's sweet scent.

"I'm glad, Tobi. …Un." Deidara said softly.

Tobi snaked his hand up behind Deidara to grab the elder's hair and tugged him down for a kiss. Deidara obeyed, kissing the black-haired male passionately before turning it into a full-blown make-out session. They broke away for air a few minutes after, and Deidara pushed Tobi away gently.

"I have to go into town and run some errands." Deidara explained as Tobi pouted. "Will you be alright here by yourself for a few hours, yeah?"

Tobi nodded, smiling. "Tobi will play with Nakama! But… why can't Tobi come?"

"Because I have a lot to do today and I want to get everything done quickly. Whenever I take you shopping I always have to go looking for you because you wander off without telling me, Tobi. …Un." Deidara said, but even though Deidara was smiling slightly as he said all of this, Tobi could pick up on the slight hint of annoyance in Deidara's voice.

Tobi bowed his head apologetically. "Tobi won't wander off today, Dei-dei! Promise! Tobi good boy!"

Deidara frowned. "No, Tobi. Besides, we went on that walk today and I don't want to make you over-exercise and risk hurting yourself again – you're still not completely recovered, hmm!"

Tobi sighed, knowing that Deidara wouldn't change his mind. "Okay, Dei-dei…"

Deidara frowned at the sadness in Tobi's voice. "Love you…" he kissed Tobi softly, smiling.

Tobi immediately cheered up at this and hugged Deidara. "Tobi loves senpai, too! Have a good day, Dei-Dei!"

Deidara smiled at his younger lover before turning around and walking out of the house, leaving an again-saddened Tobi behind.

The younger Uchiha hated being left by himself, but it seemed to him like Deidara just wanted some alone time, and Tobi would allow that to Deidara, but still… the Uchiha wished that Deidara had just said that he wanted to be alone…


Deidara sighed as he stood in line to pay for his groceries. He had been here for hours! Looking at his watch, Deidara knew he would never get everything that he needed to do completed today.


Deidara was snapped out of dream world by someone calling his name. He turned around, trying to see who it was. Oddly enough, someone who resembled an older Akasuna Sasori was approaching quickly.


"…Sasori-danna?" Deidara whispered in disbelief as he stared at the red-head who was now running towards him - he hadn't seen Sasori for years!

"Yes, brat." The older male chuckled. It's me."

"Danna!" Deidara cried in excitement, hugging Sasori tightly. "It's been so long! …Un."

"Yes, I know. How have things been? I heard you're engaged to that Tobi-brat."

Deidara pouted and pulled away. "Don't call Tobi a brat, danna! Just because I haven't seen you for years doesn't mean I'll let you insult my fiancé!"

"Why not? You used to call him much worse things behind his back than brat…"

Deidara sighed. He knew that the red-head was right, but… "Just… Sasori-danna, I'm not like that anymore. I – I changed."

"Oh, really?" Sasori smirked. "You hated that kid with a passion. What could've possibly made you change your mind? Don't tell me it's because you got him hit by a truck."

"…" When Deidara looked down at the ground with a sad expression, the Akasuna knew that it was because of that that Deidara had stopped his horrible ways.

"No way…" Sasori frowned, unable to understand why Deidara would've changed his ways just because of that.

"Yes, really, hmm. …Sasori-danna, do you think you could come and hang out with Tobi and me today, yeah? Tobi's being a bit of a handful lately so I haven't really been able to get out of the house much lately…"

Sasori chuckled. "Sure. Don't tell me you live with him now, too?"

"Of course I do, yeah! We're getting married! Tobi sometimes goes to stay at Itachi's house for a few days, and he stays with his dad for the weekends, so… it's kinda lonely…"

Sasori smiled, hugging Deidara back tightly. "Sure…"

Deidara had no idea that Sasori had more than just 'hanging out' on his mind, and this was where the chain of destruction would begin.


"Tobi, have you ever met Sasori-danna before, yeah?" Deidara asked as he and Sasori walked back into Deidara's home about two hours later. They had gone out to get some lunch together and chat before returning home.

Tobi nodded as he surveyed the Akasuna warily - Sasori had bullied him a few times as a child. "Yes…"

Deidara noticed Tobi's discomfort and it worried him – he hated knowing that Tobi wasn't happy. The Uchiha was such a joyful bundle of smiles it upset others around him to see him so sad.

"What's wrong, Tobi?" Deidara asked softly, frowning.

"Umm…" Tobi gulped, wide, onyx eyes fixed on his lover. "Nothing… Tobi will go to his room now and have a nap like a good boy… Nice to see Sasori-san again…"

Deidara nodded slowly, not convinced at all. Something was wrong with the younger male.. "Be up for dinner. …Un."

Sasori watched Tobi leave with a smirk. He had never really been fond of Tobi before, and now that Tobi was taking his brat away, he disliked Tobi more than ever.

"I wonder what's up with him, hmm?" Deidara wondered out loud after Tobi had left.

Sasori shrugged, not caring about the Uchiha's problem at all. "Dunno. Let's go to your room now, and… catch up." He suggested with a smirk. "Unless you also share a room with Tobi, too…"

Deidara shook his head, looking up at his old friend with slight confusion in his eyes. "Nah… only at night. …Un. He's got his own room for all his shit, including a bed he barely uses."

Sasori growled inwardly at the blonde's words - every little thing he found out about Tobi and Deidara's relationship pissed him off! Why couldn't Deidara have been his?

"Then I guess we won't be interrupted?" Sasori said slyly.

Deidara smiled and shook his head, seemingly oblivious to the red-head's wishes. "Nope… Tobi knows not to come in if my door is closed, hmm."


So Sasori still had a chance! Yes!

They headed into the large bedroom that was Deidara's and sat on the bed together, smiling at each other. The talk was small until Sasori decided to break his news to Deidara fifteen minutes later.

"Deidara," Sasori began, grabbing Deidara's hand and squeezing it tightly, "ever since you dropped out of school, I have realised my feelings for you. My feelings are still as strong as ever, and seeing you again after so long have made me desire you so badly."

Deidara blushed – Sasori's words were stirring old emotions up inside of him that he had thought had died years ago. "Danna, I… I used to have… no… I still have feelings for you, too, danna. I thought I had lost them after we lost contact… but… I see now that they are still here. …Un."

Sasori smirked. "That's great. I love you, brat… I always have…"

The red-haired man leant in closer to Deidara, closing his eyes and bringing his face nearer to Deidara's, aiming for a kiss.

Deidara gasped and pulled away, his eyes wide. "No! I c-cant! I'm with Tobi!"

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him…" Sasori whispered into Deidara's ear, licking it seductively. "Unless you're planning on telling him, of course… from what I've heard of Tobi he's a very forgiving and understanding boy… He'll probably forgive you just like that – even if we go all the way."

Deidara frowned and bit his lip, thinking it over. He did have deep feelings for the Akasuna, but he loved Tobi… But Sasori… was Deidara's first love… This could be his only chance with him…

"Okay…" Deidara whispered. "We'll kiss… but nothing more… and Tobi is never to find out about this, okay?"

Sasori nodded, smiling gently. "Wouldn't have it any other way."

As the two kissed softly, Deidara seemed to have forgotten about Tobi altogether, getting lost in Sasori's mouth, and before they knew it, the two were naked and sweaty, the bed banging against the wall loudly.

It was probably lucky that right after they finished, they had put their clothes back on because as soon as they were both dressed again, a timid knock came on the bedroom door, bringing Deidara back to his senses.

He gasped. "Shit! Tobi!"

Deidara ran to the door, trying to wipe the sweat from his face and fix his hair as he opened the door just enough for him to peek out at Tobi.

"Dei-dei…?" Tobi whispered uncertainly as soon as he saw his lover. "Is Dei-dei alright…?"

"Yes, I'm fine, Tobi-kun, yeah." Deidara smiled even though inside he was burning with regret and anger at himself. "What makes you think that I'm not?"

"T-tobi… woke up, and… he could hear Dei-dei moaning…"

"O-oh! I just had a s-stomach ache, Tobi." Deidara lied.

Even through his panicking on the inside, Deidara was still able to see just how uncomfortable Tobi was about something. "…Are you alright? …Un"

Tobi nodded, staring instead at the ground. "Tobi is just n-nervous… Can Tobi go to daddy's tonight?"

Deidara raised an eyebrow, confused by Tobi's question. "It's not the weekend today, Tobi… it's only Wednesday, yeah…"

"T-tobi just… wants to… see daddy…" Tobi whispered.

Deidara nodded, knowing that it was probably for the better anyway. Something was up with Tobi so it was better to get Tobi out of the house for a while - especially so he and Sasori could try and hide what had just happened.

Just because Sasori was right about Tobi being a very forgiving person didn't mean that he wanted to be the one to shatter Tobi's heart into a million tiny pieces.