Everything was going terribly. Itachi had been doing well before he had suddenly relapsed into a state worse than originally. Hell, even Madara's doctor still had not arrived at the hospital. The doctors were saying that Madara didn't have long left and if his new doctor did not arrived shortly, he would not make it.

Tobi was torn between his love for both Itachi and Madara. He wanted to be there for both of his family members, but he could only spend so much time with them.

Said Uchiha was currently sitting by his father's bed, holding the elder's hand. He had been told that Madara only had mere hours left. However, he jumped in shock when the hospital ward door slammed against the wall and a lady with blonde hair rushed in.

"Move!" The woman ordered Tobi as she knelt beside Madara's bed.

"Lady Tsunade!" Another lady – with dark hair, this time – chased after the blonde.

"What is it, Shizune?!" The blonde woman snapped.

"Lady Shizune, you haven't heard everything about the patient!" The woman now known as Shizune tried to reason.

"Shizune, he's been poisoned!" The blonde who was apparently Tsunade argued back. "There's no time to listen to them!"

"The doctors say there's not even three hours left for him…!"

"That's why we need to act fast! Get that kid out of here!"

Tobi whimpered as he was forced out of the room. He wandered aimlessly as he wiped tears away. He couldn't understand what was going on. He walked aimlessly for a few minutes before he bumped into someone.

"S-sorry…" Tobi whispered without looking up from his feet.


Tobi looked up at Deidara's voice.

"D-deidara…" Tobi whimpered. He wasn't sure why the elder was here. Was it a good or a bad thing?

"Shh…" Deidara wrapped his arms around Tobi in a comforting manner. "It's Madara, isn't it?"

Tobi nodded. "…Tobi heard nurses saying that Daddy will die…"

Deidara couldn't fathom how Tobi was feeling; he knew that the younger loved his father very much. When the raven broke down before him, all the blond could do was hug him.


Itachi watched as Deidara held his sleeping cousin. He knew that Madara was being operated on, and he also knew that Tobi was terrified of the thought.

"Why are you here, Deidara?" Itachi asked quietly.

Tears welled up in the blond's eye. "I… I want Tobi back… When I heard about Madara…"

"I know…" Itachi smiled in a gentle manner. "I know…"

Nothing more was said as all eyes were fixed on Tobi, hoping for the boy's sake that Madara would pull through.


Hours had passed by before Tobi was shaken awake by doctors. Their faces beamed in excitement.

"…" Tobi blinked sleepily. "…W-what…?"

"The operation was a success." A nurse smiled at Tobi. "Your dad is going to be fine."

Tobi was in shock for a few moments, but once the news had sunk in, his heart felt like it was soaring out of his chest. He was vaguely aware of hugging the nurses before running back to his father's room.

"Daddy, I -!" Tobi stopped speaking as he saw his dad sleeping soundly. The elder was hooked up to a respiration machine as his chest heaved. "Poor daddy…"

"He just needs rest."

Tobi jumped and turned in fright as Zetsu's voice sounded from behind him. "Z-zetsu… Daddy…!"

"He'll be fine, Tobi." Zetsu smiled. "He's recovering from his operation. He just needs rest."

Tobi nodded. He sat beside his father on the bed and took the warm hand into his own.

"Tobi loves you, daddy…" Tobi whispered. "Please, get better soon…"

"He will…" Zetsu said in a soft tone. "Just give him time."

Tobi nodded and lay beside Madara. He closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.



Madara looked around for the voice. That was the voice that he heard every time he closed his eyes.

"Aniki, why…?"

"I'm sorry…" Madara heard himself mumbling.

"Why did you let him kill me…?"

Madara winced at these words. "I-I tried to stop him…"

A horrible, cold laugh echoed around the walls of Madara's mind. "And yet… You turned into him… Your own blood-son… Your partner… You're just like him…"

"No, I-I… I…"

"I hate you. You're not the aniki I loved…"


"You never even visit my grave… You don't love me…"


A bitter laugh. "I. Hate. You."

Madara was only vaguely aware of a tear rolling down his cheek.

"But I love you, Izuna… I never stopped loving you…"

"Liar. You didn't even cry when he killed me. You sat there and stared… Even though my blood was splattered all over… I screamed for you… So loudly… So desperately… And you just sat there…"

"…" Madara choked on a sob.

"You know that I'm right… You think about me every day… About how you failed me… How much you want to die…"


"I hate you so much. I wish you'd just die already and go to where you belong. To Hell."

These words were Madara's breaking point.



The nurse, who had been checking up on Madara, jumped in surprise as Madara's body shot upwards with a loud scream.

"Izuna, no!"

"Madara-san, relax!" the nurse tried to bring comfort to the distraught male, but there was nothing she could do when he was thrashing around as if someone had hurt him.

"My brother!" the Uchiha screamed. "Oh, god – my brother!"

The raven-haired man immediately begun to pet himself down in a frantic manner. It was as if he were looking for something that he hoped wasn't there.

"Madara-san, it's okay!" the nurse grabbed his arm and tried to lay him back down. "You need to relax!"

"The blood!" Madara cried, his eyes wide. "Where's the blood?!"

"Madara-san, there is no blood! I promise! No blood!"

"My brother's blood! It's everywhere! It's all over me! Izuna!"

The nurse shook her head as she reached into a pocket. Her hand resurfaced with a sedative. She was quick to inject it into Madara's bloodstream.

Minutes later, Madara was sleeping peacefully.