A month had passed. Madara had returned home, but he was forced to see a psychologist by the staff at the hospital. Tobi had gone with him to one session. After hearing the things Madara and the psychologist spoke about made him wonder just how much his father had truly suffered.

However, things with Deidara weren't much better. Because of his father, Tobi had barely left the mansion, only wanting to be by his dad's side.

Deidara had tried desperately to talk to Tobi, but the Uchiha refused to answer his calls, seemingly furious with the blond.

That was what had brought Deidara to the mansion, standing at the front door as Tobi yelled at him.

"Tobi's daddy almost died because of Deidara!" Tobi shouted. "Deidara cheated on Tobi and messed everything up! Tobi hates Deidara! Daddy could have died!"

"The same man who raped and tortured you!" Deidara didn't know why he had screamed those words back at the fragile man before him. They just seemed to have left his mouth on their own.

"Shut up!" Tears dripped down Tobi's cheeks at these words. "Daddy was sick! Not his fault! Go away! Tobi hates you!"

"Don't talk to my bitch like that…"

Both Tobi and Deidara jumped at the unexpected voice of Sasori.

"The only one who can yell and scream at him is me."

A blur of black and red shot past Deidara and pinned Tobi to the wall by his throat. Tobi whimpered and squeezed his eyes shut.

"Leave him alone…" Deidara whimpered.

"Leave him alone?" Sasori mocked. He tightened his grip on the boy's throat, smirking as the Uchiha started clawing at his hands and gasping for breath.

Deidara tensed at this, but he knew he couldn't allow his precious Tobi to be harmed by someone like Sasori. With a loud growl, he pushed at the red-head, knowing that Sasori was stronger.

A fight broke out between Sasori and Deidara, leaving Tobi a hysterical mess. When Zetsu and Madara showed up, they pulled them apart.

"Get off my property," Madara snarled as he dragged Sasori away from the mansion. "Don't you ever come near my boy or Deidara again, and don't ever let me see your face around here again or else I'll call the cops on you. Got it?"

Sasori snarled, but he knew that Madara was stronger and a better fighter than he was. He nodded, knowing that he couldn't do anything here and now.

The red-head turned to Deidara. "Don't think I'll forget this… I'll kill you both, Deidara! I'll kill you both!"

Deidara and Tobi clung to each other at the words, knowing that Sasori wasn't fooling around.

"Boys…" Madara glanced at the youngest two, feeling his heart break. He sighed. "…Deidara, you're staying here with us…"

Deidara gasped. "B-but… I…!"

"No buts. Tobi, you and Deidara are going to make up. Okay? It's clear that Deidara wasn't in his right mind, and he needs support."

Tobi sighed. "B-but… Daddy… H-he…"

"He had nothing to do with what happened to me, Tobi." Madara knew instantly what was on his son's mind. "I mean it. Forgive him as he would you. I know he would."

Tobi's eye welled with tears at these words. He buried his face in Deidara's chest, sobbing. He had missed Deidara so much and almost believed that he would never get him back. But here they were…

"D-dei-dei…" Tobi wept.

"Tobi…" Deidara wrapped his arms around the younger. "…I'm so sorry… I swear I'll never do it again… Never…"

Tobi didn't know how long he had cried for, but he had eventually cried himself to sleep in the blond's arms.


A month had passed. Deidara had moved into Madara's home and his relationship with Tobi was stronger than ever. Sasori had eventually been arrested by the cops for what he had been doing to Deidara and other crimes that the blond didn't want to know about.

"Tobi…" Deidara smiled as they laid in bed. "Tobi, I think we need to start over again. So… here."

Tobi watched as the bigger hand reached into its owner's pocket. His eye widened at the familiar box that was pulled out. Deidara still… had their wedding rings…? So he still wanted to… get married…?

Tobi couldn't help but break down as he hugged his lover tighter than ever. He was sure that from now on, things would be better than ever.

I apologise for the sudden ending, but I am too far in with my in-progress fics and due to personal circumstances, I really need to get as many finished as I can.