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The Hands of Fate, The Changes of Destiny

by: AutumnHime


            "NOOO!!!!!" Usagi screamed.

            The final fight had begun.  Galaxia, barely a scratch on her, had stolen the Star Seeds from the reast of the Senshi....the Senshi that had died protecting her...Selene, Selenity, Serenity, Serena, Bunny, Usagi...she had been called it all, but it was NOT right that they had died, Usagi thought fiercely, crying out in pain, as her tear-stung eyes looked around the room:

                        Sailor Mars a.k.a. Hino Rei, fiery amethyst eyes and violet streaked red hair, her name went well with her personality.

                         Sailor Mercury a.k.a. Mizuno Ami, ice-blue eyes and blue-blue hair masked her true, friendly, and loyal personality.

                        Sailor Jupiter a.k.a. Kino Lita, sparking hazel eyes and wild chestnut hair electrified the lightning personality.

                        Sailor Venus a.k.a. Aino Minako, baby blue eyes and golden blonde hair...the very epitome of the Goddess of Love.

            They were her Inner Senshi...four of her closest friends, she thought, cradling Ami's head in her lap.  She shook her head, blond odangos flopping with the fierce movement, not noticing the bright colors glowing from the bodies of the first four; red, blue, green, and orange auras mingling. 

            Usagi looked at the next set of bodies, her Outer Senshi.  Four of the most loyal and trustworthy friends and protectors a princess could ask for:

                        Sailor Saturn a.k.a. Tomoe Hotaru, dark purple eyes and black hair reflected her dark powers but not her good soul.

                        Sailor Neptune a.k.a Keioh Michiru, soft smiling turquoise eyes and wavy aqua hair flashed the calm nature of the sea at rest...best not to be disturbed.

                        Sailor Uranus a.k.a. Tenoh Haruka, fierce      eyes and short sandy hair screamed toughness like the North Wind, yet her personality could be gentle at times, a soft South Wind.

            And finally,

                        Sailor Pluta a.k.a. Meioh Setsuna, ancient maroon eyes and green-black hair told you that this was a person who had seen the best and worst ages of men in time.

            With her eight loyal Senshi dead and gone, Galaxia was about to win.

            Galaxia, Usagi thought, missing the four lights that surrounded her Outer Senshi.  Purple, gold, aqa, and forest green fled up from their owners to combine with those of the Inner Senshi.  Galaxia would pay.  Determination filled Usagi's crystal blue eyes as she slowly got to her feet.

Galaxia WOULD pay.

            "Oooh, is the poor little Moon Princess gonna try and beat me??" Galaxia taunted, mad gold flecked eyes boring into Usagi's silvery ones.

            Usagi began to reply, "For my friends, I WILL..." when a bright white light flashed in the room...and everything froze. 

            A portal opened up, white mist swirling around the dark opening.  Two women stepped out, one wearing white leather pants with a crimson red dagged sleeve tunic over it.  The other wore a flowing black skirt and  a white halter top with a gray-silver belt completing the outfit.  They were (AN: Can you guess?  Huh, huh, can ya?) Fate and Destiny.

            "We can't let this happen, Destiny!" Fate cried.  "If Sailor Moon becomes Cosmos without her Soulmate at her side, and we ALL know Endy-baka was NEVER her true soulmate, then she will be alone forever, and that would be a BAD BAD thing!!!!!!" 

            "Fate! BREATHE!!" Destiny shouted.  "I know," she continued more calmly, "but what can we do?"

            Fate started pacing, dagged sleeves fluttering and black hair swaying in time with her every step.  "What if...No," she shook her head, "that won't work...How about...wait, that's been tried before..." Fate sighed once more, her mind running through the options, when Destiny snapped her fingers.

            "I'VE GOT IT!!!" Destiny exclaimed.

            "Really? So what's the plan?" Fate queried.

            "Wee-eell, it's her fate to fight with Chaos, right, and her destiny, as of right now, to prevail and became Cosmos.  But what if we locked Chaos/Galaxia away for a couple thousand years and sent the princess and her court to the future, near when Galaxia will recommence her take-over!" Destiny paused, waiting for some sort of comment from Fate.

            No comment was forthcoming. Destiny looked at Fate, eyes wide in dismay.  "Doesn't that sound good?" She asked hesitantly.

            Fate continued to stare at her.

            Destiny began to mutter.  "Well...I guess its..." when she noticed Fate's lips twitching. 

            Fate's cupid bow mouth stretched upward into a huge grin, and she burst out, "I LOVE IT!!! Destiny, you are a genius!!"  Fate paused and her eyes twinkled mischieviosly.  "And I have the perfect time to send them to!!!"

            "Really," Destiny asked, primly stepping over Sailor Mars, and her torn, worn, stained, and ripped fuku.  "So what time would that be?"

            (AN: Let's see...this is a what kind of fic again?) "AC 201.  What do you think?"

            "So we are going to attempt to get the Inners with their soulmates?"

            "Well, duh!" Fate replied.  "I mean just what do you think we've been talking about?"

            "Oh!...er...Right!" Destiny hurried to change te subject.  "So shouldn't we get started?"

            Fate sighed.  "Let's do this."


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