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I was late to class, but that wasn't why I froze when I entered the classroom. I wasn't worried about what Haruna-sensei would say anymore. I wasn't worried about being stared at by my classmates. I wasn't worried about Mamoru-baka and Rei-chan's teasing that would come later.

Looking around at the bodies, the blood in the classroom, and the note taped to the blackboard from Kunzite, I realized something. Now, I was in a whole other world, one where I didn't belong. This wasn't our world anymore.

They made it theirs.

Okay, I have officially made my first legit drabble. The official definition of a drabble is 100 words or less, so not counting the disclaimer and the author's notes, I hit exactly 100. Sorry I couldn't go into detail, but it was only a hundred words. Basically, Usagi was running late, and when she walked into the classroom, everyone had been killed by Kunzite because he found out her identity. Kinda dark, huh?