My deepest apologies for any mistakes I make in the plot line or character info. I'm not actually that knowledgeable in some areas! It's also going to be hard not to turn Shizuku into an irritating Sue, considering her background. I'll try my hardest, though. Mind you, it's been an awfully long time since I've written anything, so if it wreaks now, It will probably improve over time. Here goes my first attempt at Lux-Pain fanfiction. This should certainly be an adventure~

My name is Shizuku Takimi.

When I was only 10 years old, both of my parents were killed under mysterious circumstances.

Most people you'd ask would just tell you that my parents were unhappy, and they committed suicide. The case, from the average person's perspective, would seem like nothing out of the ordinary. Hundreds of cases such as these unfold every day.

Sad, none the less, but nothing to get yourself worked up over.

I've learned to believe otherwise.

Ever since this incident I've seen and heard strange things. It seemed like nothing at first, but as I grew older, I noticed these things becoming much more prominent. To a child, these things didn't seem so weird. I suppose it was because of my imagination. I was never told that I was wrong, because the adults in my life didn't quite believe me. They just thought I was being a kid, and having fun.

It seemed unlikely to me at first, but I've been able to read minds by making eye contact with people. It sounds ridiculous, I know.

I sound like one of those irritating teenagers, making up an eerie back-story for them self to look cool. Even saying it out loud, it sounds stupid to me, still. Regardless, it's who I am.

Though this power has always been there, I've never really liked using it. It's always felt invasive to me. Your mind is the only thing to each person that is truly private, and it makes me feel sick thinking I have the right to invade it, even if they weren't aware. There have been countless opportunities were I would have liked to have used it, but I've learned to control this urge. Admittedly, though, I haven't resisted every single time.

Soon after my parents had died, FORT found me. I was hesitant to join at first, but I was eventually and easily persuaded. They promised me things that no one else could supply me with… protection, and a sense of belonging.

The man who helped me had come from FORT. Liu Yee. The two of us work quite closely, now.

On that night, he seemingly appeared out of nowhere…

My parents had been fighting all that evening. It seemed like nothing at first, just some disagreements, but as the night went on, it got more serious. My mother locked herself in her room, screaming. As soon as I heard pounding on her door, I hid myself. Though it was quite muffled, I heard hysteric crying, and a loud crash. I didn't dare leave my room.

I heard police cars were surrounding my apartment, examining the crime scene. Soon after stabbing my father to death, my mother had jumped several stories from our window to her death. Being only 10 years old, and scared out of my mind, I was hiding, crying in my closet. I didn't know what to do. I was panicking.

He showed up a few minutes later. I was bawling my eyes out, trying my best to hide myself from the commotion, but he still found me. There was something about him, though, that didn't make me panic like the police did. Despite his dark, unfriendly expression, I could tell he meant me no harm. In fact, I had a certain feeling about him that assured me that he meant good.

"Shizuku, calm down." He whispered quietly to me, entering my room. I didn't respond to him. I covered my face and cried even harder.

He shook his head and stared at me briskly, pulling my hands from my face.

"You're being ridiculous. Calm down." He said again, attempting to pull me to my feet, but I resisted. I didn't want him to touch me.

I don't remember much after that.

Later in the night, the police found me, unconscious. I was at the station the next day for a bit of questioning, but I was soon after put into foster care.

Liu works with FORT as a sweeper now, so I can consider myself lucky. Sweepers tend to take much more of a direct approach to defeating Silent, by simply destroying their conscious mind. If such a thing had happened to me, I certainly wouldn't be the person I am today.

The next 6 years of my life were pretty scary. I didn't really have a permanent home, and I was being bounced around from city to city. Fortunately, FORT took me away.

All those years ago, I had been infected with 'Silent', as had my parents.

FORT is an organization of telepaths founded to stop these parasites before they spread any further.

Another young member of FORT, Atsuki Saijo, apparently had similar experiences to mine, and these were due to Silent. Silent is kind of like a mental parasite. It's created through deep feelings of isolation and depression, and is often very contagious. Symptoms were often things like feeling of uselessness, and feelings of rage. This parasite often drove people to commit crimes, kill, and ultimately commit suicide. FORT told me that the Silent were responsible for killing my parents. This is where I came in.

Often, being infected with silent can alter one's mind. Apparently, during my infection, I had gained some interesting abilities myself. This is why I had been hearing things.

Usually, people with an infection as deep as mine would be killed, but I had somehow survived. I apparently wasn't the first case where this had happened. I had survived, because, like others, I had a very special mind. I had a mind pure enough to use an item called the 'Lux-Pain'.

There are only 12 of these in existence, and very few are actually capable of using them. In fact, these are often quite dangerous to obtain and use. Anyone wishing to obtain and use the power of Lux-Pain and Sigma must undergo a risky operation.

The chief told me that they needed people like me. So, with much hesitation, I agreed to help them.

My Sigma operation eventually allowed me to take control of my telepathy. Though I can unfortunately only use my powers through eye contact, I consider myself just as useful of a member as anyone else.

I am currently equipped with the power of Christibald, a Lux-Pain in the form of an anklet on my left ankle. I don't seem like much, seeing how I'm only 17 years old, but I'm determined to make FORT's mission a success, no matter what I do.

Though it often seems like an unachievable goal, I will not rest until I can bring silent to it's knees.