82. Lost- Part 9

One Piece © Oda

Blizzard © Me

Well, I was finally back where I belonged…

Here, on the Sunny, with Luffy and the others.

I heard that Luffy got ill while I was gone. He got so malnourished and was close to death, and all because he was looking for me.

I couldn't help but feel that I was to blame, but now I know that Luffy's better. The moment we left Rosa, his fever finally broke, and he was back to his old, happy, gluttonous, idiot self, again.

Chopper, Franky, and Usopp couldn't stop crying for at least two hours, and Zoro and Nami threatened that if I got lost again, they wouldn't come looking for me, but I could tell they were happy.

We had a party to celebrate my return. Luffy was so bloated afterwards, he was practically as round as a beach ball the size of an elephant calf.

I was happy, nonetheless. So blissfully happy…

So blissfully unaware…of the disasters to come.

Yes, yes, I know, it's another short one, but just so you know, this is probably the very last one, because tomorrow, I'm starting my adaption of...the Sabaody Arc.

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